Rundown (3/27-3/31) Miniature Space Horses To The Sexy Pickle

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Rundown of Seduction

Crap, I didn’t plan ahead an April Fools idea! Damn you Spring Break, and your encouragement to dates being a distilled unreality! Now I’ve got to post the handful of stories I felt like talking about in the shortest Rundown/NWS yet. I blame the PAX for leaving me with just 6 topics! And GDC for not being reported on due to a plethora of presentations as the core focus.

Picking up from my last not fully developed bit of news, I don’t know what The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are. Initially, I would assume that it would work kinda like the Virtuous MIssion or Tanker section in MGS 3 and 2, but the fact they were announced as two projects makes things all the more confusing. It’s bad enough the game promises over 100 hours of content, not what anyone wants from their Metal Gears, but I’m going to need to put my foot down until Hideo starts to explain his madness. That, and announce the game for all 6 platforms. Nintendo really likes the Metal Gear, y’know? I mean, the new studio in LA has got to do something.

SCD PLease Help Us DO SOmethgin Awful and Bad

Speaking of new studios, remember the whole Darksiders and Vigil kerfuffle? Well, the new Crytek USA studio made up of 35 ex-Vigil employees plans to buy the Darksiders license during the auction of unsold IPs. Which makes sense and gives hope the series will end up finished, but the 4 player co-op game the series was shooting for might need to wait until after they make a game for every horseman. Which could be cool, but I’d recommend making a 2D brawler above all else, because of production costs.

SCD Weak and ill brekaing dying horrible character trait

Or perhaps I’m just becoming more indie focused mentally, wanting to get a PC so I can snub off most AAA developers until I get snubbed by not being able to buy something like Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. But Nintendo might just keep me away from the PC gaming master race by their increasingly strong indie support. Free development kits if you form a partnership, with your own prices and release dates. No more BS like Retro City Rampage being delayed when the game was completed around mid 2011. And even more support to make it a more viable system for developers. The Vita is looking to do the same, with stuff like Dive Kick, Guacamelee, Lone Survivor, Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Muramasa Rebirth, and Terraria. But I’ve got about 40+ games to plow through before I can dive into a new system.

MLM Good Job Girl

And then there are games coming out that I’ll end up adding to my list, like Super Time Force, which was rebuilt after the original version ended up being crap. A move that crafts two thoughts. One is that the developer must have been really incompetent when making this game. And two is that the developers are great for finding this flaw and devoting themselves to fixing what sucked about the game. Shame that I probably won’t like it, for the same reason I probably won’t like Bioshock Infinite, too much crap is being thrown about!

WataMote Otome Makes You Prettier

Although, I still appreciate the game for being unique every time, if only some more series would do that, like Assassin’s Creed, a franchise I haven’t touched since part two. Mostly due to how there is a new one every year and I keep getting behind after I started thinking about going back and seeing the series through. And these annual titles will apparently stop if players tell them to. Which is a fancy way of saying, as long as it makes us money, we’ll keep on turning these suckers out. Which I can’t blame Ubisoft for. They’ll go where the money is, and it is currently at making their once prophesied Assassin’s Creed X.

SB No!

Although, I would personally prefer a third Banjo Kazooie, seeing as how the first two are some of my favorite games I stopped playing when I got to the 90+% marker. But I’m not the only one, seeing as how the composer of the first two titles, Grant Kirkhope, recently talked about making a third entry. Granted, it was more idle conversation, but the notion is there. Shame that Nintendo lacks the funds to start up a new England based company that will supply them with exclusive titles, along with the IPs owned by Rare… Didn’t Rare single handedly make a laundry list of Nintendo 64 classics that are old enough to cause Nostalgia cream by thought? Meh, a man can dream.

SCD Loli sex good moening awkward casual

Speaking of dreaming, I thought I was doing that when I stumbled on an early April Fools joke from WayForward. With a a game called Cat Girl Without Salad, which is basically promising to be every genre and be released for everything except the PSP, because literally not a soul would end up buying it compared to the truckload of people who’d buy the Wii version. And then it promises to be a puzzler, platformer, shmup, action, shooter, adventure, strategy, fighting, rhythm, arcade, horror, tactical, RPG, TPS, RTS, and visual novel. I don’t even know what TPS means, so I am naturally upset about how I can’t figure out. Silly WayForward, only make jokes into real things like Saints Row did last year. And stanley no news about that, so I am outta here!

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