Rundown (4/09-4/15) Q1 2017 Was the Best Quarter for Video Games

Recently, discussions have begun about how 2017 might just be one of the best years in video gaming, as the first quarter of the year was home to an excess of stellar titles.  However, I can’t help but find any of those claims to be a bit overly presumptuous, as the year is still beginning.  But if people were instead talking about how Q1 was the best quarter in the history of gaming, then that it both entirely justifiable, and those people are probably right considering the number of great games that came out in those 90 days.  The only one of which I played was Dragon Quest VIII…  Man, I am really disconnected from the cultural zeitgeist.   Continue reading

Rundown (8/28-9/03) Lust Is Just a Frustrating Justice

32So, I announced that I was going to release a revised version of one of my stories, Psycho Shatter, on September 11th.  Well, progress has been slower than anticipated, and it will actually not be done until September 15th of so.  I underestimated the workload, and want to make sure I am happy with the final product by editing it once more.  Sorry that my output on that front has been so lacking as of late. Continue reading

Rundown (6/15-6/18) E3 2016: But I Want More!

ev_1800Well now, E3 2016 is done, and… it actually went really well all things considered.  Sure, EA and Ubisoft didn’t offer much with their press conferences, and the PC gaming show was still a bust.  But a solid showing from Microsoft and a quality, well composed showing from Sony, and a super in-depth showcase of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild made for a pretty good now.  There were only a few major surprises, mostly due to a series of leaks, yet the number of things that annoyed me were at an all time low… which actually makes me really happy.   Continue reading