Rundown (6/30-7/06) The Great Eoten Consumption

Over the past few weeks I decided to see what all the hubbub was about with Attack on Titan, and jumped into the manga, having previously watched the first season of the anime 6 years ago.  I found the series to substantially improve following the first few arcs. I enjoyed the way the story routinely shifts from a political thriller to a high octane visceral battle manga.  I was impressed by how the series managed to keep so many questions lingering, but gets to answering all of them eventually, and it answers them quite well. The art is detailed and distinctive the characters have some ingenuity to them, the writer clearly put a lot of forethought into the world building, and it’s overall quite riveting stuff.  So yes, the popular thing is good, I like it, and I’m looking forward to it ending… within the next year or so.
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Rundown (5/05-5/11) Ticking Troublesome Time Bomb

Over the past few years there have been a number of instances where individuals with a strong internet following have effectively ruined their self-made careers.  Through hateful comments, improper conduct, or general misuse of their platform, it is very easy for acclaim accumulated by individuals to be demolished in a matter of days, if not hours, and for their reputation to be effectively tainted by their misactions.  It’s something I am very well aware of, have been for years, and after seeing this process undergo so many iterations, it’s all too easy to view every creator, if not every human being, to be a ticking time bomb of troublesome activities. Or in other words, the longer anybody exists, the more likely it is that they will become racist, sexist, hateful, psychotic, or try to exchange pornographic images of themselves with children.
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Rundown (12/16-12/22) Friends Until It All Ends

The biggest most tangentially gaming related news for me this week would easily be the announced end of the Super Best Friends.  A group of three, formerly four, let’s players whose videos and podcast have been a part of my life for… about 6 years or so, providing bumbling playthroughs, endearing goofs, and general happiness for me and thousands of others.  While all three will continue to do their own thing, they will no longer be collaborating as they once were due to personal issues and, well, their friendship fading. It’s been a fun time following the miscellaneous nonsense attached to these scrublords over the years, but I suppose that all good things must end, and at least things ended reasonably here.  It’s better than Pat dying from scurvy, or the channel and the three slowly spiralling into a void of lackadaisical rambling nothingness, like some other people who I used to follow.
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Rundown (7/15-7/21) Cultural Apathy Rising!

Something that has become very obvious to me over the years is how disconnected I have become from various other aspects of “nerd culture” to the point where the only thing I follow is video games, occasionally catching wind of an anime, show, or film, while rarely ever partaking in any of those.  This was not a conscious decision, I simply just lost interest in many of these things and let them be as they were, focusing more on the few things I care deeply about, and trying to make time for them as I gradually gain more and more responsibilities. I bring this up mostly because it is Comic Con, and there is much fervor about various announcements, most of which I really couldn’t care less for.  Well, except for the trailer for the Invader Zim movie, which looks pretty cool.
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Rundown (3/19-3/25) Work Quantity is How Humans Should Be Judged

Over this past week, I’ve been working full time for the… well, I’ve worked full time before in my life, but this is the first time I spent my spring break doing it, and I have been far more strapped for time because of it.  How people can manage to get home at 18:00, do some housework and eating until 19:00 and get everything they want done before 23:00 while simultaneously unwinding from work is kind of beyond me.  But I guess I’ll just get used to it as, while some people can fight against the 40 hour work week, I’ll likely be in a profession where it approaches 50 during busier points of the year.  So yay for that. Continue reading

Rundown (3/12-3/18) A Galaxy of Probable Disappointment

So, Mass Effect: Andromeda is almost out, and the consensus from the people who played the game is far from positive.  Apparently the story indulges in many trite tropes and fails to feel distinct while the animations are somehow remarkably worse than the stiff animations Bioware used in their games over the course of the seventh generation, to the point where it is genuinely remarkable anybody thought some of this way okay.  I had high hopes for this game after going through the Mass Effect trilogy this past year, but from the sound of it, the game is not very good.  Though, considering how closed off the development has been, how the lead writer position for the game changed three times, and how many people left the company since the release of the last Mass Effect game, I guess I should not be too surprised.  Still, this is quite upsetting. Continue reading