Rundown (12/21-12/27) I Apologize for Nothing

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0 Watamote I am Defeated and hate you wrong man for this screw yourselfSorry there was no review this week, I’m pretty swamped with work for the next month or so, meaning I am working full time, and Dark Souls is an 80 hour game, if not longer. Still, I released my novella, A Vile Doohickey, as a Christmas gift to the world, and released it on the 21st because it was done before my deadline. Oh, and I think Christmas is a good reason for a lack of progress in regards to anything, even if I did not really enjoy mine that much. It was a day where I got about $200, and spent about 73 of those dollars on Majora’s Mask 3D, Freedom Wars, an SD Card for my 3DS, and some bodily hair removal cream, as shaving one’s legs is annoying.

Some nice news in regards to localization and ports did come during this dry time of the year, starting with Shonen Jump J-Stars Vs+ coming to North America for all the Sony systems this summer, though I would not be surprised if certain characters are cut due to how the rights to the various series the crossover fighter features are scattered about various companies. Licensing is a good reason to not being a game over to other regions, but that is far from Level 5’s reason, as they don’t really have a good one to still be teasing Yokai Watch getting an international release. I mean, the game was a massive hit, so why were you sitting on your asses for a year or so? Partner with Nintendo if you lack the resources and get more publicity as a result.1 School Days Stop SPouting Bullshit You Idiot asshole

I know it is not that simple, like how it will not be a walk in the park if XSEED decides to retranslate the Trails In The Sky titles. Why would they do that? Because there’s going to be a remastering for the Playstation Vita. This is actually common process for the overly written series, but it still does make the second part of this trilogy look dated by simply knowing there is a better version out there. Though, I would demand a PC port, as I find the act of playing a PC game with a controller to be greatly superior to playing it on the Vita. On that note, Fairy Fencer F and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1&2 are coming to PC, and by extension Steam. Will they be ported well? I’d guess, as they are trying to bring over three games, but they will likely lack any noteworthy features, which is perfectly fine in my book.2 P4G Do what you want I think it is cool so keep on doing it dawg rad gravity

What is also fine is the reasoning behind Steins;Gate not being on Steam, which is pretty simply that JAST USA doesn’t have the rights. They’d like to get them, but the game is owned bit by bit by other companies, and getting anything through with a staff of, I dunno, 27, is a bit difficult, I’d guess. Still, I’m guessing it did not take that many to bring down PSN and Xbox Live during Christmas, because a group of assholes did. Honestly, the idea of preventing people from using their new systems on Christmas morning is just bullcrap, and you are hurting the audience more than you are the major companies. Mind you, a couple people probably needed to work overtime on the game, which only makes their actions even more reprehensible.3 SF at least the evil villain is now here and in action can absorb all my hate that nasty man borg fuck him and viva torture

I know that it may sound as if I am bad with money based on the intro I used, but I have crafted a budget for myself, and have an excess of about $800 since I started keeping track in October, with about $1400 set to be placed in the bank. Most of it will just stay there and grow until I have actual expenses. You know, food, utilities, house payments along with taxes, transportation fees to get essential goods, or alternatively delivery charges… You can pay to have groceries delivered to you, right? I mean, I am far more likely to start taking T-Blockers and lady hormones than I am to buy a car and get a license. Not that I am transgender or whatever, I just dislike everything masculine about myself excluding the penis. Testicles can be chopped right off though.

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