Rundown (2/01-2/07) Hyperdimension Neptunia Xtreme Victory II: Lavindation of Crystalia

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2015-02-08_00041So, I didn’t look too much into the whole Nintendo creator program last week, and assumed that Nintendo did get their stuff straight when it comes to wanting free promotion on the world’s leading internet video platform. But instead they very much force people into corners if they wish to make money by doing, say, a let’s play of one of their titles, which is foolish at best. I’ve been following the LP community back before it blew up as much as it has, and I have to say that the process is pretty time consuming, and the need to remain humorous and witty towards a game, especially when doing live commentary does take some work. Also, you know, they are showing gameplay of a title, and chances are that those who watch a title they think they may enjoy and have disposable income will purchase the title in question, thus getting you more than the paltry sum that ad revenue can get you.

Heck, the amount that Indie games have been helped by Let’s Plays, or just quick looks and not full playthroughs, has been dramatic in terms of exposure. You know what else would help get your game out there? Making it a sequel to a AA franchise that quietly went away a while ago. In short, Condemned 3 may be happening, but only through an Indie team, as- for some reason, a creator owns the IP. Not Monolith or Sega, which is pretty darn surprising. Also surprising is that Sony Online Entertainment has broken off from their partner company, and joined another, now under the name of Daybreak Games… I don’t really have anything to say except for how Everquest Next looks neat, but I’d never play it.1 KLK There is no time to mess around with you girl so Imma just gonna so and do my own shit peace out bye bye bitch

Persona 5 on the other hand, well, you probably already know how awesome its trailer looks. From the visuals looking wonderful, the gameplay and world interaction being more advanced than wandering around boxy dungeon maps, and generally a different feel from its predecessors, I can safely say that this is the first Gen8 title that made me salivate… Even if it is technically crossgen. Part of me hopes that the title finds its way to PC before I buy a PS4, but if I had my way the PC would be the primary gaming platform for just about every title. That would include Nintendo titles, which does not seem totally out of the realm of possibility given how they are going to be working on some things for smartphones. They also plan on doing a lot of smaller projects and a couple remakes for the next few years until they will try to make something of a comeback when 2017 rolls around. I’d hypothesize about a new handheld, but I would not expect one to come until… Actually, it’s not too far off, maybe another year or two after that…2 HeroJob Please Touch My Butt ass for the greatest justice, because I am an albino girl

I would also peg that time period, that of one or two years, not of 2018 to 2019, as for when the recently announced Netflix Legend of Zelda series will be released… because yes, there will be a live action Zelda series, which is described as a PG Game of Thrones… I’m assuming the comparison is based on the popularity of the latter, and not as much the context of the former. With nothing else to go on, I would have prefered animation, but there are very few instances where I would rather not have something be animated. It’s a logical move to make given how people have wanted this for years, which represents a far better grasp on reality than what an EA executive had to say about games being ‘too hard’ when really he was trying to explain how difficult it is to get into a game wherein the player must use four shoulder buttons, two clickable sticks, a D-pad, four face buttons, and two menu buttons. I am naturally used to it, but given how daunting a controller scheme image can appear to be, I certainly understand why some people don’t want to make a $460 investment for a game and console. 3 WataMote Stop That Save Money For More IMportant kawi

On that note, can I just ask who exactly pays $60 for a game regularly? The last game I bought at that price point was Darksiders II back in 2012, and that was due to how I did not want to see THQ go down the drain, and felt I should support the release. Yeah, fat lot of good that did in the end… 4 Bitter Change Guess it was not going to be simple easy understandable mess disaster failure whoops mistake uh-oh

Also, here’s a picture that shows why XSEED is able to do whatever they want and keep the lights on, as this is their office:

B84nhTPCEAEUPEdI probably should pick up Brandish… Gotta support this kind of office culture.

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