Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth – Phase 06

Disclaimer: This work contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, graphic violence, strong language, sexual violence against children, incest, cannibalism, mind control, forced transformation, unwarranted malice, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth
Phase 06: Re;Juvinated

A look of disinterested dismay adorned Vice’s visage as they looked up into the night’s sky, an encroaching black nothingness illuminated only by the light of distant solar bodies. They shifted their head back down rapidly, causing their hair to bounce before directing their eyes to their ‘friend’ for the evening, Juniper, who was in the midst of tearing into a deep-fried chicken thigh with her teeth. Looking down further, Vice saw an assortment of other pieces of fried chicken, a scattering of bones and crumbs, a piece of grease drenched toast, a trio of buttery biscuits, a paper container full of hot chili, and a brown paper bag, all placed on a plastic red tray that sat on top of a wooden table. A sight illuminated by the dim hue of a nearby light fixture and dampened with the pungent odor of a farm carried by a light breeze.

“Why did I agree to this?” Vice muttered under their breath as they looked at the meal before them.

“What’s wrong Jess?” Juniper asked with a chunk of chicken in her mouth. “It’s like 9, so I’m not buying that you’re just not hungry. And don’t give me any of that ‘oh, but I gotta watch my figure’ shit with how much you say you work out every day. I love this, you love it, and hey, I’m buying. So do me a solid and grab a finger licking chicken tit or something.”

Vice looked back on their inherited memories from Jessie, revealing that she and Juniper had been visiting this establishment, a farm and restaurant hybrid by the name of Carl’s Crispy Chicken Coop and Cookery, on a monthly basis. While the memories revealed that Jessie in actuality loved this food, in spite of it being obviously unhealthy and making her feel like a stereotype whenever she ate it, Vice was not inclined to eat such ‘lowly food’ for their first proper meal in half a decade.

“I get that you like to surprise me with this stuff, Juniper, but I’d really like it if you would, y’know, listen to me when I say that I’d rather not go someplace for dinner. Any other night of the week, maybe I would want to enjoy myself a nice fatty drumstick or biscuit so rich that it may as well be pumped with 100% pig lard, but not tonight. I tried to tell you as much, but nope, you just rolled on ahead, clearly knowing what would truly make me happy better than I would.”

“Jeez, what crawled up your ass and died? Look, we’re here, the food’s paid for, and this kind of stuff doesn’t really reheat well, so we may as well make the most of it. As my mother says, ‘this country wastes too much fucking food, so you better clean up your plate.’”

Vice pondered making a comment about Juniper’s weight, something about how Juniper’s mother was ‘full of shit’ and now she’s packing on 30 unnecessary pounds that will only hinder her health and necessitate that she eats more food to gain the calories needed to continue functioning. But Jessie’s petulant memories informed Vice that such a comment would be uncouth, instead imploring them to determine a far more fitting retort.

It was while pondering such details that something clicked in Vice’s head. Just before Juniper arrived to whisk them away to dinner and a movie, they were experimenting with their as of yet unspecified pool of powers, bending reality by creating, destroying, and transforming things with ease. But the fact that they had undergone a body swap with Jessie made them question if their abilities were not limited to the physical realm, and could affect others mentally as well. It was a bit of a stretch, Vice realized, but they felt now was as good a time as any to test things out.

“Um, hello? Jessie, you’ve been staring off into space for a solid minute now, what’s with you?”

“My apologies, a thought came to mind, and simply distracted me for a moment. Anyways, I get that you really like this food Juniper, but you have to admit that looking at that grease soaked bread, the oils covering your hands, and the stains left on the wrappings, that this meal is, at the very least, a little gross.”

Operating under the prospect that, ‘so I wish it, so shall it be,’ Vice simply stated their words while focusing on Juniper, examining her expression neutralize itself as Vice spoke, eventually turning into a look of reserved dismay or generalized concern.

“I mean, yeah, this stuff is… kinda gross, and maybe I shouldn’t be eating it regularly, or… at all. But it tastes so damn good!” Juniper responded, her expression and change in tone fluctuating dramatically, as if a switch in her head was suddenly flicked after she agreed with Vice’s comment.

“Yet can you truly say that it is worth consumption? That whatever passing joy you experience by eating this dreck is not insignificant compared to the lasting effects it has on your body? You would look and feel oh so much better if you were to cease such foolishness and instead view this slop as a grossly mishandled mesh of empty calories deprived of nutritional value.”

“I… ugh, fuck. You’re right. Fuck me, Jess. This is why I’ve gone up two sizes since high school…”

The melancholic expression affixed to Juniper’s face convinced Vice that they could, indeed, manipulate people to heed their words. But, being the ambitious type, they were not willing to simply end things there, and began pondering ways to use this newfound ability to bring them pleasure.

“I’m happy that I was able to persuade you, my dear Juniper, but perhaps I could persuade you into doing something else for me,” Vice cooed, easing out of their impersonation as Jessie.

“Huh? Um, sure, I don’t see why not. I don’t work tomorrow anyways, so we can screw around for another couple hours.”

“Lovely! In that case, let us leave this trash for the swine. You and I have a… date in the middle of the woods.”

“Oh? Well, why would we want to go into the woods? Nothing’s there aside from bugs and the usual critters.”

“Well, maybe I have a surprise for you, and maybe I’d like to do it in private, far away from the judgmental eyes of society.”

“I… I don’t really get it, but sure, Jessie. Whatever… Whatever you want. Now, let’s blow this Popsicle joint and hit the road!”

Having fallen under Vice’s influences, becoming little more than a putty in their hands, Juniper heeded their words with little hesitation and decided to gather up all the food placed before the two and toss it onto the ground with a blatant disregard for this establishment. Vice snickered at her display while the two casually moseyed towards Juniper’s car. Without any form of verbal ire lingering in the air for their actions, the two casually placed themselves into their respective seats before Juniper made her way to the edge of Murinova in search for a usable clearing.

“So, whatcha think of the movie?” Juniper asked with her usual chipperness.

“It occurred to me while watching the film how much time has passed since I last viewed an entry in the Godzilla series, let alone the giant monster genre, and how my positive memories were in actuality lingering remnants of unchecked childhood nostalgia that only preserved the finer points of the better films, while the lesser aspects of these films became little more than distant memories. I had not seen a Godzilla film since the one wherein the character battled against a sentient mass of pollution that was eradicating the population of Japan whilst the designated human characters meandering about, taking hallucinogenic drugs.”

“This rendition of the well-trodden giant monster formula centers around muddled and confused genre staples, mingling sci-fi and fantasy with a degree of reckless disregard. One that involves a race of alien apes that disguise themselves as humans and hail from the third planet of the black hole of outer space, and also an ancient prophecy with an accompanying giant rabbit monster by the name of King Caesar. Because when you think of Japan, you think of Roman emperors. The majority of the film focuses on a cast of vaguely detailed human beings who function as the, as it were, heroes of this story, and by sheer fortitude manage to outsmart and outmatch the poorly equipped alien threat, who in spite of their self-appointed superiority, only consist of about a dozen people, if that, who are routinely overpowered by these average shlubs.”

“When it is actually focusing on the titular characters, and invests the final quarter of its run time to the battle the film is named after, it is a fairly mindless yet cathartic affair, despite routinely making Godzilla, and the much anticipated King Caesar, look to be utterly incompetent next to the capabilities afforded to MechaGodzilla by being a machine. Or rather a cyborg. Yet due to mystical contrivances Godzilla ultimately manages to emerge from this bombastic wrestling bout victorious, and even decapitates the machine for good measure. Ultimately, it was a poorly directed mess of a monster bash, and made me realize just how little this genre seems to understand many of its founding principles.”

“Giant monsters are beings with powers well beyond that of humans. Lifeforms that possess the destructive power seen only in natural disasters and weapons of war. They are well beyond the restrictions and limitations imposed on individuals by society, and are able to rend the Earth as they see fit, expressing their immense powers freely, and confidentially standing against any threat that stands in their way, only fearing defeat from a weapon, of life form, possessing greater strength than themselves. They are forces that will, inevitably, go down in history, be a subject dissected by scholars of their respective worlds, and be remembered by the masses whose lives they affected. They’re forces that shall not be forgotten, and people do not want to forget them. For as much as humans love prosperity, peace, and tranquility, it pales in comparison to the internalized satisfaction they experience over time after personally being subjected to a tragedy beyond their control.”

“The idea of being able to make such a lingering impact upon the world, of being able to shatter lives and destroy something that took years, decades, maybe even centuries to build, is something that I have always found captivating. And now… now such power is within my grasp. With it, I may leave my mark on this world, shaping it in my own image with my own form of destruction. Yes, unlike most monsters, this power may also be used to create, which begs the question of how my actions shall be interpreted. Will my actions be viewed as a cataclysmic event comparable to many of the atrocities that predated this century, or shall they be seen as a creative force through the annals of history, praised with messiah-esque reverence? I suppose it depends on what the true extent of my powers are, and how they alter my mental state.”

“…Uh-huh… Jess, what the fuck are you talking about?” Juniper questioned as she turned away from the overgrown dirt road to look at Vice.

“I’m talking about how I have been bestowed with immense power beyond that of a regular human, and wish to exert said power onto the rest of the world. Now keep driving to the clearing, you dolt!”

“I… yes… Jessie,” Juniper muttered, unable to say more as she was subjected to Vice’s concentrated will once more.

A matter of seconds later, the two reached their destination, arriving in an overgrown field comprised of foot-tall stems of grass battling for survival against young trees and bushes. There was not so much as a hint of man-made light illuminating this locale, and not a sound other than the steady hum of the car engine, which kept most woodland residents at bay, fearful of the heavy machinery encroaching into their domain.

Having finally reached their destination, Vice pondered their next action for a matter of seconds before sending a hand down to their black skirt, feeling their flat crotch through the fabric before darting their eyes back to Juniper, who looked at Vice with concern and bewilderment.

“Juniper, be a dear and turn on the overhead lights, while turning off the headlights. I’d like a bit more privacy, but I’d still like to be able to see.”

Juniper passively replied and did as Vice asked, her voice sounding monotone as a result of Vice’s mental manipulation, transforming this once energetic gal into someone brimming with all the charisma of a cheese sandwich.

“Hm, the light’s a tad more dim than I would have liked, but it shall suffice. Now, my dear, come with me to the back seat. I have something to discuss with you.”

In an awkward motion, Vice climbed their way to the back seat, where they plopped their bottom of the well worn interior, while Juniper did the same, nearly tripping as one of her shoes wedged itself between the driver’s seat. With the two sitting side by side, and only a foot of open seat between them, Vice began closing in the distance on Juniper, looked at the stranger wearing her friends body with ceaseless confusion.

“Y’know June, we’ve been through a lot together,” Vice began, resuming their lapsed Jessie impression.

“We’ve been together for most of our lives, and hard for me to even theorize what my life would’ve been like if you weren’t there by my side, and I think you feel the same way. In that time, you’ve been the best friend I could have asked for, though, in a sense, we were far more than friends. I know we joked a few times when we were kids that we were practically sisters from other mothers, but now that we’re both adults, and had some time apart, to find ourselves, and view our relationship from a distance… I don’t think that’s the best way to describe how I feel about you. I love you as a person, that shouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s more than that.”

“Do you remember that night we slept together in High School? We wound up sharing a motel room, only had a single bad, but were so hot we slept in our underwear? That’s when I knew that it was all… more than just a friendship, that you were more to me than just a best friend.”

“Y-Yeah, I remember that Jessie. I just thought we— you didn’t want to talk about that.” Juniper said, her voice shaky and mental state uneven as Vice’s will loosened around her, allowing her to react with all the emotional depth she normally possessed. Which only went to make the situation all the more overwhelming and uncomfortable for her.

“That was when I was young, unsure of myself, fearful of confessing my true feelings,” Vice continued. “But now, right here, on this moonless night, I feel like it is time. Now, I am ready to say that, Juniper Funkatron, I love you.”

A thousand thoughts began flooding Juniper’s mind as she tried to make sense of the barrage of syllables offered to her by Vice, with questions begetting more questions, and a deep fear coursing through her being as she deliberated how to respond. As a young lady from such a rural and closed off community, she was far from versed in what Jessie was talking about, lacking any firsthand experience with anyone who she knew to be gay. Yet such thoughts all ceased in her mind as Vice began exerting their powers once more, causing all her mental fervor to part away as her mind became consumed by a singular train of thought that she could not help but follow. Affection.

“I… feel the same way Jessie,” Juniper replied with a convincing, yet artificial breed of enthusiasm. “I’ve been feeling so lost without you and now that you’re back… I never want you to go! I want to spend the rest of my life with you!”

“Oh Juniper, it makes me so happy to hear those words. If we are both in agreement, what do you say about… truly taking our relationship to the next level.”

Obeying the script implanted into her head by Vice, Juniper blushed redder than a fresh tomato as those words pierced her ears.

“I, um, I guess we could… I just never expected my first time to be with my best friend in the back of my dad’s old sedan. But fuck it, I’ll take what I can get!”

Following that decree, Juniper exploded out of her clothes, while Vice took a more elongated route, steadily stripping before Juniper in a way that only made her rapidly beating heart explode into a fully fledged panic. Following what felt like a small eternity, and certainly long enough for a dampness to begin appearing along Juniper’s pale inner thighs, Vice was unclothed once more, and wasted no time by taking the initiative, beginning their second sexual exploration of the evening with a deep kiss.

As Vice and Junipers’ lips clenched, their tongues began to mingle, touching one another as they both continued to push forward, not just with their mouths, but with their bodies as well. They began embracing each other in a deep hug, pressing their breasts against each other while Vice locked Juniper’s legs in place, restraining her as if that was even necessary. As oxygen became scarce, Vice moved their head away from Juniper, panting as saliva dripped down their chin.

“You’re into this more than I thought you’d be,” Vice said as sweat began developing along their brow. “I’m used to these sorts of things being more of a struggle, so this serves as a pleasant change of pace.”

“I’ll do whatever I can to please you… master,” Juniper said as whatever vain resistance, whatever remnant of her former self became imprisoned behind a person imposed by Vice. “Just knowing I can be of some help is enough to make my body ooze with pleasure.”

“Oh, truly? Then perhaps you can help me with something that served as a curiosity of mine I’ve had for… a while.”

As Vice began to plan out the events of the night, they were greeted with a series of memories of Jessie’s, namely of her first sexual experience, one she had during her second year of college with a young white man, a classmate of hers who she was partnered up with for a group project. He was an intelligent and capable individual, and Jessie had some romantic inclinations towards him. Following a long night of final preparation and rehearsal, the two were energized by caffeinated beverages, and soaking hot on account of an unseasonably warm March evening, one thing led to another, and Jessie came to develop a fondness for the sensation of penetration. It was a fondness Vice had personally experienced following their masturbatory experience, but a mutual curiosity of both Vice and Jessie’s was that of female oral sex, of having somebody stimulate their vagina using nothing but their tongue.

“Let’s start with something a bit kinky. If you’re so inclined to enrapture me in pleasure, perhaps you can begin by pleasuring my pussy with your tongue.”

Uttering no words, Juniper did as she was ordered and began stimulating Vice’s vagina with her tongue, lapping the fluids that began accumulating from the orifice with slow rhythmic motions. The technique, while brimming with the imperfections expected of a sexual amateur like Juniper, was enough to satisfy and please Vice, who leaned back and looked up through the car windows at the black sky looming overhead, only broken up by the twinkling of stars that flourished in the dim climate of Murinova.

Vice began to chuckle as the sensation continued, taking delight in the stimulations coursing through their brain, while developing an urge for something more visceral. This inspired them to bark at Juniper, demanding them to be rougher, which they did without hesitation, thrusting their tongue forward and digging into the supple flesh that laid before her. A cascade of moans escaped from Vice’s mouth as they muttered how grateful they were that Jessie shaved her public hair last night, allowing this experience to be unimpeded by any coarse sensations or unwanted tugging. Instead, it was smooth. Smooth and damp.

As the minutes passed by and Juniper’s unwilling devotion to give Vice’s vagina and clit the most sensual licking she could muster, Vice’s body was pushed to a climax once again, releasing a fluid that seeped over Juniper’s face. She wasted little time licking up Vice’s sexual juices once they were squirted across her person, climaxing as Vice’s taste reverberated throughout her taste buds.

“Oh, Juniper. You’re a 4 at best, but you’re not a bad fuck, I’ll give you that much. Matter of fact, you got my curiosity going, so I’ll do you a favor and show you the same pleasure you showed me.”

“Y-Yes! Yes, thank you Jessie. I am… I am so happy. I don’t deserve this kindness!”

“You certainly do not, but perhaps giving sexual pleasure may be at least half as enjoyable as receiving it. Let’s just say that this has been a very… transformative day, and I am open to experimentation. Also, cease calling me Jessie. If you are going to be my servant, and you are, in private you shall refer to me by my true name. Vice.”

“Oh, Vice… just saying it makes me tingle a little. Vice! Vice! Vice! Thank you for your kindness master Vice!”

With Juniper reduced to a nymphomaniac, Vice let out a hearty masculine laugh as they bent down to Juniper’s nether regions, finding them to contain a thin sheet of hair, a little messy, but far from the kind they experienced reading porno magazines in their boyhood, untamed and thick bushes that obscured the sexual organs Vice was aiming for. They went in mouth first, hoping to locate the necessary parts by touch alone, only for their tongue to dip into the lingering juices that had been developing around Juniper’s pussy. Juices that, much to Vice’s chagrin, lacked the inherent saltiness or sweetness that they had grown to expect in their prior exploits. Instead, its flavor reminded them of a sick fish they had caught back during their boyhood. A rank and decrepit sensation danced across their palette as they dug through the centimeter thick patch of hair, causing them to retract their head and cough up whatever saliva they could rescue from their esophagus.

“The fuck is wrong with your pussy!? I bet even my ass tastes better than that after I take a shit! Oh my fucking lord!”

Vice’s harsh words immediately sent Juniper into an accepting state of despair, recognizing and internalizing her mistake before she could even comprehend what she did wrong.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” Vice mentally pontificated while glaring at a mortified Juniper. “It must be Jessie’s memories fucking with my head. I am beyond others. I have this power. I cheated death. I am better than other people, and that is a fact. …And what better way to express my dominance than treating this creature before me like they sow it is.”

“Juniper, stay where you are,” Vice barked. “Whatever painful sensation you now experience will fill you with immeasurable pleasure, and it will be all you desire until your body ceases to function. Understood?”

“Yes! Yes master Vice!”

“Good, now spread yourself out. As you know, I haven’t had dinner, and I simply refuse to see this day to the end without having something to satiate my hunger.”

Vice then returned their head to Juniper’s crotch, but rather than sticking their tongue out, they instead brandished their teeth and planted them into Juniper’s body, ripping through the skin and into the bloody flesh that they began grinding through, eventually pulling out more than a morsel of meat that they chewed and swallowed before spitting out a hairy layer of skin.

It was a sensation that would send most people into a panicked fervor, but for Juniper, it made her ecstatic in the completely opposite way, uttering a deluge of moans, compliments, and thank-yous to Vice, praising them for gifting her such a high, one that went beyond anything she had ever experienced before in her life. Vice smirked at their words as they let the sharp flavor of the flesh settle on their tongue. It was an acquired taste that their body expressed some displeasure towards, but it nevertheless filled them with an empowered nostalgic sensation as they reunited themselves with their boyhood pastime of cannibalism.

Their desire was not satiated by just one bite though, and Vice continued to lurch forward toward Juniper, ripping and tearing through the flesh, digging to get the biggest mouthful of blood, skin, and muscles they could before beginning to chew the stringy meat as they watched their victim twist, and shout. But instead of the usual cries of pain, their actions were accompanied by cackles of pleasure.

A bite from the thigh, one from the arm, a nibble of her side, and one pluck from her cheek. All of theses caused Juniper to squirm and erotically moan, but each bite brought with it a less passionate response as her body began struggling to pump blood to the necessary places. Her person was soon leaking a deluge of red fluid over the interior and onto Vice, painting their body in a shade of crimson. It all culminated in a final bite to Juniper’s neck, a conclusive tear that planted a chunk of rough and tender meat in Vice’s mouth.

As Juniper’s final words eked through her torn neck, culminating in a barely audible thank you, Vice swallowed what they had shoved into their maw before casually reaching towards Juniper’s expressionless face, plucking out her left eye and casually tossing it into their mouth. As the membrane was torn and the juices began flowing throughout Vice’s gums, they looked across the crime scene laid out before them. Everything was painted in blood that had already begun to harden into a rusty brown, from the puddle at their feet, the musty interior of this tragedy vehicle, and most especially, Vice themself.

“It’s good to be back,” Vice cooed as they stepped out of the car, exposing their naked body to the humid air and cool breeze that lingered outside.

The woods were as quiet as ever, with the sounds of rustling leaves and hooting critters serving as an ambiance that made Vice confident that they were alone, and had gotten away with yet another murder unscathed. Well, unscathed, but they were quite literally red handed, and had little chance of getting away with such an outlandish and impulsive murder scheme if they were as capable as an ordinary person. However, Vice was few things if not extraordinary, and all it would take for them to properly dispose of this evidence would be a few focused thoughts and elegant approaches to problem solving.

Their solution to this self-made problem began simply enough, using the concentrated power of will to rip away the blood, sweat and assorted grime away from their person, causing it to separate itself from Vice’s skin where it briefly lingered in the air before dissipating into nothingness. The second step came with clothing themselves, which Vice could have easily dressed themselves in like a normal person, but being in a somewhat vain mood, they chose to instead stare at their discarded outfit, which was flung to the front seat of the station wagon, and imagined themselves wearing it. Once more, reality twisted, the laws of physics bent, and Vice’s desires were manifested into the world, adorning them in the same underwear, red shirt, black skirt, and shoes they wore previously.

Satisfied by their display, Vice turned their head to Juniper’s corpse, and began pontificating the many ways in which they could dispose of it, yet for one reason or another, the idea of setting it ablaze struck this twisted individual as the most enjoyable. To achieve this, they summoned two items into their hands, a canister of gasoline and a Zippo. They spread the flammable liquid around Juniper’s car, opening the door and dousing the interior for good measure, all while suppressing a chuckle, clearly elated by not only the act, but the extent of their power, and what they had become these past few hours..

“I am a god,” Vice mentally decreed. “I am a master of the mind, defiler of the Law of Conservation of Mass, and… able to manifest whatever desires I have into this world. I could do, in a sense, anything… but no, I have already had an eventful night, and would hate to begin my pursuits in a rushed and panicked manner. In my experience, it is best to sleep on decisions such as these, and I’m certain that there is some motel I may stay at. If not, then I could effortlessly charm my way into someone’s home. However, it will be a lengthy walk to make it back to society, and I see no reason not to further test my limits. So why not make this commute an enjoyable one… with the aid of music.”

Following that thought, Vice looked down at their left hand, and suddenly a TPS-L2 Walkman appeared clenched within their fingers. A device that Vice had intended to give to their brother as a birthday present, but was unable to on account of a little thing known as a traumatic brain injury. What was once an innovative and premium device had become commonplace, according to Jessie’s memories, a note that briefly instilled Vice with a sense of remorse for the years they were unable to live out, only for such thoughts to be cast aside with the rationalization that, assuming their discoveries were anything to go on, their remaining time in this world was far from finite.

With a small smile on their face, Vice put on their headphones, pressed play, and was greeted by the second to last track from one of their personal favorite albums as the Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads began to resonate throughout their eardrums. They broke out in a jog, enjoying the honed athleticism possessed by their inherited body, murmuring the lyrics as they ran, finding one verse in particular to be particularly pertinent to their current predicament.

“What I did that night. What she did that night. Achieving my dreams. Onwards, towards glory, I go.”

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