Dragon’s Dogma Demo Impressions

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Note: I reviewed this game in 2017. Please disregard these impressions.

Capcom’s latest title is a unique take on a party based RPG.  Instead of taking the Japanese route, which is roughly just to evolve upon the Dragon Quest model, Capcom made it into a very action heavy game that seems to be more inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, or at least visually.  Now does this very brief demo make the game look good or bad?  It seems to be damn good, now listen to me gush about it.

Dragon’s Dogma Demo Impressions
Release Date: 22/5/12
Platform:  Xbox 360(Played), Playstation 3

The game does little to interest you storywise, and instead gives you some summoned mages, warriors and rogues and tells you to go out and fight goblins.  The two classes provided were a warrior who had three special moves and two base attacks, and a rogue that had knives and a bow.  The combat itself feels like it could hold up a decent action game, and provides a lot more diversity than something like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  But what instantly makes the game stand out is the ability to grab enemies.  you can grab a smaller foe and have your allies smash its head in more easily, which creates this wondrous sense of power, since the small guys just leap around while you enter a cluster and take them out.  This could very easily end up making them useless, but you only encounter about 4 groups throughout the demo, and ever after multiple playthroughs, I am not sure.  Although, if you took most single player RPGs and added three other characters, I suppose that goblins would be as big of a threat as a disgruntled rabbit.  

But after you take out some red goblins and greyish harpies through a dark castle and a field, you encounter a Chimera of a Lion, Goat, and Snake as the first boss battle.  You need to climb onto its back and take out the snake tail and goat hide armour it has, so you get get to the face of the lion, which you need to directly hit to hurt him.  Now, this is a welcome change of pace, since many games you can slash a creature’s tail and somehow kill it.  In Dragon’s Dogma, you don’t slash the Dragon’s legs, you get on it and weigh down its wings.  Now, the standard non climbing combat is still fun, but by taking a great aspect from Shadow of the Colossus, this game’s combat excels to something exceptional.  And top it off with a bunch of shouting party members that are voiced by a total of 12 guys, and you have something that could only be made more fun by both a more distant camera and four player Co-op.  Although, the main game certainly has the same amount of shouting as one would experience while playing it with friends.

But other than fun gameplay this game boasts some not very interesting visuals.  They are not bad, they just seem a little dried out, there are thankfully fields, but I get worried whenever a game reminds me of Dark Souls’ dreary visuals.  I might just be getting tired of a fantasy setting due to an overload of long fantasy games the past few months, but the visuals are not what sells me.  But on the split side, this game has one of the best character creators that I have ever seen.  Instead of having a bunch of sliders for facial structure, Dragon’s Dogma offers a ton of presets for everything, arms, legs, base torso, etc.  And it is far easier to use than balancing a nasal bridge to prevent it from looking like the character was hit in the face with a brick.  I know that this can be seen as a random thing to talk about, but I spent 45 minutes just fiddling with everything, and I normally cannot even stay on a character creator for more than 10.  Although, the ability to design your mainstay companion added significantly to the creation time.  I just want to give praise to any game that lets you play as an overweight woman with minimal breasts and a high pitch voice.  I really have no more to say, other than the fact that the tutorial given in not very well done, and it took a bit to ease into the controls, which still feel a bit off after multiple playthroughs.  Yet, I doubt that I will get this game anytime soon, because I really want to get that Berserk armor that is currently a Japan exclusive.  

That, and there is that backlog that I have, better finish up that Deadly Premonition boss rush and get onto Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, neither of which you’ll see until June, when I’ll start posting more regularly, but on less of a schedule.  Now I’m off to play some 999, which will be a very “interesting” review for me to write.  I hope this will tide all of 0 people over after my painfully simple Starfox 64 3D review.//Not doing, but done with the main game, as you saw a few days ago.  Done and rough draft is written.  And done and fully written. Hey, guess what?  That was the final BRR!  This has been fun, now to get to work on Darksiders, which will be done by the time these impressions are posted up.  But this game, I heard great things about the combat, but the respawning enemies, and lack of fast travel/horses, really puts me off.  Oh, and the story is apparently very dry, but name the last great narrative that Capcom developed, meaning that it was not Clover Studios… That’s what I thought.

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