Rundown (3/04-3/10) Stop Everything! Press-Switch is Out!

So, a new build of Press-Switch came out, utterly surprising me, and as is always the case with releases of this game, or its sister title Student Transfer, it shot straight up on my priority list.  Except this time I am actually going to review this latest build V0.5a, even though it is largely a revision that does not have most of the content, as, due to coding issues and a desire to change the introduction, the game needs to basically be remade.  That would be enough to dissuade me in most cases, but screw it, I’ve wanted to review this game for almost 4 bloody years, and I’m gonna do it! At least, after I put out this massive Rundown.
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OneShot Review

420530_20161216173504_1OneShot was originally developed as an RPG Maker 2003 title released in 2014, where it garnered a decent following as far as I can tell.  To the point where the creative team behind the game chose to remake and remaster their work for a retail release, complete with an updated game engine.  With that backstory out of the way, I should begin by stating that I consider myself to be friends with Eliza Velasquez, one of the developers of OneShot, and she graciously provided me with a code for that game.  I will try to be as impartial as can be with this review, but it’s best to disclose these sort of things right away. Continue reading

Rundown (1/24-1/30) Time Moves Forward, Nothing Changes

Laxy Nep by GebbyYeah, still not too happy with just about anything in my stupid little life…  Time to talk about the video game industry!  Also here’s the source for the header image.  The artist, Ge-B, is pretty fantastic, and you should check her out. Continue reading

Skyborn Review

tricky_skyborn_image1Have I made it known on this blog that I am pondering the possibilities of making a title in RPG Maker, which would include no MP, items, or said diversions and instead be a linear story based tale of the bizarre that will be narrated by a character I voice?  No, I don’t think so.  It is certainly a lofty goal, don’t get me wrong, but in preparation of even opening up the program, I decided to try out several RPG Maker made games that were not the, quite frankly wonderful, To The Moon.  Skyborn was one of the two I tried where I felt like it was worth playing, but I only saw it to the 10 hour mark and did not feel like investing another five… so here’s my justification as to why.

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