Rundown (7/08-7/14) No Child Can Understand the Past

Something that I noticed as being common sentiment amongst a few burgeoning adults whom I follow for their work is the idea that children of the culture and modern day will be and are unable to understand aspects of the past.  Claiming that the idea of modern conveniences such as smartphones, the internet, and various services will be so ubiquitous with everyday life that they will be incapable of understanding an earlier era in human history. It is a notion that has always annoyed me, as it runs contrary to my experience as a young child, where I was able to understand the idea of a world without things like washing machines, electricity, and grocery stores from an early age.  It was not a full understanding, but I was able to imagine what that was like and gained some understanding. I mean, if there is one thing about children that you should not underestimate, it’s their imaginations.
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Rundown (12/11-12/17) Rundown 200: This Site Is Nothing but Trash

vlcsnap-2016-11-03-23h26m55s265So over the course of four years, I’ve done two hundred of these news rundowns as a way for me to project my thoughts on gaming news, because I generally enjoy doing so, as long as the games or new itself interests me in some way.  This does result in me not partaking in a lot of scandals, outrages, and general community focused things.  I do this because I don’t really see myself as an active member in such a community, and I view things like the Watch Dogs 2 vagina dilemma and No Man’s Sky fervor as topics that are best left handled by other people, as I often would just roll my eyes towards them.  Anyways, time to talk about some video game announcements. Continue reading

Rundown (11/20-11/26) Despair: Black Edition

vlcsnap-2016-11-19-13h51m38s078Well, this Black Friday sure sucked for me.  I wasn’t able to get the $100 New Nintendo 3DS because they were made available online before I thought they would be, and were quickly sold out because Nintendo of America loves undersuppling for some reason.  Square Enix also hosted a sale on their storefront, but the three games I initially wanted to buy for 70% off received a price hike by the time I tried purchasing them.  Though, the absolute worst thing is probably how very little news happened this past week on account of all of these sales, so this week’s rundown will be most brief. Continue reading

Rundown (10/18-10/24) The Super Sexual Anthropomorphized Doughnut BBW Fart Queen

0 Henneko Hey Sexy Boy There is a TOn of Poverty and destruction in the world Enjoy this pornSo, I didn’t pay much attention to it after its launch, it’s flaccid whimpering launch, but it was pretty obvious to everybody that something bad happened in the Bundie offices when this turkey was being baked.  So Kotaku, a site I visit so seldomly I do not know what the front page looks like, did a neat little piece on the development of the Destiny: Part 1 or Dest1ny if you are somebody who found out about 1337-speak in 2007, and still thinks it’s kinda cool…    Continue reading