Verde’s Doohickey – Session 10

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexual themes and strong language. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Verde’s Doohickey
Session 10: Starred Social Links

What are your thoughts on locker rooms?

…I get the context for asking the question, as I am about to begin regaling you with my time in P.E. while in Shiaka’s body, but it still strikes me as more than a bit odd.

How so?

Well, I figure that the answer would be pretty uniform for most people. They are public changing rooms, and unless you are a massive perv who is attracted to the same sex, or snuck into the opposite sex’s locker room, then there is no reason to stay in there longer than you need to. They also reek of body odor and farts… which I guess would classify as bodily odors in and of themselves.

Or in other words, an asexual youth such as yourself has little reason to gain in the thrills of seeing glimpses of your female peers in their underwear. Or if there is a slip-up whilst changing for swimming, then perhaps a bit more…

Look, Shiaka gave me no notes on changing, and really, there is not much to tell. I simply went to the designated locker, entered the combination, began taking off my top and skirt, and put on a violet tracksuit with my “Oransen High” written on the back… Although, during the changing process, I brushed a hand against my breasts. It was intentional, as I was curious about what it would feel like. I was never going to do anything beyond that, and I barely even felt my hand past my bra.

Anyhow, for Strength and Conditioning at my school, you can pretty much do anything as long as you are moving around. Just go into the cardio or weight training room and stay busy for about half an hour, and then go change for the next period. For whatever reason, I decided that I should try and see how much upper body strength Shiaka’s original body had, and was not surprised to see it as next to none. After two sets of arm curls, I abandoned the weight room and headed to do some cardio, where I made the, ultimately wise, decision to take it easy for the remainder of the period, as I used an elliptical for just over twenty minutes in a room with three other people, none of whom I recognized or knew the names of.

As I continued to give my current body what was likely the best workout it has likely received in quite some time, my mind took this opportunity to wander and ruminate over the fact that I was presenting myself as someone else. I tried really placing myself in Shiaka’s shoes, guessing what she would be thinking about at this very moment, and, well, I assumed that she would have thought of fear. The room was unsupervised for whatever reason, and the group of three people was conversing amongst themselves, occasionally glancing over at me or letting out a very audible string of laughter. I’d assume that Shiaka would be terrified by this and would promptly leave the classroom.

‘Why would that be the case?’ I can practically hear you asking, Verde. Well, I’ll give you the full version, but not the three-hour-long rundown that Zoe, Maxxie, and I got during the summer of 2012 when Maxxie happened to spy Shiaka’s torso scars. Yeah, so, where to begin…

Shiaka has an older sister, Haruki Kurokawa. I like her, she’s a really fun and creative person, but she unintentionally made Shiaka’s childhood a certain flavor of hell. Haruki was pretty much a child prodigy, a brilliant little girl who wanted to go out to see the world, gain skills, and learn everything there was to learn before she even started attending school, where she was quickly taken out of her public school and brought into a fancy private school. Around the time when Haruki was accepted, when she was six, Shiaka was born and was generally ignored by her parents in favor of their firstborn.

The Kurokawas were not malicious or spiteful of Shiaka, it’s just that with Haruki eating up their weekends, and both parents working to keep Haruki in school and mentally nourished, it was easy to forget about Shiaka. She was an incredibly quiet baby, and as a toddler, she was perfectly content with staying in a room all day. She never caused any trouble, and her parents would actually forget to feed her at times. This left her a bit… behind some other children, and she had to go to the local public school, which was a total shithole. Oh, and she did not live in Oransen at the time. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Shiaka was neglected or outright ignored by her peers throughout the first two years of her time at that elementary school. Partially due to her timid and quiet nature, but mostly due to how she was a biracial Asian and Hispanic girl with blonde hair and blue eyes in a school where 90% of the students and teachers were white. She was already branded as an ‘other’ based on her appearance, but she also had a wardrobe that mostly consisted of her sister’s well-worn hand-me-downs, so she was, to most of her peers, an undesirable on several levels. Come third grade, she was placed in a class with two kids named Izak and Olive.

On Friday, October 14th, 2005, when Shiaka was 8-years-old, these two… monsters sought her out and changed her life forever. After school was led out for the day, and everybody was rushing to leave the building and enjoy the weekend, Shiaka was brought to the back of the school by Izak and Olive. Once they were out of sight, and after stalling for enough time, they incapacitated Shiaka by bashing a brick against her forehead. Wounded and on the edge of consciousness, Shiaka was then dragged by the two to one of the school’s disgusting restrooms, where she was propped into a stall, stripped of her clothes, and… tortured.

They mangled her torso using a kitchen knife they heated using a blowtorch, and took a pair of pliers to her hair, ripping and tearing her scalp until she was half-bald and blood was dripping onto her face. Shiaka eventually passed out from the pain of it all, and, after so thoroughly damaging her person, the two believed that she was dead, leaving her naked body on the toilet seat, her tattered clothes scattered on the floor.

Shiaka eventually woke up to the darkness of the school washroom, and crawled her way out of there, trying to make her way out of the school and towards someone who could help her. But, after making her way to the entrance, with freedom just a few feet away, watching the sun slowly set in the distance, she passed out yet again. She would have died there if not for a night jogger who happened to take a glance at the school, saw Shiaka’s body, and immediately called the police, an ambulance, and the school board. Shiaka was minutes away from death, and the fact that she was able to live through something like that is… miraculous.

Shiaka’s parents were given millions by the school board for letting this happen. Izak and Olive were expelled, later forced out of the state, and were eventually murdered by the police after they set fire to an elementary school in an attempt to ‘cleanse the world’. Shiaka was in intensive therapy for years, and much like the scars on her body, the ones on her psyche will never fully heal. From the ages of 8 to 14, she was homeschooled by her father, but, after making great strides in her recovery process, her therapist decided that it would be best if Shiaka started attending high school.

And, seeing as she and her family moved to Oransen back in 2006, when Shiaka was 9, she chose to attend Oransen High, where she was able to make friends, true friends, for the first time in her life.

I thought about this story extensively, recounting the details and just trying to comprehend the trauma that Shiaka must feel so often. Hell, during my fourth period, Psychology, I couldn’t help but use what little I knew about the subject from a few months of class to try and examine Shiaka’s mental state. I mean, using Erik Erikson’s stages of Psychological development, I’d say that she more or less failed to get every virtue she should have gotten within the first decade of her life. Fuck, the fact that she even is somewhat functional amongst society, and never seriously thought about suicide or anything of the sort, it’s nothing short of amazing to me. She is such a strong and brave young woman and… just thinking about all the hardships she’s been through bums me out.

I’ll just move along and say that Psychology was uneventful. I knew what was being talked about, so I just scribbled down some notes and looked at the teacher while pondering Shiaka’s past in much the same manners as I described. Fifth period was my lunch period, and I quickly made my way through the hallways of people who towered over me and to room number 1337. Yes, really. It’s just the numbering scheme our school has, I guess.

The reason why we go there is that none of us like the lunch room, at all. It is a pretty terrible place as you have about two hundred kids talking to each other in a really big room. As for why we are allowed to go there unsupervised, Maxxie is buddy-bud with the teacher who normally uses this room, and they’re cool with us four police kids hanging out in this room when it’s normally empty.

I slyly opened the door to room 1337 and was met with a familiar lunchtime conversation between Maxxie(J), Zoe(M), and Shiaka(Z). It was something I had grown accustomed to, but there was still a sense of surreality to hearing my friends speak with another’s voice and occupy another’s bodies, while still retaining their usual mannerisms. I mean, as if it wasn’t freaky enough that I was in Shiaka’s original body, and somebody else was in mine, using my voice and flailing about my arms.

“Nah, I don’t feel winded or anything, I’m just a bit upset at how… meh I feel. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t expect Jady-poo’s bod to be a ten on ten, but… I just really like the idea of working my ass off and then rubbing one out.” Maxxie(J) said, continuing long after I had walked behind her.

“Were you seriously going to masturbate in the little boy’s room?” I asked Maxxie, sounding more innocent and shaky than I intended.

“I would have asked for your permission first, and I’d be secretive about it, using one of the little veggie baggies you bring with for lunch as a semen receptacle. I mean, that’s what I used for the first couple faps.” Maxxie(J) replied, not even phased by my presence.

“Wait, are boys supposed to masturbate in little plastic bags? I thought they used lotion to hide away the… stuff and then clean it with tissues.” Shiaka(Z) asked, visually regretting her choice of words.

“If we are starting this conversation with such a lowly subject matter, how often do you masturbate, Maxxie?” Zoe(M) asked, abandoning his impersonation as nobody ever bothered us in this room.

“Um… hehehe, didn’t we go over this before?” Maxxie(J) asked with a giggle.

“I mean, I don’t have a schedule, but I do it a couple of times a week, maybe a couple times every day if I’m in a mood. It depends on what I feel like then and there and if I wanna fap then what do I fap to? It could be dudes, ladies, futanari, anthros, banging, fapping, transformation, or sometimes no nudes at all. I am an equal opportunity smut consumer and peddler. ‘Cept for bindings, pee, poop, farts, squid tits, spiders, red candle wax, binder clips, and rape, in general. They’re all kinda wack, so I uncheck those boxes. And in case you’re worried by this answer, I’ve gone on a couple of dry seasons. It’s refreshing to get away from it all, and it feels real nice to return to the fap factory. So, any of you fellas have half as much to say about your masturbation times?” Maxxie(J) answered, tossing the question back at us.

“Over the course of four years, I’ve done it about five times.” I answered, stretching three and a half years to four.

“Once. I made a mess when I was twelve and… that was about it.” Shiaka(Z) responded, keeping the details sparse while still answering the question.

“I have had—” Zoe(M) began before being interrupted.

“No, no, no, add in some of your, trademark, Maxxisaurus Omega Flare. C’mon, you do me super well! Let yourself loose, you silly goose!” Maxxie(J) instructed Zoe(M)

“My history of fap-it-tude is un-four-chan-eight-lee super tiny. I only ever got meself a single ejaculate and that was just my dumb brain being a dumb idiot and deciding to have my schlong go squirt while taking a sleep. These hands have never been consumed by the thing that there brobble said was sin for some stupid raisin.” Zoe(M) answered, going along with the bit.

“Nice! You fall down that well quite well, just be sure to keep a rope with you or else you will be stuck there until a pillar man falls in and dies or a flood brings you to a water-some grave of cold algies.” Maxxie(J) replied, offering a deluge of Maxxie-isms.

“With that wave, how about we wash away this train wreck of a conversation and talk about our days, okay?” I said, taking reign of the conversation.

“Okie doke! So, yeah, I do miss my energy from the mystical drink of morning delight, but beyond that, I think this is going pretty alrighty. Alrighty? Is that even a word? Whatever, I still like the body stuffs I talked about the other day. The boosted height and trim waistline inspire a new kind of sexy in my mind, I can jog a couple laps with relative ease, and boners still hold onto their novelty. But while I would love to dress in some nice tight cloth-stuffs, I have to keep on a mask. It’s keen like a dancing bean, but honestly I can think of people I would like to impersonate way more than you, Jad. I love ya, but your day to day is sorta dull, as I gotta keep up a serious face. Even when I’m doodling up some dongs” Maxxie(J) explained to me as she played with her current body’s skinny fingers.

“Wowzers, that there was awfully punctual all things considered, but I guess you are taking the boring route with a familiar bod,” Zoe(M) began, preparing to go on a tirade about his new body.

“As for me, also experiencing a new kind of sexy, I think it’s good, nice, cool, tight, great, radical, awesome, extreme, and all those other words Sonic Adventure 2 gave you when you styled on some fools. I feel like I can really do whatever I feel like, and don’t need to keep up much of an appearance, you know, let my hair down, which transitions well to part B.” Zoe(M) said, doing a solid imitation of Maxxie

“I was Shiaka for a while yesterday, which was weird as I was hella-bella short, but I was super curious about the differences biological, and how I began viewing myself, my mind adjusting to proportions, and even feeling a variation of phantom pain where my mental image of my body and my actual body were two very different things. I kept thinking that everything got bigger when I’m smaller, and I am still surprised whenever I see my sexy brown hands enter my optics. I actually got caught checking myself out by Anita Neukar, who just gave me a queer look in return.” Zoe(M) continued.

“Oh my goodness, then there is the delightful feeling of this massive surge of energy coursing through my veins. I know you like to claim it’s because of that Charm Tea of yours, Maxxie, but this does stem far deeper. I lack much evidence to prove it, but I do believe that your body produces more energy from what it takes in than a normal person. With this amount of adrenaline coursing through my person, I feel as if I could take on the world, crush all who oppose me and build the empire that I have been dreaming of for a decade plus… Just kidding, hehe.” Zoe(M) concluded, ending his explanation by bonking himself on his head with a light tap, winking, and poking out his tongue.

“Um, if we are following a pattern, I guess I should go next,” Shiaka(Z) muttered. “I am very much not comfortable in your body, Zoe. I feel so big, so strong, so tall that it feels strange doing just about anything. I try to open a door and feel like I’m about to yank it off. I walk through the halls and look over everybody, even the teachers and most male athletes. This all feels like a big, weird dream that I am not waking up from, and I… kinda want to.”

“Ah, Shit Shi-Shi, I never thought that you would be that uncomfortable in Zoe.” Maxxie(J) muttered, likely unaware of the innuendo she just made.

“No, no. I agreed to this, and I guess it is nice to know these things.” Shiaka(Z) meekly replied, looking toward the floor.

“We could switch back, you know. We already experienced what a large chunk of one another’s daily life is, and have gathered enough information for a more structured discussion on a later date.” Zoe(M) explained, wanting to make sure his friend was comfortable.

“I… I can do this. I— I simply needed to vent to someone about my frustrations and uncertainties. Now that my grievances have been aired, you do not need to worry about me.

You don’t need to worry about me so much.” Shiaka(Z) said, ending her sentence with a Zoe impersonation.

“I, um… moving on,” I began, desperate for a transition, “the one thing that got to me was just how short I was. I know I’ve been this short in the past, but it’s been so long, and the last time I was Shiaka’s height, that was back in middle school, when there weren’t these 6 foot tall giants roaming the halls, towering over me as I tried making my way to class. It’s all so bizarre… wouldn’t you agree, Zoe?

“Oh, absolutely. The length of my limbs, the size of the world, it all vaguely reminded me of my childhood, but it was a sharp contrast to my usual perception of the world.” Zoe added, his serious and straightforward wording clashing with what he said just moments ago.

“I also feel very dainty and… weak. I know that you’re not really into the idea of developing much body mass, Shiaka, but it is a bit of a jump going to a body that is so easily fatigued. While there is some joy to being so small and light, your… physique made Strength and Conditioning far more tiring than it ever has been for me.” I explained, trying to add to the conversation as much as I could.

“Sorry, I only chose the class because I, um, did not like the whole team element in other P.E. classes.” Shiaka explained, picking up the wrong thing from my description.

“Oh, no, Shiaka, I know that, we know that, it’s— it’s just an observation from when I was trying to work out in your body,” I frantically explained.

“So, did you pee?” Maxxie(J) asked… everybody, I guess.

We all answered with some variation of no, causing Maxxie(J) to shake her head while going tsk-tsk.

“Well then, I say we should remedy that, and, you know, maybe we can even try—.” Maxxie(J) declared while instilling a level of dread within myself.

“Hahaha, no. We are not masturbating in a school restroom, Maxxie,” Zoe(M) replied with a stern tone.

Maxxie claimed that she was just joking, and then more or less dragged the four of us to the nearby restrooms. I already talked about what it felt like peeing as Maxxie, it was pretty much no different in this body. Well, except for how I was now worried about falling through the toilet seat and realized that Maxxie’s original body has a far larger pair of hips and rear than Shiaka’s original body does. Zoe(M) and I simply did our business and were largely underwhelmed by the sensation of urine coming out of a different hole. Maxxie(J), and Shiaka(Z) took a bit longer, oddly enough, with Shiaka(Z) having a look of horror plastered on her face as she left the boy’s restroom. I looked over here to figure out what was wrong when I noticed Shiaka(Z)’s sizable hard-on pressing against her pants.

“Yeah, she didn’t even pee like a man, she went sitting down. C’mon, don’t waste opportunities like this.” Maxxie(J) explained for the two of us.

“I didn’t want to make a mess, so I sat down, but… it didn’t go. I began poking it and… it got bigger. It hasn’t gone down yet…” Shiaka(Z) whispered to us while trying to hide, but only agitating, her unwanted erection.

We then quickly made our way back to Classroom 1337, where Maxxie regaled us with an idea she thought up, the Crotchal Scooper. An ice cream scooper that could be used to replace genitalia. That led to a monster of a lunchtime conversation involving futanari fetishists, the appeal of male pregnancy fetishes, the logistics of pushing a child out of one’s penis, and the ‘null sexers’.

…You have this really smug look on your face, Verde.

Oh, I know. I’m just pleased with my decision.

Your decision to do what?

Explanations will come at a later time, but for now, I am very pleased that I chose to conduct this experiment. So thank you.

Um… no problem?

Oh, so is that the new way of saying you’re welcome?

I… I really do hate that phrase, as I do not get why it exists other than expressing that you acknowledged that somebody thanked you. I normally just say no problem instead, but that has this snarky undercurrent to it as well, which I guess is better than the alternative but— ugh, English is such a stupid language… Actually, where you the-

Oh, I did not create English, it was in existence before I gained my abilities, and I simply had an innate fondness for the language, as i is my native tongue.

…I take it the question that popped into my head will also be answered at the end of this whole thing, right?

Most certainly Mx Novus.


It is a gender neutral version of miss and mister.

Oh… and why did you use it to address me?

I felt like it, simple as that.

…You’re lucky you’re cute, you know that?

*Puffs cheeks*

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