Press-Switch is a freeware Ren’py visual novel that follows an innocuous high school boy by the name of Calvin Hintre, whose life changes dramatically when he finds finds himself in possession of a device known as the DSM. An enigmatic doohickey capable of body swapping, mind control, transformation, possession, gender bending, and more. This naturally opens up a vast array of opportunities to Calvin, allowing him to turn his relatively humdrum life into something far more exciting… and potentially devastating. From an initial starting point, the title lays the groundwork for a vast array of different stories and possibilities that are being periodically built upon by the game’s sole developer, who goes by the handle of Skiegh. The game is available to download here.

The first public build of Press-Switch was released amidst the TFGamesSite forums in 2012 as an ambitious little visual novel that took assets from eroge game developer Bishop, a grab bag of music from other Visual Novels, and refenagled them into an entirely original entity that centered around an assorted cast. Over the years, and through periodic updates, the title gained a cult following that became very pronounced in 2014 with the release of Version 0.3b. However, following the release of that build, Skiegh ran into assorted creative issues, largely attributed to his fixation on a single route, limiting his motivation and drive to continue development, thus leading many disgruntled fans to make their own visual novel known as Student Transfer, and an 8 month long development hiatus.

Then, on October 10th, 2017, over 3 years after the last update, Skiegh released Version 0.4a, which delivered a great deal of new content, characters, and general zaniness. Having the latest complete though, Skiegh reassessed where the game was and where it was going, eventually deciding that due to inconsistencies and issues they have with much of the game’s minutes, and its programming issues, that they would restart development with Version 0.5a, which released on March 7th, 2018. This new build and revised continuity have been iterated upon in each successive update, and progress on the game has become consistent since then, with a new build coming out approximately twice a year.

Each of these updates have been very structured, and further showcased Skiegh’s intentions to be less of a choose-your-own adventure style affair like its sister title, Student Transfer. Instead, it is based on wherever unique narratives Skiegh come up with for this game’s massive cast of characters, and what they want to explore with the given subject matter.

I started reviewing this game with the release of Version 0.5a, as I was foolish back in 2014 and 2017, and assumed the game would be fixed up and improved in a larger update, when it wasn’t. Due to how the earlier releases (v0.3b and v0.4a) have been retconned, I do not have any intention of covering them. Though I do recommend playing them to get the ‘full Press-Switch experience’ that I reference in many of these reviews. Download links to these earlier builds are available at the end of this page.

Version 0.5c Review
Version 0.5b Review
Version 0.5a Review

In addition to reviewing each iteration of this project, I have also become its go-to “Flowchart Girl,” creating elaborate flowcharts meant to guide players through this game because, oh boy, it gets messy at points. My apologies if some of them are a bit messy (especially the earlier ones), and if you find any errors in any of these flowcharts, please notify me.

Version 0.5c Flowchart
Version 0.5b Flowchart
Version 0.5a Flowchart
Version 0.4a Flowchart
Version 0.3b Night Flowchart
Version 0.3b Day Flowchart

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