Rundown (10/7-10/13) Dreams of A Better Gacha

Lately the subject of Gacha games has been present on my mind, and how they are ultimately designed to manipulate people into spending large amounts of money on shiny husbandos, sexy doohickeys, and handsome waifus by tricking them into thinking that they can beat out the mathematical juggernaut known as probability.  So, I got to thinking what if a gacha game were either 100% free or a premium title rid of any microtransactions? It’s a fantasy that I find to be fairly easy to imagine, as from what I know of the bigger Gacha RPGs, there is a core gameplay loop to make the games entertaining, and all that would really need to be changed is to prevent events from being limited on a daily basis, remove the stamina system, rework the probability of drawing rare characters, and make currency easier to obtain.
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Rundown (6/24-6/30) It’s All My Fault!

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but when I encounter something in my day to day life, either at work or at home, and I have some level of involvement in the general going-ons, I typically associate all forms of bad things that occur as being, in some way, shape, or form, as being my fault.  This includes things I was completely unaware of, that I was not informed of, that I literally could not prevent, and ones that did not directly involve me. It is a sense of guilt and responsibility that is likely a mutation of some moral values I picked up as a child, and carried with me as a core component of my personality, which results in me stressing out at my part time job far more than I reasonably should, to the point that I sometimes cause myself stomach pains.  Anyways, time for video games!
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Rundown (3/30-4/05) Silence WORM! Imma Enjoy My Lonely Life

KLK You Must BE Really Lonely to do that you loner solo individualHey, I don’t know if I’ve made this abundantly clear or not, but I’ve written a novel that is available through this link for you to purchase off of Amazon for a dollar.  I know I am pushing this super hard, but I really do want to have 100 people read through this thing I’ve done, because I placed 11 months into the project and do not want it to go unnoticed.  Yet I’m still gonna be here talking about them video games and get people pissed off if they decide to comment… I’m cyber lonely. Continue reading