Rundown (04/22-04/28) Degeneracy All The Way!

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If it is not obvious by now, while I do portray and present myself as a calm and rational member of society who wishes to help and assist others whenever possible, I actually consider myself to be something of a degenerate.  I adore things that I genuinely know “normal people” who view as unacceptable, and while I know well enough to keep these things out of regular conversation, I just cannot help myself and get genuinely giddy when I find something incredibly messed up. Whether it be a story about murderous trans-dimensional flesh monsters, a show wherein a woman is forced to eat an omelet filled with feces, poop, and semen, or this awful censored header image, which you can find by digging through the archives on ONAT’s Patreon.

This relatively light week began with the announcement of a pair of delistings, and they could not realistically be more different. Firstly, Konami announced that New Little King’s Story, the horrible looking reimagining of the classic Wii title, was delisted from PSN on April 16th and, Konami being Konami, they did not announce that the game was removed from the storefront until April 20th, nor did they publicize the news very well. Now, I have some level of resentment for this title, and think it should not have been made due to how it thoroughly and woefully misunderstands the core appeal of Little King’s Story, but this is just a sad example of Konami’s ineptitude, and due to its digital only North American release, it will be a lot harder to get a hold of now.

Also, as for why it is being delisted, it likely has to do with the weird development that surrounded New Little King’s Story, as it was a game originally made by the new defunct Cing. Konami developed this version on their own, and given how messy business situations like this can be, I honestly have no idea why this is happening, but knowing Konami circa, um, 2010, it is likely not a very good one. Oh, and check out the PC version of Little King’s Story by the way. It was rough at launch, but Durante fixed it up since then.

Speaking of games fixed by Durante, which is a transition I thought I would never get to make, the infamously troubled PC port of Dark Souls will be delisted from Steam as of May 8th. This change will be prompted by the upcoming release of Dark Souls Remastered and is likely a way to encourage players to ignore the original troubled port in exchange for a better one that also costs more. Yet, to not draw much ire from fans, publisher Bandai Namco is also offering owners of the Steam version a 50% off discount for Dark Souls Remastered as launch. It is a bit of a shady situation, but I really cannot fault them for it, and I’m assuredly going to pick up Remastered at launch thanks to this discount. Though, don’t count on me playing the game anytime soon, as I just played DS3.

Seeing as how Nintendo released their financial earnings and held an investor meeting this past week, quite a few smaller stories have popped up surrounding the company. Such as the company president changing hands from Tatsumi Kimishima, who was appointed as an interim president following Satoru Iwata’s passing in 2015, to Shuntaro Furukawa, who has been working in the background of the company for over two decades and, in the world of corporate CEOs, is relatively young. Where exactly this will lead is anyone’s guess, but seeing as how Nintendo has a good thing going for them right now, things should continue to progress smoothly.

Looking at their financial report proper, it reveals a lot of things that are none too surprising. Digital business has been excellent, the Switch has been very well received and sold over 17 million units, Nintendo is looking to keep up releasing a steady stream of titles, and will look into adding longevity for some of their titles, as seen in their more competitive titles. The system is overall doing quite well, they are looking into finding new ways to use this system beyond offering a great library of titles, as seen with things such as Labo, and after waiting nearly a year, details on the online services for Switch will be detailed this May.

Nintendo also touched on the 3DS as, well, it is still making them money as it serves as a less expensive system with less expensive games, while saying how they intend to continue to produce titles for the system into 2019 and beyond. Despite the fact that just about everyone, myself included, is ready to be rid of the underpowered handheld for good.

Furthermore, their mobile game production also seems to be going rather well for them, and to commemorate such success, Nintendo will be partnering with CyGames, creators of GranBlue Fantasy and Shadowverse, to work on a new original mobile game by the name of Dragalia Lost. It is an action RPG of sorts, but after a year with Fire Emblem Heroes, I’m about ready to turn away from mobile games… possibly forever.

That would just about amount to all of the eye-catching news story I caught wind of this week, until I saw the latest video from Super Bunnyhop. A video that revealed information on an unannounced and buried Final Fantasy game that was to be developed by Eidos Montreal, dubbed Project W. These are the kind of stories I live for and make the gaming industry such a fascinating one to follow, so I naturally cannot recommend the video enough. So please check it out, and while you’re at it, check out the rest of the Super Bunnyhop channel, as it is easily some of the best gaming content out there these days.

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