Batman Arkham Asylum Review

angry_batman-wideSo, how do I follow up getting a new system? By reviewing three titles that are not only very multiplatform friendly, but I had already played previously. And this one is no different as am I here with another critically acclaimed game, but I went through it about three years ago and it was actually a title that helped spark my interest in reviewing as something about it just seemed off and the 16-year-old who would eventually call himself Electric Nigma didn’t know how. Yet I believe I do as of now, so I’m going to do it now… Also, I wanted to go through the game on PC, as I will with many others. (more…)

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Just Cause 2 Partway Review

JC2_heroI hope to not make it much of a habit to stop playing games at a certain point, but the idea of there being far too many good ones to bother playing something you view as a massive time sink that is not all that fun is greatly unattractive to me. Yet, that description and Just Cause 2 being combined still provokes something of an error in my mind, as I heard nothing but good things about it upon picking it up for enough money to buy a bag of chips. Yes, Steam sales are lovely.


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