Rundown (9/01-9/07) I Really Needta Watch More Animes

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Fart ballsOkay, I’m just gonna get the minor stuff out of the way in this intro. Bravely Default will indeed be the updated version when it comes overseas, as well as be a “demo” for the sequel coming in late 2014 if I had an inkling. Xbox One is coming out on November 22nd because it’s the Xbox 360’s anniversary. Dead Rising 3 continues to look more like a game worth playing, though it is here where I realize how much of a sexist asshole I am, as I would only want to play it as a female character. While Xseed is localizing the Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky sequel and PS3 redux. Which I’ll probably review sometime next year, as they will receive PC releases to boot. Also EA claimed they were being risky dogs because they’re making Star Wars video games. On with the show!

Picking up the pieces of the best darn party in the industry, or PAX Prime as the cool kids call it, one who wouldn’t panic if they were stuck in that blasted convention center. Gearbox did some talking of their upcoming plans, where in addition to reviving the Homeworld franchise they bought from THQ’s destruction, they will launch two new IPs in the near future. Now, this is very concerning as I can’t help but realize something about Gearbox. They really aren’t that good at their job. You can dismiss Duke Nukem Forever, nobody could polish a turd until it tasted like chocolate, but what of Aliens Colonial Marines? A crappily made and oft delayed side project that nobody at the company even mentions. Then there is Borderlands, a franchise that just baffles me. It is grindy as all hell, with the main objective being to shoot and loot. It can be fun, but after Soloing the first one, I can’t find any reason for them to hold any major relevance in this industry, let alone care about their likely crappy side projects.

TWGOK What The Hell Fuck Are You Saying, you Twerp

Instead, I’ll just stick with the smaller toys from people who have proven themselves, and I know there will be content for me to bite into. Like that Mighty No. 9. A title I in all honesty hate typing, due to how using the word “Number” would be more fitting, but has not only raised XXXX Million by the time I’m posting this, but already attracted the attention of Renegade Kid, the Mutant Mudds makers, or those chaps who made Moon and Dementium if you were into DS FPSes. It is not clear if this will lead to anything yet, but putting a high quality platformer on a handheld is always a plus.

TDIAPT We Don't Want No Fucking Greenland IN Our PUssy, Right Bitch Smirk

Not that Mighty Number 9 was the only Kickstarter success of the past week, nor shall it be of this month if Cosmic Star Heroine follows its destiny. With WayForward launching the Kickstarter for Shantae 4: Half-Genie Hero. Or to give its logo name, Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero. Now, I was aware of their Kickstarter a few days prior before throwing $25 at them, but I was not quite expecting this. The third Shantae game, an eShop title, is due out in a few weeks at this point. With the second title due for a Steam release whenever WayForward sees fit. So why is this coming out right after people threw millions at another major game project? And before you launched the first trailer for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse? Also, why is Shantae now white? Coloring that did not work properly? Then explain the concept art, WayForward! P.S. Love you guys!

Haganai WHite Soapy Poo Horrah!

Speaking of skin tones, Pokemon X & Y is getting three. Which is not the best, but its a start. Now, how do I transition to starter from start, eh, this is good enough, seeing as how, as revealed in the latest Nintendo Direct, you will get two starters in X/Y. One from Gen 6 and another from Gen 1. With the first generation of starters having Mega forms that follow suit in looking totes badical! To the point where I’d like to use all of them, but I’ll settle on my Fenneken/Bulbasaur combo with Mudkip and Tynamo thrown in when I get access to the paid Pokemon bank where you can transfer and store 3,000 Pokemon for an annual fee.


Oh globbers, how the hell do I go from Pokemon to PS4? No clue, but the PS4 will apparently have its own version of a “VR” headset. The exact details and shape of this invention will be revealed at that TGS in a few weeks, but I can’t help but tilt my head at such a notion. Your system is not even out yet, so I’d hold out on making your own Oculus Rift. Besides, you’re aiming for the industry to end at Gen 9 for consoles, so maybe the complete system package should be kept at under $700. Just saying.

KS Is This All You've Got Really Bring it!

On the subject of interjecting my opinions about stuff that nobody asked, more of that, except with me gushing over Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Which dripped several details that only inspired faith in how excellently stupid the game will be. Firstly, Kojima requested that the characters to be more erotic so they inspire figurines and cosplay. Which has bad news written all over it, but I’m the sort of guy who thinks that Dragon’s Crown should have been littered with nudity of all genders and animals. Instead, I find the integrated Smartglass to be more concerning, as I am an old man who hate peripherals, but hopefully that will be handled by the new branch of Kojima Productions, and be 10,000% optional.

CDI She GIves Good Sex Slaves

Just like logical ideas like backwards compatibility are. Yes, emulating a very different machine is difficult, but after bashing the idea of backwards compatibility, Microsoft claims that it may be available in the future. First off, do it now, because at the beginning of the generation is when it shall be used the most. Secondly, here’s an idea on how this will work for retail games as well. Put the Gen7 game disk in the Gen8 successor, have the system recognize the game, and stream it like a PSN title. Bam, disks are still useful, and upgrading will be dependant on what percentage of games are compatible.

Nyarko It Is Obvious If You Know The Video Games History

Das Ende… BRB gonna go spend another several 12 hours in Fallout New Vegas

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