Rundown (2/19-2/25) Murder Your Family for Maximum Power

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captureYou know what? Griffith from Berserk only did three wrong things. One, care for Guts enough so that he was torn apart over his departure. Two, rape the princess and steal away the virginity that the king hoped to steal with his musky old penis. Three, let Guts and Casca live when he could have easily killed Guts and Casca was rendered mentally retarded due to all of the demon rape. Everything involving him sacrificing his army and family for more power? That was a rational and well formed decision. It could be that I forgot some things, as it has been 5 years since I read the manga in full, but I don’t believe anyone who says they would not kill their family when they are unable to so much as lift a spoon to their mouth. (more…)

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Rogue Legacy Review

2014-08-10_00001During the Steam summer sales, five eons ago at this point, I decided to pick up the oft masturbated towards Rogue Legacy and Risk of Rain. Two games of the roguelike genre, which I believed were games without purpose or any real progression, and instead prioritized repetition to obtaining a reward 90% of players can never hope to obtain, as the game is absurdly difficult. That was wrong after playing the the title mentioned in this post’s title, and I actually enjoyed it. Not that I can easily walk away without describing why I felt that feeling, so here’s my book report on a piece of entertainment software. (more…)

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