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NWS 4For the week of 17/2/13-23/2/13.  Another week, another one of these things, and some more pictures. With it being divided into two parts, to make me regret calling this a weekly segment. I already talked about the Playstation 4 Announcement Conference and why I am bitter towards it. But I still have a good two pages of other crap!

Let’s kick things off with a title I’m guessing to cost a good one hundred fifty million, expanded even more by intensive server costs. Yes, after a few years of wondering, Halo developer, Bungie has shown us their “Destiny”. A game that did not show any gameplay, but I gathered info that basically meant, “Halo with super powers, our solar system, and classes. With Journey-like random interactions with people that would cost a few million to maintain every year.”

SB Couldn't Care Less

If I sound bitter about this, that is due to the general tone I gathered from reading this, and that the super powered space exploration game is going to be serious. Along with the notion of “redefining a genre”. I know that Microsoft fueled a lot of marketing into Halo changing everything, but you could just make a game about the spacemans fighting time travelling robots that call you fleshjacks. Or perhaps I’m just weird, and dislike something unless I can imagine a funny club scene with the characters. …I just want jive talking lobster-mens, okay?

SB Sorry For Being Silly

But for another thing that I’m sure many care about, but I don’t, the PS Vita’s getting a price drop. To me, the PS Vita is one of the most rage inducing things Sony has ever done. They had the ball in their court after Nintendo struggled through a humiliating first year to appease the shareholders, in a move that angered their shareholders. However, due to mistakes that were not even worth pitying, the overpriced Sony made memory cards, the $40 iOS title, a lackluster launch, their big holiday 2012 being a game the developers thought to be rubbish. And not having the ability to play most PS1 titles on the blasted thing! A price drop now is not going to get much in terms of sales, when you need to pay $100 for 32GB! It’s still $300 before you even buy a game for it! Oh, wait. Make that $250. I’ve got too many other games before I indulge in the Vita’s games(Gravity Daze, LittleBigPlanet, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4: Golden, and Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention) and the PSP backlog, no thanks. …Or there is no price drop in the US… Way to stay relevant, Sony! I’m really just angry at you now!

MLM ANd I'm a loser with nothing else to do

Besides, if the new consoles coming up didn’t make the Vita look less attractive, there’s still the Wii U. A system that fell out of public view after their big Q1 title got delayed, Rayman Legends. And after the exclusivity was lost, fans raged, and now they’re getting a free challenge mode. Something that makes me tilt my head in bewilderment. So instead of focusing on their game, and maybe getting it out in August to give it a better chance. Ubisoft is making weekly challenges for no charge to the consumer, which will force the staff to make more content that less people will get to experience. As well as lessen the impact of the game’s release, because people got free levels before launch… What? You could just release Rayman Legends after you screwed the pooch. The game’s done after all. People just want to play the finished build, okay?

MLM Show It There FIne Penis

But Ubisoft is not the only company making me tilt my head due to stupidity. No, Square Enix shares its poopy boots, with Final Fantasy Versus XIII Perfume… Why is there perfume based on a video game? Why is there perfume based on a Final Fantasy video game? Why is there merchandise for a game that has been in development hell for over seven years? I honestly think that Square Enix is just cackling like a banshee at this point. If the fact that the Lightning Returns trailers make me a tad ill wasn’t enough. Seriously, I feel worse after even thinking about that game.

MLM Are You Trying To Pick A Fight With Me?

But you know what does look cool, despite how we haven’t seen much in over eight months? (Except for that Sony demo) Watch Dogs! Yes, after a confirmation of a holiday release on all home consoles, Ubisoft confirmed a Wii U version. Now, I can’t help but view this as a bad thing. the fact of the matter is that having more games will only help the Wii U, but it is considered to be a big deal to port over every third party game launching on PC, PS3, and 360, when I recall hearing it was not that hard to port games over. Granted, some developers claim you would need 20-30 people for a Wii U version, but I’m guessing it is a load of crap for a simple port. You don’t need to even support the gamepad into the actual game, seeing as how the use of the gamepad as a screen is one of the major appeals of the system.

MLM AM I A Slug Or Something?

Speaking of games that may or may not see a Wii U release, there’s more rubbish about Aliens: Colonial Marines. Okay, I’m at the point where I want a Gearbox Documentary talking about how the development of this game. It is so amusing to me that I’d watch a movie about it, or read a short novel on the subject. Granted, I can say that about a lot of things, but mixing this along with the development history of Duke Nukem Forever, seeing as how there were people who worked on both. Would probably one of the most satisfying things I ever seductively read almonds while observing. Or, I could just let this game show how one should never trust anything about previews, ever. Because it was a downright lie.

MLM Honesty is not a virtue Lying

Keeping up the anger, Bioshock Infinite will be getting a season pass… What? *Takes off glasses, which I don’t own* Look, 2K games. I like your stuff. I like the Bioshock games. But the more of this season pass BS I see, the more I want to yell at you to actually make your game before releasing it. I am aware that the game has gone gold, but why is this needed? For more money? Well, wasn’t that why you changed the cover? Isn’t that why you’ve been marketing the game? Isn’t that why you called it Bioshock? Isn’t that why you gave a preorder bonus? I’m sure this game was expensive, but I highly doubt that you need an extra $20 to cover all the costs, with cheat codes as a reward. It is just another reason for me to ignore the title and wait for a GOTY edition… You’re selling cheat codes? Really?

MLM What the hell? SHock

Well, we can hope pricings to be better with a half baked notion that PS4 games will have a $1 to $60 range. Something I find to be a long needed staple that is just common sense. $60 is a decent chunk of cash, and if more games launched at $30, I’d buy that many more at launch. Now, will anyone ever use it? Yeah, probably The Witness, but I doubt that many people have the pride to say that they did not make something worth the maximum price. So AAA will stay $60, and indie friendly hardware will make everything below that. Just bolly!

MLM Best Of Luck, but not really

But I doubt the PS4 is alone with the whole indies invading the consoles thing, seeing as how Nintendo has made the Wii U very indie friendly. With the only requirements being that they buy a dev kit, are considered a business by their country, and have shipped one title. Which will produce a lot of crap, I’m sure of that, but it would be like the XBLIG, make the Super Amazing Wagon Adventures all the more super amazing. But if the fact that it is still surprising that Level 5’s Guild 02 is a thing, shows that the money might not be there. Seriously, I haven’t downloaded a 3DS eShop game for a good year, it’s just too easy to ignore. Even with the Zelda Oracle games.

MLM Punching Women
But not is all good for the indies, except maybe, it’s more neutral than anything. In short, developer Arkedo, the makers of some neat XBLIG titles, and the lackluster Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit have decided to cease making games. Something that might sound like they went bankrupt, but they really decided to just shut down before such a thing would happen. They had creativity, but it’s better they pack up when things are good, then waddle out and be miserable like they were before making Hell Yeah!


But they aren’t the only French developers leaving a company, at least according to rumors. After being shafted with most of his projects throughout a near decade, Rayman creator Michel Ancel, may leave Ubisoft mostly due to the BS with Rayman Legends’ delay, and the perpetual crunch time. Seriously, look at his eyes during that interview above, since I make this as news comes out. After being told that Beyond Good and Evil 2 might be happening for years and years, I can easily see why he’d just tell them to piss off, and go indie. Bad enough his 2D platformer was shoved into holiday 2011 to drown it. Almost makes me think Ubisoft wants him gone.
MLM May I Leave Can I Go Home

…And other than Pokemon rumors, I’m out, and it is 23 the day before, so I lack the drive, and am going to listen to a monkey and horse sing about waifus… My life is incredible to me!

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