Nari’s Log Cycle 000: An Explanation

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Hello readers, if you are even bothering to look at this. After my attempt at an ongoing story with Intertoids, I foolishly believe myself to be ready to try and do something not unlike it, although with actual characters, and a plot that I thought of before writing. Well, more like a proper framework, seeing as how Intertoids was originally a one-off.

While I don’t think Intertoids was bad, I did not plan it out very well, and it got too ambitious for its own good. Now, I planned out the basic plot and characters before writing it, and upon writing up to the first 11 Cycles, which are my equivalent to chapters, I am far more confident in this than I have ever been in, well, pretty much anything I’ve ever written. Is it good? I dunno, I lack a person to share this with. But I will be posting the first 6 chapters, one a day, throughout the remainder of the year. After that, it will be a fairly sporadic schedule, but I will not let more than two weeks go by without there being a new Cycle.

Okay, but what do Cycles mean? The story that I have planned out involves one of the “worst” parts of Intertoids, characters getting knocked out all the time. A cycle ends when the main character falls asleep, dies, or is unconscious. As for the main character, he is listed in the title, with even his name being a relic from when this was originally a sequel to Intertoids. Nari’s Log centers around someone named Nari, as he looks back on everything that happened as he was awake for however long he was awake for. I will not spoil much beyond that, but that is my excuse for Cycles being anywhere from one to ten pages long. Hell, the first six Cycles are about 16 pages in themselves, with Cycle eight being half of that in itself.

However, until tomorrow, I hope that you give my stuff a shot. If you don’t like it, please critique me, and I’ll try my hardest to improve. And I’ll make up some character listings along with a designated page after I finish posting the first six cycles. Until then, have a Merry Christmas, and if you’re not Christian, I’m not and I can still celebrate it, you can too regardless of your background, you silly billy! Or if this isn’t Christmas when you’re reading this, have a good day, I guess.

God, I really hope people like this… Also, 150 posts, that is pretty darn cool!

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