Rundown (7/28-8/03) Forgiveness

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There are few things that irk me more than the animosity expressed towards individuals for mistakes they made in the past when they acknowledge whatever bad, awful, or questionable thing they did, and offer an apology.  I am a person of very simple morals, believe that forgiveness should be granted to those who admit their faults and at the very least express a desire to reform their ways and become better people. It upsets me whenever I see people dismiss this notion, claim that an apology was not good enough, that some vague unrealistic action is needed to make amends, or insinuate that these individuals are tainted and deserve to be rejected by society.  Yet it happens regularly and, honestly, it makes me want to sever all ties and connections I have to anyone and anything, and immerse myself in isolation. But I won’t. I’ll still hold ties and biases because those things bring me happiness and a life devoid of happiness is a life hardly worth continuing.

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