Intertoids Tale Nine: Dusk for All

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Interoids was a bizarre fanfiction project created by Natalie Neumann that helped launch her passion for passion for writing fiction. Natalie does not recommend that you try to read the original work due to its low quality, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Instead, she encourages you to read the summary included in Volume 05: Intertoids of The Saga of Vincent Dawn and Volume 01: Intertoids of Natalie Rambles About The Saga of Vincent Dawn to better understand the content of this novella.

Roughly a day had passed since Bhaal entered this realm, and he was surprisingly calm about entering a new planet with different rules, laws, and even physics. Having his mind bombarded with knowledge from an unknown force. Having his body stripped away from him and replaced with a woman’s, along with his mind being somewhat infused with another’s. Or being given a job to both interrogate and, well there was no easy way to put it, rape his former body. He had entered the body of this individual known as Raiyne, and going from a fairly pale young adult to a young woman with either a thick tan or a darker complexion, fully toned muscles, and magical powers, was odd.

However, having an extra long and strong retractable penis, was something else. So being fairly calm given the situation, he was panicking in the corner as his former body was being beaten by guards who demand that the “small balled one” talked to them. He was somehow in a world where men had giant testicles that grew unborn children, and were called Carriers, women had giant penises and were called Zanker’s, and horses were possessed by women who stuck their penis, or rather “Tail” into a socket on the horse’s body. He was left with this knowledge in a stock looking fantasyland while in a nondescript dungeon made of cobblestone and mud.

However, as Bhaal was internally flipped out, because who wouldn’t? He was being guided, seemingly by instinct. As if he was just a puppet. The voice sounded like the one he spoke with as of now, yet she, or rather it, claimed to not be part of this body, or even this realm. Just a friend who wanted to help out. “It” prefered to be called Jetter, just the first name that popped into its head. Jetter would help Bhaal out, guide him through, and still not absorb his mind, even though that would be easier. Jetter claimed to care about all of the True Earth’s inhabitants, yet before Jetter could help, it needed Bhaal to give into his bodily urges, and rape his former self…

Naturally, Bhaal was hesitant, what this Jetter was asking was, well, disgusting. However, in order to save the universe, you need to do a lot of things you do not want to, so after several minutes of Jetter singing a song about how sexy Bhaal’s lean body was, Bhaal’s new “Tail” began to grow erect, and swiveled around, right into the crotch area of Bhaal’s original body, because his body now had a vagina for some reason, probably having to do with the penis touch that Raiyne did.

Once contact was made, Bhaal’s mind just began to screech. It was as if the entire world was getting fast forwarded. His Tail was squeezing his former body and sticking itself all around it in one great big blur of everything from the bum to the mouth, to even the ears and nose a few times. Maybe Raiyne was just into that. However, after he felt something coursing through his Tail, Bhaal’s mind went blank. He felt nothing for a short eternity, then he felt a pain unlike any he felt before. It was as if his entire body was being torn inside out, put right side out, then dipped in fire, and cooled in some gooey liquid that he did not wish to name.

After an unknown amount of time, Bhaal awoke to something that sounded like a big dog eating a recently pulverized animal. At the same time, he also felt his Tail moving around in the same area as the sound. Except his tail was not quite the same as when he saw it last. It went from a mild shade of brown to something as black as night, and appeared to be made out of some sort of sludge covering veins. As he felt it move toward him, Bhaal was paralyzed in shock. Somehow his Tail had transformed into some sort of demonic eel creature with massive and sharp, white teeth, and one that could talk on top of that. “So, you have at long last awoken from your slumber?” It questioned Bhaal, sounding like it was suffering from some sort of throat infection. “Then, I assume you are aware of my purpose?” It was as if every syllable that bursted out of this creature’s mouth was being branded into Bhaal’s mind, not being able to ignore him purely due to his rhythmic tones, and the fact this creature was attached to him.

Before Bhaal could ask what the hell this creature was, he seemingly knew the answer. This creature was Raiyne’s true form, and he was now in control of it, this was the power he’d been sent to search for, and it was currently eating a brain that used to house his mind, glorious! Bhaal tried to control the creature with his mind, yet that merely caused the Tail to look at him and spout, “I am no longer your puppet, but I do share your goal. However, we will do it my way.” Bhaal asked what this thing was, and was given the response of, “I am the awakened form of the Tail, infused with the endless powers of Mana, I am a creature who you may refer to as The Dark-Spawn. Well, seeing as I came from you, BhaalSpawn!” Before Bhaal could even move his lips to form a sound, He felt his body being dragged across the dungeon, the Dark-Spawn dragging him as it crawled across the floor. The little creature moved pretty quickly, yet Bhaal was dead weight, so he decided to try standing up while being dragged. After much stumbling and wall balancing, Bhaal eventually managed to grab this “Dark-Spawn”, and pinned it down to the floor.

Bhaal had many questions, but asking for a general explanation was the best place to start. The Dark-Spawn responded by spouting in his raspy voice, “What makes you even worthy of knowing? You have just been a puppet for me to awaken, and stop this chaos from crawling deep into the bowels of the entire universe! I can see you think there is some holy mission for you to perform, but you are nothing in my eyes. Just a tool that I shall discard. Just a stone for me to step on. Just another vessel for me to consume. You can help me awaken, or you could be dead weight, a pointless-”

The creature stopped in mid-sentence, as if someone shoved a wad of cotton into its mouth. Using its non-visible eyes, it stared at Bhaal, standing tall, and with some form of visible energy emitting from his every pore. The Dark-Spawn smirked with its white teeth, clean despite devouring Bhaal’s former body. “So, you have found a smidge of strength, and learned the true power of an elite Zanker, bravo dear boy, bravo. Now, let’s see you use it.” with barely a second passing from the words leaving its mouth, the Dark-Spawn began to cough and wail. it was hitting the walls of the room he dragged Bhaal to, and it was emitting some sort of high pitched sonar, perhaps due to pain. Bhaal was not visibly doing anything, merely using his mind to harm this creature. After some rampaging as Bhaal stood tall from his Tail’s wailings, he managed to recede the Dark-Spawn back into his crotch-hole, and took a deep breath. After doing some more deep breaths and stretches, the energy he was releasing subsided for a few seconds, only to burst back out mere seconds later, along with his Tail. Or should I say Tails.

Somehow, his one individual Tail of the Dark-Spawn had seemingly split into several smaller tentacles. It was like having some sort of Super-Octopus coated in ink for genetals. WIth them out, and more energy bursting from him, Bhaal looked around where he had been dragged. It was more of a storage room of sorts, with barrels of grain, some jarred fruit, a few daggers, and some clothing. Bhaal figured it was as good of a place as any to prepare.

AFter a few minutes, Bhaal dashed out of the room, his multiple Tails, which he decided to call Dark-Spawn as well, were now thicker and longer than the .4 meters they were prior, to twice the size. He also had a dark cloak over him, with the hood down to expose his face, but still flapping as he ran. Raiyne had been considered to be very attractive in her former body, but Bhaal now controlled it, and it appeared to be glowing in certain places, amplifying all his features, even going down to his body, still the same, but the markings continued downward, covering him in a light blue glow. The armor beneath was now a far slimmer leather suit with a bit of chainmail, and a few slots to hold daggers. Now looking like a whole new dark clad being, he dashed out of the dungeon he was in, and dashed all the way toward his destination, the place of this world’s leader, the one he merely thought of as “The Longest”.

However, as he was crossing through the streets of the capital city, the name escaped him, as if he knew it before, he felt someone grab him, and as he assessed this, Bhaal was airborne. He turned his body to look at the one who grabbed him from behind, yet before he could register that, he felt his body feel like it was disappeEring as he felt himself go higher into the sky. Bhaal only saw the long hair of an individual and tried to stab him, before he felt everything vanish, even his senses.

Bhaal woke up in what looked like a white room, except it lacked any walls, a floor, or any structure. He was floating in nothingness, only to see a screen pop out in front of his face. It looked like the one who grabbed him. Was he one sent by the counter-revolutionaries. No, he was too graceful to be captured that easily. Wait, he? That was not what she meant. After all, as Raiyne, a member of the nightingales, she had her duty to allow for her lord of Darkness to rise, she would be annihilated if she made a mistake that fundamental. They removed the “S” to designate how they are not even worth the fuller pronoun, those disgusting carriers. Perhaps this had to do with some sort of Bhaal, which she recalled as slang for the egg-sacks the Carriers held as their only redeeming trait.

The screen droned on about being saved, as the man’s voice grained on her ears. Men speaking was considered to be an impossibility, how did they one steal a tongue and learn to articulate. Raiyne had heard rumors about there being other worlds created, but she knew presumed them to be just that, rumors. She now not only knew of the Men of other worlds, she knew of their powers, now they they were right next to her to consume. She unleashed her barrage of tentacles from her crotch and lower stomach, and began to consume the the screen in front of her, and her mind was filled with insight within moments. She knew of the other worlds, the creation of hers, how here’s was not the true world. She refused to believe it, and within seconds knew that she could leave by merely asking this “computer”. It entered her mind as if some unseen and unheard individual coughed it into her ear. She asked to seeming no one, and after a blink, she was out of the white room, and on a field.

The field was just grass upon grass, with the only distinct feature being a wooden sign with the words, “Holding Area” scribbled on with sore form of ink. Raiyne was trapped in this… Place, with nothing to do, nothing to see, nothing to consume, except for grass. She knew it was a fatal move to consume everything around her, a move that would mean her own demise, but she cared not, she wanted to be free and die if it came down to that or living and being caged. She unleashed her tentacles once more and they dug into the grass, onto the dirt, which led to stone, going down until she struck bedrock, then she spiraled out of the hold, and made it bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Growing larger with all of the world she was consuming, she would expand into something more, something greater than she could ever imagine. She would bring destruction, and bring a new world, both at the same time.

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