Natalie Rambles About 2020

Because 2020 is finally at an end, and good riddance!

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Rundown (12/06-12/12) Cyber Dump

Wherein I discuss the aesthetic failures of the hottest game of the moment, Nintendo being Nintendo, the return of the Metatron, and Mr. Keighley’s latest trailer festival.

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Rundown (1/12-1/18) Editing Nightmares

Wherein I discuss my novels, another sword boy joining the fray, an extremely enthusiastic electronic upset, another win for the master class, and the cruel captain of the S.S. Gamindustri

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Rundown (8/26-9/01) The Trans Everywhere System

Something I have noticed as of late is the bizarrely high number of people whose work I either follow or followed at some point in my life wound up being transgender.  Just going off the top of my head there are Lily Orchard, Jacob Hope Chapman, Tiffany Brockhoff, Kdin Jenzen, Momoka Truong, Katie Lynne Harder, a whole bunch of TG artists who have come and gone over the years, along with people like Laura Kate Dale and Uber Anne, whose I knew were trans when I started following their work.  It is all quite different compared to, say, 5 years ago, when I had next to no exposure to trans people beyond a few designated sites I checked. Because of this I struggled to come to terms that I was trans myself, and was only really inspired after seeing someone who I was following announce and begin their transition. Anyways, time for video game news!
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Rundown (6/12) E3 2018: Exhaustion and Exertion

Once more, the bulk of E3 news has been unveiled, and the press conferences have all come to a close.  Meaning I am left both exhausted and exerted, while still holding a feeling of immense excitement in my heart of hearts after the blitz of news that occurred over the past few days.  I would call it a bittersweet feeling, but after doing this for 6 years now, I know that is not the case.  It’s a sweet feeling.
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Rundown (6/10) E3 2018: Consumption Makes the Heart Grow Fuller

As is customary with celebrating an event such as this, it is important to acknowledge the futility of this event.  E3 is effectively one big commercial designed to hype up consumers in order to spur discussion and news about games, in order to help maximize potential revenue, in order to allow major AAA studios to continue existing.  It is very easy to view this whole affair cynically, pointing out the downsides of high expectations and how gaming is arguably most enjoyable when ignoring industry nonsense. But I cannot help but love the act of fervorous consumption all the same, as it is a very filling and pleasing experience that still serves as a good excuse to become excited in a world that… I’d rather not talk about right now.  Time for video games!
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Rundown (12/06-12/12) A Most Leaky Upset for All the Boys and Girls

0 TWGOK ToiletSo, my plans for building my new PC have fallen through yet again, and my confidence is somewhere down in a toilet, being eaten by rats, as opposed to living on the streets where kids throw rocks at it and call it gay.  Anyways, here’s a recap of happenings in the video game industry over the past week. Continue reading