Rundown (5/10-5/16) I Don’t Care About My Privacy

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0 KLK COme at me bro I isn't afraid of anything will duke it out for all eternity great justice is my name asskinking is my gameI finished another semester of college, and probably have a ton more to go through in the future. My goals were a bit obstructed by improper information, so I’m going to probably end up with a duo of Associate’s degrees for Liberal Arts and Accounting. Another two years of Accounting at a real college may come next, but from what I heard that may not be necessary. I can just get a CMA and explore my options with that and a few years of bookkeeping experience. Also, I realized that I should not buy hormones without talking to a doctor, but that would require coming out as Genderqueer, and, yeah, that would be a super awkward and terrible time that may ruin everything forever…

Okay, I teased this last week, but Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has launched its Kickstarter. It will be a later Castlevania successor in a similar vein to what Mighty Number 9 is to Mega Man, especially when you consider that the developers are the same… Now, I will say that I like Inti Create in theory, as they seem to encourage creative, fun, and smaller projects that go against the norm amongst Japanese developers, while maintaining a dedication to more traditional and fun games. The problem is that none of their titles really grabbed me or struck me as something that was anywhere beyond good, and I really, really do want Bloodstained to be at least close to Symphony of the Night in regards to quality. Yes, I am very bitter, but I do hope this game make me feel something akin to an orgasm, as I will hopefully be unable to orgasm when 2017 comes. If it doesn’t, then that was $150 down the drain.1 WataMote Stop That Save Money For More IMportant

By that time I wonder if D4 will be completed and Swery can move to his next project, which is “a story about a high school girl detective who uses the imagination (fantasising) energy from masturbating to help her solve murders”. Not only is it no surprise that Swery thought this gem of an idea up, but nobody wants to touch that concept, so it will likely be a Kickstarter come. I’ll be sure to back it and feel like a bit of a creep, playing a game about teenage masturbation as somebody in their mid-twenties who sacrificed their ability to do fap in favor of feminine features… I would gladly have my testicles and scrotum removed. I recall being similarly cynical and confused about the idea of there being a Lego toy based video game sort of thing, mostly due to how the toys really don’t lend themselves for anything but the same in question. Well, that was before some of the sets were revealed. Portal 2, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, and The Simpsons will all have representation in this game, which boggles my mind, and the best part is how this is just the first of many waves.2 Yamada Kun to 7 nin no majo This is unreal like your stupidity retardation

On the subject of waves, the ship that was The Black Glove, that experimental thing by a bunch of ex-Irrational people, whose Kickstarter failed, has been shelved. While Wonderflick, that Level 5 experimental thing involving a lot of cross platform play is shutting down in September, well before it hit consoles… On a brighter note, the rad Dreamcast JRPG Grandia II is getting remastered and rereleased on Steam, with a whole new port, not the crappy PC port by Ubisoft back in the day. Granted, their PC ports still usually suck, and Assassin’s Creed Victory Syndicate will probably be no exception. The game itself will be set in Victorian era London, have grappling hooks, and in response from the first big kerfuffle with Assassin’s Creed Unity, the developers are putting in two playable characters, a twin brother and sister. However, the story pretty much entirely rotates around the brother, and the sister exists for free roaming purposes and maybe a mission or two… Or you could have had them work as a pair and maybe have some sort of co-op thing tied around that instead of ditching multiplayer all together.3 P4G Smartass wiseass asshole prick jerk kill him and kill nigma the jackass

I am all for cooperative play in games, but competition in general never sits well with me, even when it is on a professional level. I just don’t see the point with competing with others in a game, I guess. But some people get massive erections when the very idea is brought forth, and based on that logic, Nintendo’s plans for E3 which include a Nintendo World Championship do not interest me all that much. I like the idea of giving older games a spotlight and showing off people who spent way too much time learning them, but why do this at E3? It is like going to war for games media. They have conferences for Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, and PC Gamer for some reason. 4 HeroJob You are not skilled foolish you should not be doing this why you bitch

Speaking of Square Enix, their North American branch barely touches Dragon Quest these days, and will probably not going to touch the remake of Dragon Quest VII, coming to 3DS this summer, in Japan, with some all new content. What is not coming to the 3DS this summer is Imageepoch’s final title, as the company has begun filing for bankruptcy. Their game may be completed, but I will say it’s canned until it’s release, and then ask for it to be brought to the NA. Even though the North American localization can help a game company out quite a bit as they have the potential to be more profitable than their Japanese counterpart. That is the case for Nippon Ichi Software, as NISA made most of their revenue in the last fiscal year, and in light of this revelation, they are planning to bring titles to Steam… Hell yes! Look, if Neptunia managed to snag, according to SteamSpy’s imperfect, but decently accurate numbers, about eighty thousand copies on Steam, there is totally a market for this kind of shit. Heck, just look at the JRPG tagged Steam games and get a better idea of how profitable a well done port could be… And see how there are not a lot of good ones, at least compared to other genres. Just port the Disgaea series over and let people be able to mod out the grinding from those games, as that shit’s horrid from what I heard.5 SCD Grind before a boss Raise levels PSP

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