Student Transfer

Student Transfer is a community developed freeware Ren’py visual novel that centers around TG, body swapping, mind control, transformation, possession, and more.  The game itself takes the form of a large scale choose your own adventure style visual novel that follows John Davis, a fairly unremarkable high school student whose ordinary life becomes extraordinary on one fateful night when he either receives an incredibly powerful alien remote as a consolation gift after being probed by some aliens, or an ancient spellbook written by his ancestors.  From that initial decision, the game opens up into a sprawling web of storylines, routes, and choices, boasting an expansive and colorful cast of characters to interact with.  The game is available to download here.

Work on Student Transfer began in 2015, where it was heavily inspired by a similar game by the name of Press-Switch, another freeware visual novel centered around TG, body swapping, mind control, transformation, possession, and more.  Over the following years, the project has developed substantially, increasing its scope, quality, and sheer breadth of content, all thanks to an assortment of writers, editors, and creators who have breathed life into this project.  With the current version of the project, in my opinion, being something far more expansive and developed than many other commercial VNs on the market.  The title is associated with the niche community of TFGamesSite, where the bulk of its fanbase resides, updates are posted, and fan created side content, known as Scenarios, are primarily posted.

The bulk of visual assets used in the project come from Japanese commercial visual novels, primarily those from the developer CandySoft, but many of them have been edited over the years to be more uniform and better fit the needs of the developers.  While the soundtrack largely consists of the royalty-free offerings of Kevin Macleod.

I, Natalie Neumann, am not a developer or contributor for Student Transfer.  I am simply a fan who has been following this project since its inception and has received a plethora of traffic following my reviews of each new release of Student Transfer, which typically has an update released on an annual basis.  I also cover various fan-created Scenarios on occasion, and boy howdy there are some really good ones out there.

Scenario Reviews – Part 4
Scenario Reviews – Part 3
Scenario Reviews – Part 2
Scenario Reviews – Part 1
Version 4.2 Review
Version 3.0 Review
Version 2.0 Review
Version 1.4 Review

In addition to reviewing each iteration of this project, I have also become its go-to “Flowchart Girl,” creating elaborate flowcharts meant to guide players through this game because, oh boy, it gets messy at points.  Due to the scope of this game and the number of options available, I have split up the flowcharts between the “Magic” and “Device” routes. In addition to the flowcharts for the base game, I have also made several flowcharts for fan-made Scenarios.  My apologies if some of them are a bit elaborate (I tried my best), and if you find any errors in any of these flowcharts, please notify me.

Version 4.X Device Flowchart
Version 4.X Magic Flowchart
Version 3.X Device Flowchart
Version 3.X Magic Flowchart
Version 2.X Device Flowchart
Version 2.X Magic Flowchart
Version 1.X Device Flowchart
Version 1.X Magic Flowchart

Scenario Flowcharts:
Always Get the Warranty
Body Thief
Carrie The Stalker
Christmas in ST
Connie Offshoot
Dream Girl
Escape the Manor
Help Me Be Happy
Helping Zoey
John, Interrupted
Library Antics
Mirror, Mirror
Never v2
Osmosis: The Story of a Mistake
Playing with the Devil
Priestess of Chronos
Remote Possibilities
Strange Sunday
The Festival
The Ghost of Jack Mallory
The Gift of Switching
The Heaven We Were Promised
The K-Files
When Worlds Collide
Wishful Thinking
Yui Spellbook

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