Metro 2033 Redux Review

20160923194028_1This game has been sitting in my “games to review” queue for quite a while now, and I’m not really sure why.  True, I was not the biggest fan of Metro: Last Light, but I do have fond memories of playing the original Metro 2033 years ago and a remastering like this would ideally improve whatever shortcomings that game had.  Ideally, but in trying to fix a few things, it turned what I recalled as being a delightful little experience into a far more annoying one. Continue reading

Metro: Last Light Review

Metro-Last-Light1Funny story about how I got Metro: Last Light.  I was just getting into the PC gaming in July when I was directed a link to snag the game for a penny… legally.  The reasoning was that there was some error on Best Buy’s part and I managed to get the game before it was fixed.  Why did it take me so long to get around to seeing as how I really liked the 2033rd?  Well, I wanted to play the game in ranger mode, waited until it was on sale, played it, and realized that ranger mode was pretty terrible due to how it is impossible to know how much ammo you have.  Backstory handled, so let’s talk the twenty-thirty-four! Continue reading