Rundown (1/29-2/04) Simple and Clean Is the Way

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So, I was directed to a three hour unscripted lecture on the story of Kingdom Hearts. I watched it, and am almost amazed at how much the story resembles the slew of fan fiction that it inspired. It is the most contrived and convoluted thing I have ever seen go on for this long, and I am convinced that Square Enix lacks any sort of narrative editors and that Tetsuya Nomura should never, ever, be put in charge with the story for anything ever again. Now all of that incomprehensibility is inside me, and it will never leave. Anyways, there’s a bunch of news this week for some reason, and now I need to talk about it. (more…)

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Rundown (6/15-6/21) The One After E3 & Before Psycho Shatter

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Nyarko Welcome to this crazy Time You Are Gonna Be fuck InsaneBefore beginning this post, which I rewrote three times for, I wanted to talk about a rumor that arouse about Smash Brothers before E3 2013. The anonymous tipster mentioned certain currently confirmed characters along with Shulk, Chrom, and Chorus Men from Rhythm Heaven, which sounds radical if I do say so myself. But no, Steam had to pull my leg and offer a Summer Sale… and a pretty lame one at that. Yes, the last one was how I entered the world of PC gaming, and oh boy, did I make out like a bandit back then. But now? Now I’ve got another eight games to play, even if I already beat Ducktales, which I’m not going to review until next week because… backlogs. Right now I’m playing Skyrim again, and oh boy is that game evil, broken, and ugly as sin. I’ve spent hours trying to get mods to work, but I cannot see if most of them actually did anything.


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Deus Ex Human Revolution Review

A part of me feels more than a little awkward for bringing up a game that is 15 months old, the right amount of time for the game to be forgotten, and not necessarily looked back on by most. However, part of the creation of this blog was to organize my thoughts on pretty much every game I currently own, something that I am bound to regret when I need to do some the lengthy RPGs I have lying around. But I had the DLC for this, and due to an odd decision plan, it was either this or Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, a sixty hour game. So, not even acknowledging the original Deus Ex, here’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, one of the more conflicting games I’ve played in recent memory.

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