Random #001: Grandpappy Pyra

From /v/ and /d/ with perverted, incestuous, deranged, and utterly pure love.

This is the first installment in what I hope to be a semi-regular series on this site alongside my Reviews, Rundowns, and Rambles, which I’m dubbing Randoms. Randoms are short stories based on random ideas, concepts, and prompts that I either stumble across, or pop into my weird brain for whatever reason. They are a segment meant to contrast my novels and novellas, which require me to commit to an idea and generally take me forever to write.

For this first segment, the origin of this idea is actually a bit of an odd concept. While I personally have not so much as played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I was directed to a post originating from 4Chan that described one player’s desire to transform into Pyra, the lead heroine from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and have sex with their grandfather. I misread that, because I do that sometimes, and thought it said that the poster wanted their grandfather to transform into Pyra so they can have sex with them. If that origin story sounds absurd, that’s because it is. But it’s nowhere near as absurd as this ensuing Random! …Which wound up being 7,000 words, because brevity apparently isn’t my strong suit.

Disclaimer: This short story contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, and incest. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Random #001: Grandpappy Pyra

Upon reaching the latest loading screen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I took a brief moment to turn my head away from the living room TV and at my surroundings. To my left was the main window, its curtains drawn open to reveal at a growing blanket of snow that seemingly covered everything the eye could see, glistening from the illuminations of the street lights and festive decor. It was a familiar sight that had filled me with a variety of emotions over the years, but instead of eager excitement over how I’d get to build my own snow fort come morning, instead it now represents a morning filled with shoveling, scraping away at ice, and seeing the snow undergo a gradual transformation to a pristine white substance into a greyish mesh. But for the remainder of this night, it served as a pleasant backdrop as I enjoyed a cozy evening.

With a snug blanket covering my legs, a warm mug within arm’s reach, my parents away on their monthly “date night,” and a 100 hour RPG to make my way through, there were certainly far worse ways to spend the night. But it also wasn’t a night I would be spending in my lonesome, as to my right, sitting in his usual recliner, was my my grandfather.

Grandpa was never really into games all that much. Sure, he used to play board games with me, and we used to play Mario Kart and Wii Sports when I was younger, but I couldn’t imagine him picking up a controller and playing a single player game on his own. Yet that hasn’t stopped him from watching me play through my newest game, which I just got after finishing finals last week, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Admittedly, there is a lot to like about the game as an outside observer. The game’s lush and expansive environments are gorgeous, the action oriented gameplay can be a visual spectacular, and the story… well, it’s a bit goofy, but if his regular chuckles are any indicator, he’s certainly enjoying himself. But more than anything, it also has Pyra.

She’s kind, reserved, motherly, can actually fend for herself, and has more depth to her than I would have really expected. Plus, she’s hot as shit, has some really lewd special moves, and while my mother thinks her design is a bit sexist, Grandpa defended me and got my mom off my case about it, because he’s cool like that. I feel like Grandpa has always looked out for me and been there to defend and support me, and while I didn’t get to see him all that much when I was younger, as he was still working back then, I think he’s always been looking out for me in his own way.

Though, I have to say that I’ve been getting a bit worried about him over the past few years. He’s 74-years-old, and over the past decade or so his health has been getting worse and worse. First he started getting weaker in general after retiring, then Grandma died and he started getting depressed and stopped taking care of himself. All before he fell on some ice two winters ago, got a hip replacement and wound up moving in with my parents and I. While I was a bit iffy about the idea at first, I’m actually pretty happy to have him around. With both of my parents working so much, my home has always been a somewhat quiet and lonely place during the days, and with Grandpa around, I have somebody else to talk to, help me out with the usual household chores, and to drive me to and from community college.

Over these past two years, I’ve gotten to know him far better than I ever expected to, and our personalities clicked surprisingly well. He’s kinda crass and crude, but then again I’m not much better. He always seems to be interested in what I’m into and trying to find out why I like it, rather than just dismissing it as something that kids these days are blindly infatuated with. He’s helped me with some of my schoolwork, helping me study by explaining concepts to him and helping out with a couple papers. Overall, I get the impression that he really cares about me, not only as a family member, but as a person and, well, I really appreciate that. It really makes me wish there was a way I could spend more of my life with him as, with his health, I’ll be lucky to spend another decade with him before he passes away.

Ah, but I’m getting all sentimental here. Point is, I kept on playing until about 9:00. While I used to play games all the way ‘til midnight on most weekends, Grandpa is the sort who likes to be sound asleep by 10, and I’d rather not play this game without him by my side. So I headed to my room, undocked my Switch, and booted up Splatoon 2, hoping to get a couple rounds of Turf War or Salmon Run in… if it was even available tonight. But just seconds after getting situated, I heard a crashing noise from downstairs. Fearing the worst, as one does around old people, I put down my Switch and ran to the source of the noise, the kitchen, where I gasped upon seeing my grandfather sprawled out on the floor

That sight would be concerning enough, especially when considering that my parents typically do not get back from their “date nights” until midnight or so, but as I looked at him, Grandpa’s body was convulsing, and not in a… normal way. In a way that paralyzed me upon seeing him, unable to do anything but gawk at his form as he gasped and gagged in pain.

His bald head became adorned with spuds of striking red hair that flowed across his scalp, stopping just as they reached the end of his chin.His wrinkled tan face began to pull itself back, smoothing itself out, and eliminating the accumulated signs of age, replacing them with a startlingly youthful face devoid of any of his numerous blemishes. It was almost immaculate in a sense, but then the transformation continued, with his facial featured twisting and turning to form an entirely new visage all while their skin color began to shift across their body, going from a mid-tone brown to something dramatically paler.

Looking down at his body, Grandpa had put on some weight since his retirement, and the vast majority of it began to recede. Their jumper, jeans, and house shoes obscured the details from me, but within a matter of seconds they went from snugly fitting his body to being comically oversized compared to their new frame. The transformation continued to their hands, changing what were hardened workman’s hands that had unfortunately recently been stricken with arthritis into dainty palms with slender appendages attached to them, accompanied by two sets of finely filed nails that looked as if they belonged to a woman.

With that thought in mind, I returned my sights to Grandpa’s torso, which had been obscured by the folds and confines of a now oversized jumper. Yet focusing on the details, I could make out a discernible mound that moved in accordance with Grandpa’s breathing, a mound placed near the top of his torso that possessed the unmistakable shape of female breasts… and some pretty big ones at that. Just as I noticed them, I jolted upon hearing Grandpa’s voice. With each breath, it was increasing in pitch, mutating and altering into something new, eventually settling on a discernibly feminine voice that, upon hearing for a moment, made me realize what was happening. Grandpa was turning into Pyra.

Having their body and voice fully transformed, at least as far as I could tell, Grandpa’s oversized clothes began to shrink around them, better fitting his body, and demonstrating how much smaller their frame had become, while seemingly retaining their height. Yet right after the clothes contorted themselves to Grandpa’s new curvy and feminine physique, they began to… basically shred themselves to pieces while transforming into the familiar pinks, greens, and reds of Pyra’s normal attire. The tight top that led little to the imagination, the leggings, shoes, gauntlets, short-shorts, and even the thong… or at least it looked like a thong, even the ancillary articles, such as the cape and tiara appeared shortly thereafter. The end result was a person who looked like the closest approximation of Pyra that could exist in reality. By that I mean that the facial and general proportions were tweaked slightly, but this was about as close as you could ever hope to get with a human being who resembled an anime character.

A barrage of questions had been flooding into my mind as I started observing this transformation, and they only multiplied as I stared down at what Grandpa had become. I knew I could not simply leave him lying there, especially with the kitchen floor being so cold, and the first thing my mind went to was carrying them to my bed while I try to rationalize the absurdity I just witnessed. In retrospect, I should have been surprised by how light Grandpa was after I picked him up, seeing as how there is a cutscene in Xenoblade 2 where it is mentioned that Pyra is pretty heavy, but that’s besides the point.

With my breathing heavy and arms already sore after having put Grandpa down on my bed, I began trying some simple breathing exercises to cool off my head and stave off a full-blown panic attack. The tactic worked decently enough, and I soon settled on trying to call my parents and inform them that Grandpa needed help. A message I would need to deliver vaguely, because if I told them that he transformed into a video game character, they’d probably think that I was high off my ass. So I naturally grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts, but right as I was about to call, I noticed Grandpa tossing and turning on the bed, inspiring me to drop everything in an effort to comfort him. But all words escaped me as I watched them flutter their eyes open and sit upright.

“Ugh… what happened last night?” Grandpa said with a drowsy drawl, yet matching the intonation and tone of Pyra’s voice actress exactly.

“Are… are you okay Grandpa?” I stammered.

“I feel…different… and I sure as hell look different too… how odd,” Grandpa said as his hands drifted towards his chest before leering over the rest of his transformed physique.

“Odd? You just transformed into a woman, your entire body… changed, and it just feels odd?”

“It feels different than what I’m used to, that’s for sure. But… I’m okay with all of this. Maybe even a little… happy.”

“You’re happy that you’re a young woman now? I mean, you look just like the girl from the game I was just playing.”

“Heh. I knew these breasts… and this outfit, looked familiar,” Grandpa said before he began exploring their new form with their hands, paying extra attention to his chest.

“W-What are we going to do? I mean, people just don’t transform into video game characters every day? Oh god, how am I going to explain this to mom and dad?”

“Shaun, stop being such a worrywart. I’m okay, really. Trust me, a lot worse things could have happened that this— Lord knows I don’t want to go in for a second hip replacement and the hell that is physical therapy. And with this body, I’d say that isn’t much of a worry at all. I have more energy, all my aches are gone, and mentally it’s as if the stormy skies have parted, being replaced with a clear pristine blue horizon. Plus, assuming things are going the way I think they are, I just lost about 50 or so years. Even in the worst case scenario, wouldn’t you call that a… net positive, was it?”

“I… I guess when you put it that way, this isn’t all that bad… it’s just—”

“You’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s weird?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I murmured as I looked down at the floor, aghast as how well things appeared to be going.

“Oh Shaun, c’mere,” Grandpa said as they wrapped their arms around me, locking me into a hug where he our chests collided and whatever erection I had been stifling became fully erect. No matter how much I thought about this waifu in front of me was actually my Grandpa, my dick didn’t seem to care about the ick factor present here, and I was sure that Grandpa could tell.

“Um… I really didn’t mean to, it’s just that—” I began stammering, trying to find a good excuse for why I was attracted to the spitting image of a sexy anime character.

“Please, if anything, I’m… weirdly flattered by all this… and it makes me curious about what I look like without this get-up… want a peek?”

“N-No, of course not. You’re my grandpa— I mean, you sure don’t look like it at the moment, but I—” I explained in half-hysterics only to be cut-off by Grandpa as they began to strip away their clothes.

They began with the armor… top… thing that the capes are attached to, revealing a dark red t-shirt that clung tightly to his skin, only to then move their attention to their gauntlets, popping them off with ease before doing the same to their armored shoes, kicking them away to reveal a pair of leggings that not only nicely encapsulated their slender legs, but also wrapped around each individual toe. Then came the removal of the shorts, which Grandpa had to wiggle off of his now sizable hips to reveal that, yes indeed, they were wearing a thong. All before tossing aside their weird tiara thing.

I tried to remove myself from this situation, trying to picture Grandpa in his old form, but the thought of him stuffing his old man privates in a thong was revolting enough to kick me back into reality, and see my Grandpa pulling his shirt off to reveal a pair of large perky boobs that jiggled as the fabric was ripped away from his body. I tried to avert my gaze out of respect, but Grandpa could tell that I was enjoying this by the way my dick poked through my pajamas. I thought about running away and holing myself up in the basement before I did something I would immensely regret, but Grandpa seemingly noticed my hesitation, and grabbed my arm, as if pleading me to stay.

Turning back to him, I was greeted with their naked body, not an inch of it even remotely resembling the old man they were minutes ago. I tried my best not to stare, but Grandpa only laughed at my self-imposed restraint.

“Oh Shaun, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed. And I’m probably moving a bit too fast for you to keep up. There’s a lot going on in my head at the moment, so I wanted to get acquainted with my new self… and I figured you’d enjoy seeing it yourself… you are enjoying it, aren’t you?”

“I… I am, it’s just that I don’t want to do anything I’d regret. That’s all.”

“What, like fuck me?”


“Well, maybe part of the reason why I’m prancing around wearing nothing is that I want to have sex with you. I know that it’s weird because I was your grandfather about, what, 30 minutes ago, but a lot has changed in that time. And… Shaun… before this transformation, I liked you as a person. You were a good kid, and I was proud of you as a grandfather, but getting to really know you gave me a different kind of affection for you. And transforming has… well, it’s given me a different perspective, and I think my love for you might be something a bit more than just a platonic fondness. I can’t help but feel that what happened tonight has happened for a reason, that this, in some way, is the way things should be, and I’d rather embrace these newfound thoughts and feelings rather than repress them out of fear. If you’re not comfortable with all of this, I understand. But if this is what you truly want, I think we should just do it. Heh, do it. Would you believe me if I said that pun was unintentional?”

“With you, your puns are never ‘unintentional,’ so no, not really. But… if this is truly something you want Gran— hold on, can I at least call you something else?”

“Oh, right. Even if you were fucking a bombshell babe, calling them grandpa is a pretty good way to make things awkward on all fronts. Well, I suppose calling me Gabe wouldn’t be much better, so how about… let’s see, Pyra and Gabe would make… Gaia? Yeah, it’s a bit odd, but I like the sound of it. Nice to meet you Shaun, my name’s Gaia!”

“Heh. Nice to meet you too Gaia… wait, are we going to have sex right after greeting each other like that?”

“I’d say… yes!”

With that declaration out of the way, I began shakily removing my clothes, revealing my scrawny brown body that, while matching Gaia’s in height, contrasted hers both in regards to sex and skin tone. I had previously been told that I had resembled my grandfather when they were younger, but now whatever sense of familiarity we had physically had dissipated. Instead, we were now just a young man and young woman who beared no resemblance to one another, yet held an emotional connection and physical desires we wished to express. The sensation of wrongness still permeated throughout the recesses of my mind, but my desire to join with Gaia, to join with her, was far greater than any such fears. I tossed off my clothes while she laid on my bed, presenting herself and encouraging me to take the lead, which I nervously attempted.

With my only reference points for this kind of thing being porn, erotic doujinshi, and hentai, a myriad of potential sexual scenarios began flooding my mind when trying to think of how I should initiate things, but I quickly shook away those concepts and decided to pursue the safest and most reasonable path before me. So I wiggled my way onto the bed and and proceeded to swifty stick my erect member into Gaia. She let out a moan as I rammed it in there, leading both of us to momentarily pause before I began thrusting my lower body back and forward, trying to establish a good rhythm to the act as Gaia churned her hips accordingly.

Being the obvious virgin I was, my mind immediately went to my experience with masturbation as I felt the pressure of Gaia exert itself on my stick. It was similar to the times when I used a sock or washcloth as a masturbatory aid, using the tension the fabrics provided to increase the pleasure I felt with each thrust to reach a more sensual climax. The tension and pressure provided by these aids is far greater than one’s hand, and actually doing it in a vagina was kind of like taking things to the next level, as the tight sensation I felt as I pushed my dick in and out was almost mesmerizing to me. It was so extreme that I almost forgot that I was inside of someone else, rather than some ambiguous fleshy mound.

A wave of uneasiness mixed with euphoria encapsulated my mind when I began this process, and the sensation was only increased after I began focusing on Gaia, her pants mirroring my own as her body shaked and bobbed along with my movements, causing us to behave as a single rhythmic unit, sharing a mutual pleasure. But right as I was getting accustomed to the beats of intercouse, I felt my climax rapidly drawing near and a deluge of safe sex advice popped into forefront of my consciousness. So I pulled out as fast as I could, and immediately began ejaculating onto my sheets. I held my wet and sticky penis aside as it continued to burst out semen onto my bed. While the sensation was more satisfying than any instance of masturbation I could recall, I was nevertheless wrapped with a degree of shame and embarrassment for almost creaming somebody who, an hour ago, was my grandfather… and for only lasting about a minute or so.

“That… That was my first time. I’m sorry about that, it’s just that everything’s… ” I stammered looking for a good excuse for being a minute man, and failing to find anything due to the deluge of chemicals flooding my brain.

My embarrassed face and awkward excuses only seemed to amuse Gaia, who chuckled at my expense, before sitting upright to hug me and press her chest against mine. It was a warm and soft feeling, one I had admittedly felt numerous times in the past between female family members, but without the obstruction of clothing or any kind of bra. Feeling the raw flesh mingle against mine and having the erect nipples rub against me, it left me dumbfounded and managed to restore my erection.

“Aw sweetie, don’t feel bad,” Gaia said as she pressed against me, rubbing a hand through my hair. “It’s been an awkward night for you, and nobody’s first time is all that good. Hell, I only lasted as long as I did with your grandma because I tried clearing things out beforehand. I wasn’t even sure I could finish, but then 5 minutes passed and your aunt was conceived… I probably shouldn’t have added that last bit, but maybe I’m just a bit loopy from… a little bit of everything.”

“Th-Thanks Gran— Gaia. But, um, did it at least… feel good?”

“It was… interesting to experience things from a female perspective, but it was over and done with that I barely managed to get much out of it. …You willing to go another round?”

“Oh, of course… I mean, so long as you are— but you just brought up the suggestion, so of course you would be. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense for you to bring up a suggestion like that because— I’m going to shut up now.”

“You’re such a little cutie Shaun, and I’m supposed to be the girl here. Yeah… I am the girl here, aren’t I…” Gaia paused for a moment as her eyes drifted to her breasts, giving them a nice rub while briefly stimulating the nipples. “Say, Shaun, how do you feel about titjobs?”

“Uh, what?”

“I mean, I’ve maybe possible looked through your laptop while you were at school, and found that you had a few browser tabs open, and looking at how huge my tits are, I was thinking about trying it?. We could stop if it’s a bit too weird for you.”

“I… I was seriously just browsing and… how the hell didn’t I close that tab out? I, um, I mean if you wanna try it, I’m sure that it would feel good and—”

Before I could conclude that thought, Gaia made her way to the floor, got on her knees, and started yanking my legs so she could get to my dick. I scooted my way into the proper position, and looked down to see her smiling at my member, grabbing it with her hand before squeezing it between her boobs. The sensation of being surrounded by a warm fleshy substance was unquestionably similar to vaginal penetration, but it was more freeing and a lot… softer. It was a warm and cozy embrace that felt as if the most sensitive part of my body was being messaged by an ethereal being, and looking forwards, that almost looked to be the case.

I couldn’t help but stare at Gaia’s breasts as they shook, their rhythmic motions having a hypnotic effect on my young male brain, but I did pry my attention away long enough to get a good look at her face. Her eyes were fixated on her assets and my penis, trying to maximize the pleasure she could give it, all while her pale skin blushed a vibrant pink. Perhaps there was some part of her who found the act to be embarrassing, or maybe her supposed attraction to me was more intense then she initially assumed. Regardless of the reason though, she was clearly putting her all into the action, and after a few minutes of wallowing in a blissful reprieve from reality, where my mind was able to distance itself from any potential woes or worries, I came once more.

However, due to the angle my penis was at in Gaia’s breasts and how it bent, I wound up busting on my face and chest. The rush of emotions that come with an orgasm mingled with a sense of immense embarrassment that left me unable to respond as my own white ooze proceeded to drip down my cheek.

“Oh dear,” Gaia commented as she looked upon me, stifling a laugh. “Sorry about that, I guess I need to work on my technique.”

“For your first time… you did great,” I began, my words lagged as I came down from such an erotic high. “I… I just need to clean myself off, because I… don’t like being covered in my own cum.”

“Here, dry yourself off with some tissues before washing up in the bathroom. You don’t want to be dripping semen across the floor, now do you?”

I patted away as much of my ejaculate as I could manage before following Gaia’s advice, heading into the bathroom and grabbing a washcloth to clean off the areas affected, while also wiping away a surprising amount of sweat. Before leaving, I took a moment to wallow in the respite that a bathroom represented, sat on the toilet, took a crap that I had been unconsciously been holding before washing my hands and taking a moment to look at myself in the bathroom mirror. I had never considered myself anything other than average from a physical perspective, with my low weight being my only real asset, but somehow I managed to lose my virginity, at age 20 no less, and seemingly snagged myself a girlfriend, or, perhaps romantic partner would be a better term.

The bizarreness of this situation was not lost on me, and I could feel intrusive thoughts creeping into my mind, but rather than wallowing about my worries and concerns about Gaia in isolation, I figured it would be better if I actually talked to her in person, so I returned to my bedroom. Once there I saw Gaia laid out on the bed with a small object between two of her fingers, a wrapped condom that she presumably got from my parent’s bedroom as, well, I never had any preconceptions that I would ever actually get laid, so I never saw fit into buying my own condoms.

“Now that you’re all situated, and have gotten a chance to cool down, you game for one more, sweetie? If not, I understand. Lord knows it took me a while before I was okay with doing it twice in one night. Let alone three times.”

While part of me knew that we really should cool things off, a glance at my clock indicated that it was far too late for us to really do anything productive, especially with my mind so out of wack after… everything that’s happened tonight. So I agreed to her proposition, hoping that I possessed the sexual stamina needed to go another round.

With my erection having naturally gone limp over the past few minutes, Gaia sought to get me started by caressing her smooth and slender hands over my penis, stroking and stimulating it as it grew to its average-at-best size, before it was deemed ready for sex-having. Likely realizing how I have never so much as tried wearing a condom, Gaia afixed it herself, gently placing and unfurling it before rubbing it thrice to ensure it was one securely. The fabric was strangely comforting, and almost functioned as a second skin of sorts, though, it’s entirely possible that my father bought premium condoms or some such thing, and regular old condoms really do feel like sticking your dick into a balloon. That’s what some of my friends have told me anyways.

“C’mon Shaun, show me what you’ve got!” Gaia cheerily encouraged me while presenting herself in a similar, if slightly better adjusted, position from out first round.

I attempted to fill my thoughts with determination before sticking it in, where I quickly acclimated myself to necessary the groove and motions. My first time was panicked and rushed, but now I was in a far clamer state of mind and have been able to free myself of excess sexual tension. Furthermore, I had a new objective, not to simply get myself off, but rather to try and return to feeling to Gaia and make her feel good. Between our muffled sexual moans I asked her what she wanted, what was off with my technique, and how I could make her feel better. My questions caused her to laugh at first, but she did guide me throughout the process, encouraging me to alter my pace and motions, likely informed by her past experience with having a penis. Looking down I could see a steady stream of ooze gushing out from our genitals, as good a sign as any that I was doing decently well, but I still felt as if I wasn’t doing quite enough. But then, like a sack of wet bricks, it hit me.

“Hey, you want me to fondle your boobs?” I muttered in a breathy voice.

“Go right ahead sweetie, just don’t be too rough now,” Gaia replied, her body shaking and face hued a soft pink.

Having never touched a breast with my hands before, I couldn’t help but hesitate as I lurched my hand forwards and spread my fingers over Gaia’s chest. I knew enough that the breasts themselves were quite sensitive, but that the nipples were the true sources of pleasure, inspiring me to begin by gently rubbing and caressing the breasts themselves before taking two fingers to the nipples and tracing her areolas, an action that I did with some hesitation, but Gaia’s moans at least implied that I was doing something right. I knew that my approach was a flubbed and rushed as everything else that I had done tonight, but it at least gave me something to focus on while letting our hips and genitalia do their thing.

The sensation was, as to be expected, a very euphoric one. The heat, sensation, and rhythmic sense of unity between our bodies was well beyond anything I had experienced on my own. But as I began focusing on my thrusting, I realized just how fatigued I had become over the past… hour or so. This combined with the mental drain that followed Gaia’s transformation, and the effort I had to exude to carry her up a flight of stair, all began to weigh on me and my body began feeling heavy. Yet I was still dedicated and determined to make Gaia feel good, and attempted to disassociate myself from my own physical limitations, powering through this act, fueled by the sheer force of my will. I found myself going in harder, aiming to exert the energy needed to bring Gaia to her apex after helping me reach mine twice thus far.

With my body warm and sweaty, and mind focused despite being the recipient for a steady and almost numbing stream of pleasure, I looked down at Gaia, and proceeded to lunge at her, placing my lips against hers and pursuing her tongue as I began to wrap my arms around her. As my fingers danced across her slender and flawless back, she returned the favor to me, causing the two of us to be joined in just about every way possible before it finally happened. Our mouths seperated for us to simultaneously eject a moan as an flurry of good feelings rushed throughout our bodies, culminating in a gush of liquid that released from both of our genitals.

With a hearty sigh, I began to free Gaia from my grip while she did the same, distancing my body from hers to free my shrinking penis, whose condom contained a teaspoon worth of semen. Not bad for one’s third time in a night, I thought. But after seperating myself from Gaia, and taking the time to remove the condom, lackadaisical tying it like a or grocery bag, and lobbing it into the trash bin I keep next to my bed, I fell on my back and stared blankly at the ceiling before Gaia’s voice reached out to me.

“That actually felt really good Shaun. Thank you,” she said looking down at me with a look of fatigue on her face as well.

“Gaia… I love you,” I said in a slightly slurred form of speech before lunging up towards Gaia and kissing her once more, only to then close my eyes as I almost immediately lost consciousness.

It was a somewhat embarrassing way to end things, but my body was at its limits, and I dearly needed some rest. Plus, at least I got to end things on a romantic note with a kiss… or maybe that just makes it a semi-romantic note. Regardless though, my ensuing slumber was dreamless, with my imagination likely still being too overwhelmed by reality to try and piece together a pseudo-coherent sequence of my stray thoughts. It was still a comforting break from the turbulent reality I had experienced tonight, but that was soon interrupted by the familiar staticy jingle of my alarm clock.

Groggily I sat up within my bed and looked away at my desk, seeing the digital numbers read back 7:00 at me, all because I forgot to switch over to my weekend alarm last night on account of… everything. I tore off my blanket, exposing my naked body to the cold that lurked from outside my sheets in order to silence this electronic dastard. Normally, I would try to go back to sleep until my second alarm, a habit I’ve formed over the years, but as I started becoming cognizant of my surroundings, I recalled what happened last night.

It was a vivid array of sensations, sights, and sounds, but with my brain still booting up, I was dubious of the reality of these memories, due to the resemblance they had to mere delusions. I began scanning my room for any evidence that my grandfather actually turned into Pyra last night… and that I had sex with them… thrice, but my floor was clear of any discarded clothing, and before I checking my waste bin to discover my used condom, I looked outside my window to see that the backyard had been shoveled following last night’s snowfall… which is a sight I practically never woke up to see, and the shoveling appeared to be immaculate. My parents typically slept in following their “date nights,” my father never shoveled until after having his breakfast, and it was Saturday. Who the hell shovels their backyard before sunrise on a Saturday?

With questions rattling throughout my foggy mind, I quickly dressed myself before heading out of my room and downstairs, hoping to find the answers to the core question that was burning in my mind, and I was led to my answer by the smell of bacon, eggs, and freshly made pancakes. Entering the kitchen, I saw the familiar red hair of the woman I made love to last night, wearing an emerald green sweater and a pair of yoga pants that nicely contorted around her thighs and butt, showing that her bust wasn’t her only S-rank asset. She looked away from the stove as I wandered into the kitchen, offering me a sincere smile.

“Well, you’re up earlier than I would’ve thought, lover boy. And here I was planning on making you breakfast in bed. Oh well. The food’s is almost ready. Take a seat and we’ll talk things through when I’m done, alright?”

I followed Gaia’s request and sat myself down at the kitchen table, where I wondered if it would be unsightly if I were to grab a glass of juice while I waited, but my patience won out in the end. After just over five minutes, Gaia came over to the table with two plates, each almost overflowing with food. Two pancakes, a few strips of bacon, some scrambled eggs, a piece of french toast, and a sliced apple off to the side.

“I know you’ve never been much of a breakfast person, but once I started cooking, I couldn’t stop. I was actually thinking about making some hash browns as well, but I didn’t want to give you a stomachache or anything.”

I never knew my grandfather to be much of a cook, meaning that I’d never seen them do anything more than try barbequing a few times when I was little, but Pyra was an excellent cook in Xenoblade 2, and as I proceeded to dig into the food before me, I could tell that it was certainly that this trait carried over to Gaia. It was certainly far better than anything I ever got from a breakfast place, which typically aren’t even all that good because they need to serve as many people as possible during the morning rush. Hell, it even managed to taste better than any breakfast I can recall my mother making me. But for as delicious as the food was between the fluffy pancakes, finely cooked eggs with chunks of onions in them, and crispy bacon, there was a discussion we needed to have. And while I was stuffing my face, Gaia graciously began explaining things.

“First off, thank you very much for last night. I know it was probably a lot for you to take it, but you were actually quite good for your first time… well, I assume as much anyways, I can’t really say that I have much of a reference point, but you did put in a lot of effort. Anyways, you fell asleep like a rock after our third session, and I wound up sleeping besides you until around 5 AM. I, um, I turned over in my sleep and was resting on my chest, and despite these breasts seeming like they would make good pillows, they really don’t. Not wanting to just head back to sleep, I got back into my outfit, began going through the house, keeping things quiet of course, and I went into my old room, but it was all different. As in, everything I used to have there was replaced. My recliner was now a bed, all of my clothes changed, and even my phone was replaced with a completely different one.”

Gaia then pulled out a phone in a purple case, quickly navigating through it with far more precision than she ever did in her former form, and opened up a variety of photos of the two of us, together, lounging, going out to places, and acting like a couple. She continued to dig in, revealing a new contacts list, an active social media feed, the proprietary app for my community college, implying that she was a student, and even a series of what could be considered diary entries.

“So, not only your body changed, but your entire life did as well,” I summarized after chewing a chunk of apple.

“Pretty much. Apparently I’m a distant cousin of yours now, and my parents supposedly passed away, leading me to move in with you, since you were the closest family I had and we’ve, apparently, been close for the majority of our lives. According to my journal, we’ve been dating for about two years and your parents have been supportive of our relationship.”

“What about you? I mean, what about your old identity? You know, back when you were… Gabe.”

“I found an obituary that said Gabriel and Maria Gonzalez both died in the same accident years ago, so I guess my old life had been replaced with this new one. I knew my remaining years were numbered, so I can’t say I’m too upset about all of this, but… I wish I had the opportunity to put my affairs in order, if only for my own sake.”

“You can’t really blame yourself for that Gaia. Nobody could have predicted this, nobody asked for this, and the entire situation just seems to be getting more and more unreal with each new discovery,” I said, hoping that my words would be of some assurance to her.

“By the way, I have fire magic now,” Gaia, almost comically, commented before taking a sip of some tea she prepared for herself.

“…As in you can shoot fireballs?”

“Yes, I practiced outside by clearing the sidewalk. It’s amazingly easy to manipulate with just a thought, though considering how Pyra was a fire-elemental Blade, I guess that makes sense. After figuring that out, I decided to try cooking us some breakfast, since Pyra is a good cook in the game, and I’d say it turned out pretty damn well for somebody whose cooking skills were limited to making spaghetti, beans, and sandwiches.”

“Didn’t you tell me a few times that cooking’s ‘woman’s work’?”

“Heh. I guess I did. Goodness does that feel like a lifetime ago, but then again, thinking back on a lot of my old life feels very… strange, as I know I experienced everything that happened to me back then, but it doesn’t feel like… the new me. It’s as if, after my transformation, my mind changed, expanded, and where there was just one personality, one set of memories, there are now… more. I can remember a lot of the game’s events as if I was there myself. I remember fighting along with Rex and thinking of how much of a cutie he was— nowhere near as cute as you Shaun, but still cute. From these two sets of memories, I feel that my sense of self has branched off and shaped itself into something familiar, but new. It’s a bit surreal to think about, but I truly do feel as if I have become a different person after the past… heh, it hasn’t even been 12 hours has it?”

“So, what you mean to say is that you are no longer Gabe, you’re not Pyra, but you are the sum of those two in addition to something more, something new. You’re Gaia.”

“Hahaha. That’s far more articulate than any explanation I’ve rambled off. Yeah, that does sound about right.”

“So… now what?” I asked as I laid back in my chair, digesting this flurry of revelations along with a positively scrumptious breakfast.

“Now… I guess we just keep on living our lives. As family, as friends, and as lovers. Does that sound good to you Shaun?”

Gaia then stood up from the table and stretched her hand out to me. I grabbed it, locking our fingers together before embracing her in a hug.

“Nothing would make me happier, Gaia.”

Das Ende

If you have any thoughts on this story or any suggestions for future Randoms, please leave a comment down below.

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