Rundown (9/14-9/20) I’d like Some More Game News from Japan, Sir

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281301-SweryFor some reason I thought the Sony pre-TGS stream was TGS itself, but I was wrong. As my apology, I will provide a depressing fact about myself. There is no area in my life where I feel I can be myself beyond this blog… yeah. I am often wracked with insecurities I shove away and ignore, but regularly uncover them and grow incredibly depressed. Ah well, fuck it, time for video game funtimes! Also, here’s a picture of SWERY looking silly.

You know what my least favorite form of announcement is? One that does not show off any substantial gameplay or the sort. It may have assets from the game or nothing at all, but it avoids telling the potential buyer what the game will be like in terms of playing it. It is normally reserved for AAA games, but Indie games can be subject as well as SteamWorld Heist is a spacebound game in the same world as SteamWorld Dig, but it is a turn based strategy title rather than a game about digging. No TBS-ing was shown, and based on what was, it will not be an overhead display, which is just a bit odd when you look at 90% of the genre.1 P4G hmhmhm shoo bee doo bee fucking the slits aint got ntohin to be up in the butt cos i be the sex master give me dawg

Something that was shown, specifically at TGS was some gameplay of Final Fantasy XV. I think it looks very unappealing from its art direction, its supposed gameplay design, and the concept of it being four bros in a dumb looking car going on adventures that I doubt would be well written simply based on the inflection of the dialog and spit worthy appearance of the characters. I realize I am being bitter, but considering this is a game that was first shown and has been in development for eight years, since I was in sixth grade, the best I can say is that it looks like a worse version of Xenoblade. Not graphically, but in just about every other way.2 Press Switch you're quite the bitch, aren't you you dick asshole fucker hate loathe despite rage

Onto something pleasant, D4 is… out. Yes, the prologue and first two episodes of this episodic XBO exclusive have been released in a move that is odd even considering that SWERY is the man in the header image. And based on what I’ve heard, the game is really freaking good! So yeah, get on that PC version… please. I mean, fuck, Final Fantasy XIII, all three of its games, are coming to Steam… Really? Really? Now, after the subseries has failed, its final entry flopped, and… I’m going to end up playing them all now… I swear, I will play these games when they are 75% off. They’ll be panned, I’m sure of it. Yet right here, right now, I swear I will get around to this… subseries of despair. Goldarn it!3 Watamote Fuck Balls those chics are creepers gonna go away from their rings and smokes, dawg

The less than keen news keeps on coming, as Dragon Quest Heroes looks rad, but is probably not heading out of Japan. While Koji “IGA” Igarashi has put his dream game, the game that would have me salivating and tossing money about, on hold so that he can feed his family, meaning he’s back to making mobile titles, at least for now. The concept of Kickstarter was mentioned, but he wants to use a publisher, and I hope he can find one for what could be what Mighty Number 9 is to Mega Man, but for Symphony of the Night.4 TDIAPT I knew It ANd The Result is expected sigh

Oh, and as one final bit of news that will be explained in greater detail as time goes on, Sleeping Dogs is getting a follow-up in the form of an “PC online game” by the name of Triad Wars. Meaning what little interest I had in the series after part one is going back in the shed until this brushes over, hopefully without me even glancing at it… as I dislike multiplayer.5 KillTime SO PIssed I have no eyes while you do not even give a single fuck dude so chill

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