Verde's Doohickey – Session 01

Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexual themes, references to masturbation, and coarse language.  This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Verde’s Doohickey
Session 01: Re;Birth.exe

So, what exactly do you want me to do, Miss Dusk?

First off Jad, please call me Verde.  We are both adults, and I see no need for such formalities.  Secondly, as I informed you previously, I want you to describe the events that transpired throughout the experiment.

Right, right.  So you just want a straightforward recap?

Not necessarily.  I want your own comments on what happened, and I would like for you to be as detailed as possible.  Act as if I have no idea what the details of the experiment were, and am an outside observer.

Well, it went on for four days, so I’m not sure I will remember every little detail.

No need to worry about that.  I made certain that you will be able to recall every minute detail, down to every step and syllable, you and your friends made or uttered at any point during those four days.

I… wow… um, that’s actually quite amazing.  Is that just one of your many powers, or…

I like to view myself as a woman of many talents, and this is just one of them.  Now, assuming you are ready, I would like to begin this phase of our little experiment.

Erm, alright…  It all started on Saturday, November 22, 2014, in the Village of Oransen, Illinois.  A tranquil little town I’ve lived in all my life and was gracefully making its way out of autumn and into winter.  With the weather on this particular day being just cold enough for me to completely justify confining myself in my bedroom.

And, pretending I have no idea what you look like, how would you describe yourself physically?

I’m not very good when it comes to describing myself, so forgive me if I’m a bit blunt.  I am Caucasian, white, whatever term you prefer, 177 centimeters tall, weigh 57 kilograms, turned 18 as of last month, have green eyes that people like to compliment for whatever reason, along with a head of medium-length curly brown hair.  At the time I was wearing a nice navy jacket that I had for years and only wore indoors, because why would you lounge around in something you wear outside, a light blue shirt, some nice khakis, and some thick socks because, again, it’s cold.

As for how I was spending this Saturday afternoon, it was not with anything all that important.  I was planning on meeting a friend in about an hour and was in the middle of a PC game that I yanked out of my backlog.  But I was soon interrupted by somebody opening up my door and shouting “‘Sup dude!” far louder than she needed to. I immediately recognized this as my friend, best friend when you get down to it, Maxxie Flare.  She regularly described herself as being ‘Blasian’, as her ethnicity was very convoluted and complex, involving ancestors who were African, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, and then some. She is 167 centimeters tall, a bit heavier than me at 64 kilograms, and much like myself she recently turned 18.  

Maxxie’s jet black hair went slightly past her shoulders but was even more of a mess than mine thanks to the wool hat she wore whenever the old cold season rolled around.  I found it to be an endearing part about her though, much like her smile, and the adorable black freckles that were sprinkled across her face. At the time she was wearing a white long-sleeved blouse with a blue vest over it, some tan leather pants that clung to her figure, and had her school backpack slung across her shoulders.  Nothing out of the ordinary for her, with the exception of a small cardboard box in her right hand.

“Hey Maxxie, you’re earl—”  I said as she casually tossed the box over to me.

“So, whatcha get?”  Maxxie chipperly asked as I raised an eyebrow at the mystery box.

“I’m not entirely sure…”  I murmured as I examined the cardboard container.

The box wasn’t even taped shut and the only sign it was for me was how the name ‘Jad Novus’ was written on it in bold white letters.  I assumed that somebody simply left this package on my doorstep, but before I could think about what was in the box, or who exactly sent it to me, I was unfolding the cardboard box at my desk as Maxxie peered over my shoulders.

Both Maxxie and I let out a confused “huh” as we gazed at the contents of the box, which were obscured behind a white paper disc sleeve.  I quickly picked it up and turned the sleeve around to see a disc with the words ‘VD Warning’ written on it in cursive, only to then immediately redirect my attention to a rather strange looking remote control.  It was a very thick and chunky looking device with a violet matte finish, a screen that looked to be ripped off for a graphing calculator, albeit half as tall, and a total of three turquoise buttons labeled 1, 2, and Go.  Buttons 1 and 2 were across from each other horizontally, while Go was larger than the other two buttons and placed near the bottom of the device.

“So, what’s this supposed to do?”  Maxxie asked as she pulled the remote out of the box to examine it with her hands.

“I have no idea, but maybe this… CD-ROM will provide the answers.”  I answered, looking at the disc in confusion. Not because I’m one of those kids who doesn’t remember CD-ROM, just at the situation in general.

After placing the disc into my PC’s disc drive, I quickly discovered that the only thing on it was a FLAC file that I promptly began to play after unplugging my headphones.  It was forty seconds long and was an explanation of the device I was given by a distinctly feminine, albeit robotic sounding voice. It said—

“Hello, my name is Verde.  You… Jad Novus… have been chosen to receive a truly remarkable doohickey.  A doohickey that may revolutionize mankind. A doohickey possessing limitless power.  A doohickey that can craft experiences never felt before. I trust you will take care of this doohickey and will use it to become closer to your friends.   As such, I hereby grant you Codename… VD. “

Exactly, just more artificial sounding, and it pronounced Jad as Jade, instead of having it rhyme with bad, dad, fad, mad, sad, and so forth… Was that intentional by the way?

I would prefer to save questions until after you reach a more appropriate stopping spot, if you don’t mind, Jad.

Oh, okay… Anyways, both Maxxie and I were a bit perplexed by what that recording was supposed to mean.

“So, this thing is the maximum super special awesome diderydong?”  Maxxie asked as she gave the VD another once over.

“I guess, but why would you be so vague about its details, or even basic function?”  I wondered as I ejected the CD-ROM and placed it back into the sleeve.

“Well, when in doubt, push buttons!”  Maxxie said as she began pressing the trinity of buttons on the VD. 

Nothing happened until she began twirling it around like a baton when I suddenly felt a jolt go up through my spine.  I initially did not connect the dots, but then Maxxie excitedly thrust the remote into my hands, where I saw my name, “Jad Novus” brighten up the top half of the monochrome 96 by 18 pixel screen.  I naturally raised an eyebrow at this and asked Maxxie what she did.

“I really have no idea, I was just fiddling with it and something happened… I prolly just ended up pointing it at you and pressed a button…”  Maxxie pondered while stroking her chin.

I viewed that as a perfectly valid reason for a name to appear, although where the remote got my name from was a bit of a mystery, as I viewed the ability to instantly know the identity of somebody based on pointing a device at them to be, well, impossible.  Maybe if it had a camera or some kind of sensor, but I did not see anything resembling that on the 15 by 7 by 2 centimeter remote. 

Regardless, I was curious to see what the remote would do if I pressed button number 2 at Maxxie, which looked to send a jolt through her body as well.  My eyes were then drawn back to the remote, where they landed on a second name displayed beneath my own, ‘Maxxisaurus Omega Flare’. And yes, that is indeed Maxxie’s full name… it’s a long story.  

With two out of three buttons pressed, I did the next logical thing and promptly pressed my thumb on the big turquoise button reading ‘Go’.  The VD’s screen then shifted away from our names and read ‘Executing Command: Switch’. After raising an eyebrow at this, and before I could inform Maxxie of this change, my vision began to blur, my hearing faded into nothingness, and my entire body grew numb.  It all happened near-instantly, preventing me from panicking at the loss of any and all sensation, and, thinking back on it, was kind of terrifying.  

I did not wish to inspire fear within you, I simply desired to evoke a sense of detachment as, well, you were being physically detached from everything you knew.  

…Which you interpreted as making the process resemble… death?

It was a toss between that, or have your reality gradually shift around you, but I felt that would produce a more… sickening feeling.

And by the by, assuming this is a good time, was that recording supposed to— 

The recording was created using a pre-existing program, which I did not alter in any way.  I was not mocking your name, Jad. In fact, I am particularly fond of it.

Thanks, I still remember being mocked during elementary school for it, only to have Maxxie try and defend me… using violence… and then we were both sent to the principal’s office for the first time… Moving on!

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