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pussy fart…Look, I just took a bear sized poo and spent my entire day around a bunch of talkative women who I call family for the second day in a row. I am trying to juggle with writing review, editing my novel, and just picked a subject for my research paper after trying to find one all morning. I’m working tomorrow morning, have a Borderlands 2 Partway Review going up on Tuesday, and am murdering my backlog to the point I only have seven games I want to play on Steam, but haven’t played them elsewhere.

Beginning this performance on a sour note, you know how bullcrap it is how games can ship with game breaking bugs that will be patched out later? Yeah, inexcusable practice if you ask me. I do like patches however, as they do refine a game in the long run, but that is when they exist, which Batman Arkham Origins sure as sugar isn’t doing. With no plans to fix anything but the game breaking bugs, which will happen after the DLC is finished, it is a scummy state for any game to be in, especially one as part of a franchise of games I’d love to play again, except for how I doubt I’d do anything but gush about them. Just make sure Arkham Knight is better, or you more or less dismembered your biggest franchise, Warner Brothers Interactive.1HeroJOb Puffy face of disapointment why are you such a dumb butt listen to me you fooly cooly

In more happy news, remember how the developers of Rune Factory were no more? Well, they’re back with a 3DS strategy RPG by the name of Forbidden Magna. As for how it looks, all I can do is look at the few existing screenshots and give a shrug. Never was into Rune Factory, as I never did play one. But hey, the number of games I should but have not played is about equal to the number I reviewed, and that is nearly 200. Which also happens to be how many games I own but do not value very much at all.2Henneko Hey Sexy Boy There is a TOn of Poverty and destruction in the world Enjoy this porn

Back to sad news, and it is about one of my most anticipated games of the future, Zero Escape Volume 3! Not only has part three not entered development, according to the game’s creator, Kotaro Uchikoshi, it isn’t necessarily planned to. Now the reason for why is pretty simple, the game have not made a lot of money, especially in Japan, and they cost a lot more than one would think. I mean, if you were to assemble a novel of part two, you would have a 700 page book at the very least. All of which is carefully curated and likely rewritten to the mirror shine that was the final product. Still, he confirms that it will happen somehow and someway, and I have to say that if the Kickstarter idea were to be used, I would give $75 for a copy of the game. I don’t even give a care about any bonuses, I just want to see the series end after its cliffhanger!3To The Moon Endings Are Not More Important

Now for the bittersweet news that is like a Christmas in a family undergoing financial troubles, it’s another Nintendo Direct roundup! Yay! Best news is that Little Mac is in Smash Brothers 4, which I half expected, but is certainly appreciated despite how I thought the stylized trailer was for Super Punch-Out2, or something. Xenocrunk got some footage, which revealed it was basically Xenoblade but with robots, which is exactly what I wanted. However, the music is about 40% as energetic so, yeah, work on that! While Bayonetta 2 looks good, but I know I would not be able to enjoy it as I cannot play games like that with ranking systems, and Mario Kart 8 has the Koopalings. An addition that raises the question of how much it costs to animate and program one, but I’m guessing Nintendo’s budgeting is, and always has been, handled by a man who lives in their basement.4Crime Edge Sexy Banana porn why god but thanks for the fap

Aside from that, the informally announced Steel Diver: Sub Wars has been revealed to be a semi-free to play first person shooter, which I am sure people will lap up as much as they did the first one. While Nintendo is also making something known as Rusty’s Big Deal Baseball. A minigame collection that I believe will be their first misstep in free to play even with a bargaining system, as it is a minigame collection where you need to lower the real world price of minigames to unlock more minigames… I think. It actually makes the rhythmic humor weapon shop owner and forger sim, Weapon Shop De Omasse, look far more logical in its existence despite how it had to be more or less rewritten for Western audiences from what I heard.5SDC It is hard to write a moving emotional story

Now, there was a nice little indie showcase for games like 1001 Spikes, Treasurenauts, and Retro City Rampage DX, but aside from Pokemon Trozei 2, it was mostly just the showing off of games which were already coming. Mario Golf 3DS, Kirby Triple Ds, Yoshi’s Island 3, a North America version of Inazuma Eleven 1 for the 3DS, and GBA titles… for the Wii U. Also, there is an NES Remix 2, as they are likely fairly easy to… no, they’re probably super hard to make, so they just flat out remade them for the sake of another nostalgia fueled throwback to 1990. I’d call this 41 minute presentation a disappointment, but I guess I just wanted one of five simple things: Majora’s Mask 3D, or the localization of Fantasy Life, Dragon Quest VII, Yo-kai Watch, or any other new 3DS game I’d want to buy the instant it drops to $30… like the Brave Lee Stroke Default.Bento edible tits breasts sexual japan why the fuck

Talk to… actually, don’t to anyone ever. *Falls off of a cliff and into space*

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