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Monkey BoobsOkay, it’s been two weeks, but I have the excuse of news being slim, yet there was enough for a good hearty rundown of the past two weeks, and the thingamajigs that happened over the latter half of July, so let’s just get this over with. Put a monkey in some 16-year-old tits, gosh darn it!

Number one on the list of dealies that I stumbled upon, Ubisoft made a rather blunt claim to not start an IP unless it can become a franchise. Yes, games are very much in the rut of a series and people want everything keen to come back after five years of waiting, but demanding to only invest in franchises seems quite a bit close minded. What of smaller titles that Ubisoft could easily craft for a mere million or less? None of their concern, despite being the biggest Euro-centric publisher in the industry who could easily scoop up loads of talent no problem.

TWGOK You little shit, do you think that you are my equal I am God!

Though, I can’t seem to forget how they pushed back the Rayman Legends so it will no longer be an exclusive, even though it was ultimately a good thing. More levels, challenge modes, and 60% of Rayman Origins being recrafted in the updated engine and art style. And even a PC version that I snatched up due to how it came with another copy of Origins. The game is still looking devilishly good, though the whole gamepad based character’s purpose seemed to be realigned to a single button, which is a bit concerning to how the original Wii U version will hold up. Quite simply, why reach and fiddle with something when you can just press B to do the same thing?

TDIAPT Why You WOrking As Part Timer Satan.

Because I Don’t Know!” is a good enough transition to the also recently shown off Adventure Time title by WayForward and Namco Bandais. Which is looking to be more or less what one would expect, 100 floors of dungeon exploring goodness tied to a bunch of loot and four player co-op. Mind you, it still looks like WayForward made the game on the cheap cheap, as is the case with licenses, but if they happen to hit the mark yet again, perhaps they can finally get a sack of cash to invest more dough into a theoretical third title.

SCD Three virtues blasphemy

Speaking of making money and a third theoretical title possibly coming out, Earthbound was released as indicated by a stealthy mini Nintendo Direct. Seriously, the game was plopped out of nowhere for $10 with Nintendo apparently forgetting about the title. Well, probably not, seeing as how they made sure that the travelers guide that the game came packaged with is actually available for free and adjusted for the Wii U gamepad, which is pretty dog-gone awesome. Although, I still can’t see why it is on the Wii U, not the 3DS, but Nintendo is Nintendo, and Nintendo Ninten-don’t what you Ninten-do.

Ash 3DS Friends

I mean, how many people will continue to bark for a sequel to franchise X or for them to release Captain Rainbow? Well, not so much for the later, especially compared for the people who wanted a new Strider. From the men and women who brought you SIlent Hill V, a bunch of summer action movie adaptations, and will bring out that new Killer Instinct, I’m instantly sceptical. However, the footage that came with the reveal makes it seem like the original Strider mixed with Shadow Complex. Meaning there are lotsa upgrades, you’re in a big facility, and there is a bit too much grey all around. That, and the camera seems a bit too close for a character who moves so fast, but with a projected early 2014 release, I’d guess that the kinks will be worked out… at least I hope so.

HHD Please Eat Me!

Just like how I hope that Nintendo isn’t going to pull any more dicketry out of their pants, since that whole Let’s Play thing is warm enough to get annoyed at. Now they’re apparently not letting in Japanese Indies onto their eShops. A move that makes my head tilt, after they removed things like the requirement for an office, as they now just need to pay a $200 fee to become a developer and bam, you can start making your Unity game no problem. I mean, the Wii U needs as much support it could get, even if it results in an Xbox Live Indie Games scenario where quality is up in the air, stuff will be happening!

Nyarko Why Are You So Happy What Did You Do

Speaking of Xbox and Indies, self publishing is now on the Xbox One! The details are summarized in a single paragraph, but apparently anyone with an Xbox One can be a developer, which is just about the complete freaking opposite from anything they’ve been doing in the past few years. Granted, I still don’t trust MS after all their shenanigans, as they are mostly just trying to stop this from being a monopolized generation. But Sony’s Self-Publishing plan sounds pretty keen and fast as well, so if they want to even make it to number three, they’ll need to get their game together… what? I can’t say that the PC is at the top after I built one?

VO So Cool Like it computer internet neat keen

Sure, I’ll likely end up buying two of the big consoles, the PS4 and Wii U, but I’m waiting for the libraries to be nice and plump. With one of the bigger titles for the later being Smash Brothers 4, which is what everybody will call it despite the system based labels being the official titles. Though, I must admit that I wouldn’t have anyone to play the game with, so I’d be sticking to the single player stuff if I did buy the game. However, the single player is not going to get the same treatment as it did in Brawl, due to leaked cutscenes. An idea that I feel like responding to with a, “Then get rid of all cutscenes in any game if that’s your big fear.” Though, a single player mode is still a reality, just not as much of a development focus.

Haganai The Out of Control Zoo Party Time News

Yada-yada, it takes lots of time to make a modern game and whatnot, just look at a NiGHTS spiritual successor called Rodea the Sky Soldier. A Wii/3DS title that I sworn was cancelled somewhere between 2010 and now, but is still only 70% done. The reason as to why the game disappeared was more or less how nobody was paying attention to it, but when there is nothing to see, why would someone look in your direction?

PGOS Pay attention to who is talking listen

Especially when you’re a blip on the radar, and not really a big old splotch, like Activision is, despite how I can’t think of any big franchise they are doing aside from Call of Duty and Skylanders. But apparently that seems to be enough, due to how they separated themselves from their owners, Vivendi, a move that cost them 8.2 billion! Jeepers, there is being bold, and then there is spending a fortune just so that someone is not lurking over your head. Especially when the domination done by Call of Duty is something that is being threatened more and more as days go on. Guess they really think Destiny will be the smashingest hit there ever was or would be.

MLM Hopeless Old Man

If rule one of business is to always have a plan B. Rule two would probably be that you need to keep your cool no matter what. Which the head of Polytron, Phil Fish, did not seem to understand, because he got pissy and canned the undetailed Fez II. Why? He got in an internet fight, so a year’s worth of work goes down the drain. Now, Mr. Fish has said some controversial things, but if this is finite, I can say, without a doubt, the man is dumb. I don’t care if he is struggling against a bad reputation, it was his own damn fault for not making public explanations.

Oh, and I used an image from a non-anime/manga. Here’s the artist’s Tumblr.

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  1. burnpsy

    The thing about the Japanese indies not being allowed to self-publish is that nobody is allowing it. Even for the other companies, you have to mentally add “(except in Japan)” at the end of every sentence.

    And, also, Activision’s only half of Activision’s name. Full name’s Activision-Blizzard. They also own Starcraft and WoW. Plus Skylanders is the most profitable game series currently on the market by a large margin thanks to its figurines, with Call of Duty being the lead by a large margin even despite its drop in sales in terms of copies sold. I don’t even need to explain WoW or Starcraft, do I?

    1. Electnigma

      I’m aware of the whole Activision Blizzard merger that happened a while back, I just sorta blanked on it while giving my knee jerk reaction. So egg on my face for derping out.

      As for the Japanese Indies thing, I was not aware that was a thing. Really seems odd to me, but it likely falls under the umbrella of culture, so it would still seem a tad queer regardless of the actual reason.

      1. burnpsy

        To be honest, I wish they’d allow indies to publish in Japan. Due to my not being Japanese, however, I take more of an issue with how they insist that foreign devs must work with a publisher that’s native to Japan to get their game onto the system.

        I want to make TWHW available on all target platforms in Japanese when it’s released, but these things are stopping that from even being a possiblity.