Rundown (1/13-1/19) Fetishes Are the Sexuality of the Next Generation

Maybe this is because I delved into dark niches of the internet back during my formative years, but I often think about the sheer variety and volume of hyper-specific and obscure fetishes a person can have.  Not just vanilla stuff like feet, BBWs, certain ethnicities, or unique sexual positions though. I’m talking about stuff like transforming into cactuses, fart vore, vaginafication, and milking women like cows.  I am under the impression that a growing number of people are developing a fetish for the more weirder stuff as time goes on, either due to exposure at an impressionable point in their life, or a thirst for a new kind of sexy.  As fetish culture only grows in size, I think it will go to become as prominent as sexuality by the time the next generation starts taking over popular culture.
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Rundown (1/06-1/12) Destiny is Destiny and Destiny is Free!

While I have admittedly given the western AAA industry the cold shoulder of indifference and apathy this past generation, I have been, obviously, keeping an eye on it and one of the more interesting titles to come out of the industry this generation was Destiny.  A highly anticipated title that was met with a middling critical reception before strong arming the idea of live services into the popular consciousness and also popularizing the numbers driven “Looter Shooter” genre.  Following that, it’s development and expansion was just plain old bizarre with voice actors being replaced, the story being fragmented as all heck, a bunch of dirtbag monetization tactics that were introduced in its sequel, quality going up and down sporadically, and dozens of millions of units being sold, because of course they were.
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Rundown (8/14-8/20) We Are All the Gamindustri

20160706215444_1So, I managed to revise two of my most recent stories this week, and next week I am both ending a job and attending school at a big girl’s university.  Life is going to get hard and hectic, according to my mother who never attended university.  Though, I’m not worried about that.  I am sorta worried about getting out content regularly, but I think I should be able to publish 52 game reviews this year and finish up Psycho Bullet Festival 2: Bury My Children.  Oh, and publish a Rundown every Sunday.  Header image is by NSFW artist ModeSeven.  Continue reading