Rundown (7/01-7/07) Natalie is Nuts

So, I recently did a log of all of the stories I wanted to write, coming up with the basic concepts, and telling myself that I should be able to put one out a year.  Or in other words, the thing I did back in 2015 before I had a change of plans, yet I am trying it again now, a mere 3 years later, and after I spent two years on a single novel.  It is because of this that I am utterly nuts, and to prove just how nuts I am, I made a simple little schedule of what I am going to try and write and when. It’ll only take me a decade or so to get through it…
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Rundown (6/15-6/18) E3 2016: But I Want More!

ev_1800Well now, E3 2016 is done, and… it actually went really well all things considered.  Sure, EA and Ubisoft didn’t offer much with their press conferences, and the PC gaming show was still a bust.  But a solid showing from Microsoft and a quality, well composed showing from Sony, and a super in-depth showcase of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild made for a pretty good now.  There were only a few major surprises, mostly due to a series of leaks, yet the number of things that annoyed me were at an all time low… which actually makes me really happy.   Continue reading