Verde’s Doohickey – Session 15

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexual themes and strong language. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Verde’s Doohickey
Session 15: Maxxie Mit Melancholy

Due to the fact that a period only lasts forty-two minutes and we were preoccupied with gabbing off and eating food, I was unable to voice my own concerns and worries to my friends, and get them off my chest. I technically could have, but after Terra(S) yanked the tragedy level so goldarn hard, my concerns were barely worth noting, or at least that’s what I told myself as I prepared for the final half of a fairly pointless school day.

With that in mind, I still tried to pay attention in Consumer Education, or at least as much as I felt I could with Zoe(J) sitting right next to me. For some reason, I was intrigued by how he behaved while in my body. He possessed a level of composure and dignity with even his default sitting stance, the way he focused on the screen, watching the second half of the video I saw the other day, and very diligently took notes that imitated mine, but were far more detailed and looked better than my usual scribbles.

It was almost like looking at an idealized version of myself while being inside of the body of somebody far more talented than I was, and someone whose modesty shorts I was displaying. I tried to rationalize my mistake with claims that I almost always keep my legs together even when wearing pants, and this was just some sort of fluke, but it did not change the fact that I made such a boneheaded move.

With my confidence diminishing and spirits subterranean, I made my way to the IRC for my seventh period and first study hall of the day. A time where I would hopefully be able to disassociate myself from reality and deal with some of the issues that were roaming through my head. But instead I ran into a positively groan-worthy individual.

Standing a few inches shorter than myself at 1.6 meters tall, with 90 kilograms under his belt by age 19, it was the one super senior I knew of at this school, Yuccot Kikansky. His dirty blonde hair standing a centimeter and a half out of his skull, acne scars covering the sides of his face, and an uncustomized winter uniform having already been stained with sweat and the funk that came with it. Yuccot scowled as he waddled up to me, causing me to let out an irritated sigh, knowing that I would need to humor this man with the best Maxxie impression I could muster in my disgruntled state of mind.

“What is it I can trouble you for, Y-K?” I asked, assuming a dry but energetic tone.

“So, I was walking past the art room and saw that poster you made.” Yuccot said, ignoring my greeting.

“Oh, you mean my K.O. Beast art?” I returned, trying to keep the conversation civil.

“I can’t believe they let you put up your weeb-ass furry fan art you prolly came all over.” Yuccot replied with the care and subtlety of a Hippo taking a dump.

“Um, wowzers, a couple of problems with what you just said. Deflection numbero eins, ‘tis a Japanese anime series that I have the rights to and as such it has Japanese influences in regards to how it is drawn, really should not be that surprising. Plus, while it is only a little bit, I am part Japanese, kay? Deflection zwei, seeing as how I have the rights to it, that means it is not fan art, and while official art may not be the right term, it is pretty dang legit. Deflection drei, no, it’s dumb to ejaculate over your own arts, it would get stained and smell after a while.” I explained, trying to stay animated when deep down I wanted to walk away and avoid this stinky man.

“Puh-lease, I know you’re into weird-ass sex shit—” Yuccot droned on, like he had some sort of moral or intellectual high ground.

“It’s called pansexuality, it means I am equal opportunity when it comes to the type of person I find to be sexy. Men, women, T-Girls, T-Boys, femboys, butch girls, Intersexers, Futas, whatever, IDGAF and so such humbuggers.” I said, trying to be as lax as I could in this situation.

“Oh, so you fuck kids?” Yuccot asked, misinterpreting my words.

“…No, that is ultimately wrong. If you’re into Shotacon and Lolicon, I’m cool with that. But child pornography is über destructive, and I want no part in it.” I explained to Yuccot, making a mistake by using second-person pronouns.

Yuccot, instead of maintaining a conversation, responded to my unintended insinuation that he was into Shotacon and Lolicon by flinging up the table, very limply might I add, and then shouted at me. The vile words he used are ones I honestly hope will be depowered to the point where they are effectively meaningless, but they still struck a chord with me and left me more than a little… shocked by what Yuccot said. He was thankfully escorted out of the library by a hen-ish librarian who pulled him by his ear as he insulted her, not knowing when to stop and accept his inevitable suspensions.

Frazzled from that event, I simply sat there, immersed in my own thoughts, before I felt someone tap my shoulder. I quickly turned around in my chair and was face to face with somebody who, much like Vivi Gaimz and Anita Neukar, I knew, but would not say they were my friend. His name is Gem Stone, an odd name for sure, but he was sort of an odd guy. Very relaxed and easygoing, always nice to people, in some cases a bit uncomfortably so, but something about him always seemed… off.

Anyhow, in regards to proportions, being 1.88 meters tall and weighing 76 Kilograms, I’d say he resembled Zoe in regards to his basic body type. He was a bit less fit, but still had an allure to him, which was helped by how he had a pretty Hispanic boy with cute face and a well kept little curly head of hair that I’ve seen many people touch over the three and a half years I’ve known of him. He was also dressed in the standard winter uniform, which consisted of an indigo shirt and some dark pants. 

“You doing alright, Maxxisaurus?” Gem asked me as he sat down next to me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Um, yes, I just wasn’t expecting him to explode like that,” I said, chuckling while also glaring at Gem’s hand, which was playing with my shoulder-length black hair.

“I think he’s just misunderstood. He needs to be honest with himself and try to face his problems instead of giving way to bad habits.” Gem said, looking away from me and speaking with a slight lisp.

“Has, um, has he ever lost it and yelled at you?” I asked, dreading what sort of insults that Yuccot could whip up for a young Hispanic man like Gem.

“Yes. I hit him in Freshman year and was sent to the principal’s office. It was the third day of school and I was really scared.” Gem replied as he puffed out his cheeks.

“Oh, did you get in trouble for that?” I asked once more, wondering if Gem’s Individual Education Plan would protect him from a provoked outburst like that.

“Nope! I was sent to see the school social worker. I don’t know if you met her. She’s a really nice lady.” Gem told me with a great big smile on his face.

“I met her once, but the school decided I didn’t need to see a social worker or any of that shaz,” I answered, vaguely remembering something Maxxie told me three years ago.

“Erm, anyways, thanks for coming to see me after Yuccot… did his thing, I appreciate it.” I said nervously complimenting Gem as he continued to play with my hair.

“Aw, no problemo, Maxxisaurus! That’s what friend are for.” Gem said as he leaned in to hug me.

As he clenched me in a hug that was a teensy bit too tight… my heart went doki-doki and I felt myself blush as we embraced each other. His strong arms were comforting and I momentarily lost myself as I shoved my nose into his hair, which smelled of berries. As I did so, my subconscious had stripped him, and the imagery of his naked body conjured a warm and cozy feeling within my lower body. It was an… unwelcome thought that caused me to unconsciously push Gem away and nudge out of his impromptu hug.

“Agh— I, sorry about that Gem, it’s just that, I— I really was not expecting that.” I shakily said, forgetting who I was supposed to be impersonating for a few seconds.

“Oh, right, my bad. I’m real sorry Maxxisaurus. I was told I should not give people hugs without asking, but I thought you could use one.” Gem said with his lower lip drooping, clearly regretting his actions.

“Um, no, no, I just— it was unexpected, as I said. If you asked me for a hug instead of being so, erm, spontaneous, then that’s a different story, you delightful little… dear.” I nervously expelled from my borrowed lips as I stumbled for what to say.

I did not dare stay to continue the conversation, and quickly excused myself, heading into the little girl’s room as I wanted to escape any further awkwardness. And I also needed to pee. I should have gone during lunch, but I didn’t. 

Upon doing my business I remained in the stall, where I spent the majority of the period asking myself questions about the sexuality of the body and of the mind, trying to rationalize that it was natural for me to feel these things, and I was not in any way wrong for having such reactions to people like Gem. Still, when thinking about just about anybody I knew, imagining them stripping and showing their naked bodies, I could not help but feel a sense of arousal mixed in with my initial fear and distaste with this sort of thing. This wasn’t anything new, as I have pondered my aversion towards sex and nudity frequently over the past few years, but my continued inability to come to a decisive conclusion on this only added another layer onto my cake of despair.

Eventually, the bell rang, I was called to leave the bathroom— restroom. Guh, I hate how often I get those two things flipped around! Why do they even let you call it the bathroom once you start attending school? There are no bathrooms at school, but they always are called the bathrooms in casual conversation, even though they aren’t! …Um, anyhow, upon hearing the eighth-period bell I left for my final class of the day, that of Adventure Education. A spin-off of your standard P.E. class that focuses on teamwork and group activities over sports or exercise. Activities vary day by day, but today was rock climbing, where a group holds onto a person as they climb to the top, while members rotate their roles. But, I did not know anybody there. Okay, Gem was in this class, but he was on another team, and I had to convince myself not to look at his cute butt… That man possesses a fine Heiny, okay? …I am just arguing with myself at this point.

Anyways, I tried climbing, was reminded that Maxxie lacks the upper body strength I’ve grown used to, wound up fumbling my way to the top, flipping up my P.E. uniform shirt, and probably made an ass of myself while being surrounded by talkative people who seemed willing to start up a conversation with me, but I was having none of that. The entire period is a blur for me, one rife with noise, confusion, and general unrest as I felt completely out of my element. Thankfully, the period did not last forever, and before too long I was called to strip Maxxie’s body once more, and finally permitted to venture to the ninth and final period of the day, yet another study hall.

I made my way to the IRC before heading out to Maxxie’s locker, grabbed her stuff, put her books away, and moseyed my way back to room 1337. Where I walked in on Terra(S) and Zoe(J), who were already having a conversation of their own.

“—You were placed in a foreign environment that provided far more stimulation than you are accustomed to. It is natural that you would find it unnerving, especially when considering that you are in a foreign body at the moment.” Zoe(J) calmly explained to Terra(S)

“Wait, erm, foreign?” Terra(S) asked, likely thinking of the other meaning of the word.

“It is not one you are accustomed to or are familiar with. As such it is foreign to you— perhaps not after a full day, however.” Zoe(J) continued to muse, letting some of his stray thoughts slip out as per usual.

“Well, I’m sorry for my… hissy fit earlier today. I was just—” Terra(S) said, almost squeaking with Shiaka’s already high pitched and soft original voice.

“Terra, it is perfectly understandable. Quite frankly, I am surprised that Maxxie, Jad, and I have all been adapting to this so well,” Zoe(J) admitted.

“I really do feel that this was actually helpful, and while this, um, being Shiaka thing is a bit weird, I know… I know that I can become who I truly want to be. I’m starting early enough for all of my dreams to become realities and my fantasies to become non-fiction. I will tell my parents when they are back this Thursday, and I will start my transition before the year’s end!” Terra(S) said with the utmost confidence to Zoe(J).

Hearing Terra(S) speak with such enthusiasm was heartwarming to an extent, considering how shy and timid they have always been, but her confidence and conviction were things I immediately began comparing myself against. Within a matter of hours, she was an emotional mess, but now she was brimming with hope, while I had just spent the entire day moping about, feeling like a complete piece of waste, wallowing in my own piteous pile of despair. It made me not even want to begin conversing with the two of them, and as their conversation reached a standstill, I think they realized that something was up with me.

“Jad, are you feeling alright?” Zoe(J) questioned.

“I… I feel as if this whole experience was pretty eye-opening for me. I learned a lot about myself, I feel, and… I’ll be sure to have a nice, long report written for you to come tomorrow, don’t worry about that. In fact, I’d like to get started on that right now.” I told Zoe(J), trying to mask my bitterness with a chipper tone.

I then went over to a nearby computer in this room to begin writing that report on my time as my best friends, my only friends, while Zoe(J) helped Terra(S) Google up a therapist who specializes in transgender issues. From what I heard, their search was fruitful.

Before too much time had passed, the door to room 1337 slammed open and heard a familiar tone spoken in a familiar voice.

“Alrighty everybody, I’d say it’s time to get going!” Maxxie(Z) said as she wandered into the room, already wearing her coat.

“…I trust you were let out early?” Zoe(J) asked, concerned about his perfect attendance record being squandered.

“Yeah dude, I don’t play hooky or anything like that. I may be a bit of a punk, but I ain’t reppin’ that thuggery. So, if none of you lot have any objections, let’s get geared up and blow this soda stand!” Maxxie(Z) said, clearly tired of her day in Zoe’s original body.

With that, we all gathered what we needed for the five days off, put on our coats, and promptly walked right out of the front entrance, wishing the security guards an enjoyable break. Yeah, they didn’t really care, we weren’t ne’er-do-wells or anything like that, so it’s not like they worried that honor roll students like us left early.

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