Natalie Neumann’s Novels

In addition to writing about video games, I also write novels for my own amusement, and have been writing stories for about as long I’ve been doing dog and pony nonsense about video games.  If any of these descriptions catch your fancy, check them out and let me know what you think.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn: The tale of a troubled and disturbed individual who kills himself and is reborn as a god with the ability to bring whatever his imagination holds to life.  It is a tale of abuse, self-fulfillment, self-loathing, and bizarre happenings the likes of which border on begin complete and utter nonsense. It is also a condensed retelling of a series of novellas I wrote when I was a teenager, reframed and reformatted around a larger narrative depicting the ascension, transformation, and degeneration of an abused child who wanted nothing more than a normal quiet life.

Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale QuinlanAbigale Quinlan awakens from a 7-year-long coma to find the world destroyed and her god-like abilities stolen from her.  Desperate to return things to normal, and regain her lost powers, she must travel across the land, searching for her children in a filicidal murderous quest to regain that which was stolen from her, aided by her companions Zedaki and Jack Crowbar.

Maple Loves Senpai: A love story in the loosest sense, Maple Loves Senpai is the tale of an unremarkable Japanese high school girl, Meipuru Tsuri, who fuses with her would be lover, and discovers she has the ability to absorb other people, and alter her body accordingly.  Hi-jinks, murder, pseudo-eroticism, and the appropriation of cultural archetypes ensue in this eccentric and lighthearted romp.  Note: I am currently planning on revising this novella.

The Malice of Abigale Quinlan:  The sequel to Verde’s Doohickey!  Jad Novus’ body was stolen by the malicious miscreant Abigale Quinlan, leaving him a thousand miles away from home.  Jad wakes up in his new form only to discover that his name is now infamous with murder, and his life as he knows it is over.  Jad must return home, clear his name, convince others who he is, and learn the secrets that come with his new body.  Join him in this perverse dark drama dripping with danger, determination, despair, pseudo-perverted shenanigans, dread, and the antics of a sassy artificial intelligence named Peatrice.

Verde’s Doohickey:  Jad Novus and his friends are lucky enough to receive a mysterious body switching device from an enigmatic individual known as Verde Dusk.  With this incredible power at their disposal, they set off an a low key adventure about friendship, anxiety, the alteration and rewriting of reality, and other miscellaneous teenage shenanigans.