Rundown (3/23-3/29) I Want to Find “The Man” and Punch His Face In!

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KLK Punch to the face fuck you I do not give a care because I am aweomse and you are the little shit great outfitOver the past year, or I guess 11 months is more accurate, I have been working on a novel that I originally was posting here. I deleted those posts, edited them, and added about 130 more pages, amounting to 150-ish that I want to put on the Amazon Kindle Market. Problem is that I do not know my tax information so it may indeed be a while until I properly post it for the dollar I need to charge for it. I mean, it would be $0.37 if I had my way, but no… Also, I don’t have any tax forms so expect it to take a while as I figure this shit out.

Hot dog of this week has to be the out of the blue announcement of facebook acquiring Oculus for $2 billion. What do I make of this proposition? Well while one can view this as facebook ruining an interesting and creative idea, it really does sound like they are trying to keep it as a fairly separate entity while reaping the rewards that will follow after loads of funding. It will also likely widen the Rift’s range from beyond games to some sort of virtual vacation system or just placing oneself in, say, a home they may be willing to buy, or even act as some enhancement to theme park rides. Point is that the possibilities are many, and facebook will allow them to hit many, assuming the thing does not crash and burn, which I doubt.1KLK Spend money because you can frugality is for bitches so be a spendthrift

Now for a soft news round-up! Volition, which is my favorite game company within at least two hundred miles of where I live, was making a post-apocalyptic western. It was cancelled because of the required time investment. Half Minute Hero 2: The Second Coming, but only on PC. I would be excited, but I cannot really enjoy the first game, so I guess I’ll miss out on the Marvelous party… I am the pun-isher. The Sonic Lost World Zelda DLC has been revealed and released. Now if only the game played as well as Zelda. While Gearbox and 3D Realms are gonna fight over the Duke Nukem rights. My mind automatically connects this event to a picture done by Max Scoville where two dogs are fighting over shit as Duke Nukem bets on a winner, when nobody really wins.2SB You're a Failure

Speaking of relics from the bygone day, remember Fortnite from back in the day? Well, it turns out is not done, but is not cancelled either. Epic has claimed that the game will be talked about soon, but I must question the logic with announcing a game and then not wanting to talk about it until 2.5 years have passed. What I can understand is porting a game to just about any system and The Last of Us coming to PS4 does not sound like a move that would get many objections. Sure you can argue that is was the biggest game of 2013 and as such people are not crazy to return to it, and most have already played it. Hell, with Playstation Now it would be more exciting if Suikoden 2 were announced for a PS1 classic, but this is hardly harmful or that much of a waste of resources.3SF Guardian of apathy the police give no shits about you sexy lady

Speaking of wasted resources, Assassin’s Creed Comet had some details exposed and it sounds like a mash-up of everything the series has been outside of Ezio. You play as a templar in 1958 with the atlantic ocean being an available body of water to travel. Sounds nice and whatnot, but why is this only for the past generations and not just another dual generation title? Probably the same reason why Final Fantasy ever sequelized its numbered titles, unused assets. Is this wrong? No, just concerning why they are not pushing this game out in 2014, while Unity will have an extra year to be equipped with a new engine and blow people’s minds. Not sure why I even care though, as Assassin’s Creed has lost all of its appeal for me until 2016 at the earliest. Oh, and Ubisoft’s vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud, because I know you’re reading this, Your logic in justifying this is flawed!4KillTIme This Accusition was flawed and you should feel super bad for buying these guys

Also flawed is the liar Peter Molyneux’s latest claim that the indie craze will die out. His logic comes from how other mediums that experienced such a gush of independent and creative pieces of media eventually saw a return to form after a sort of golden age. I could make several remarks, but the co-founder of Devolver Digital pretty much said whatever I would say, but better. Point is that saying indie games are going to somehow go away after this insurgency is foolish as games do not necessarily need to take up shelf space and as long as people can find a comprehensible number of unique and creative ideas, there is no reason why people would stop putting their hearts into their own games and putting them on Steam. Will independent publishing likely need to change in the upcoming years? Yes, but that is something completely different.5Watamote Life is a wonderful blast with new cola soda drink but 12 today

Seeing as how the AAA scene is very different, I’ll talk about somethings there before ending this post abruptly. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided may or may not be a Gen8 sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If it is, we will likely hear about it this upcoming E3, or maybe this is just being started by Eidos Montreal after Thief and we should not have heard about it just yet. Much like how the fact that Dragon Age Inquisition, which is probably my most anticipated AAA game of 2014, will have 40 endings and other keen plausible rumors. I mean, the game had to have been in development since early 2011 with a team of 200-300 people so why wouldn’t there be a gross quantity of variables jammed in there? Oh, and Uncharted 4‘s director left Naughty Dog. Not fired or anything, they were just moved over to RIot Games. It is a move that does make the state of the game seem less stable, as Naughty Dog is certainly not held up by one person.

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