Rundown (2/18-2/24) Frustrations of Infinity!

Every now and again, I get the desire to play an older game that I really do not have the full capacity to play, and need to undergo several workarounds to get it working.  These games are almost exclusively PC games that are not being actively sold any more, and tend to be on the more obscure side.  Point is, I’m trying to play Never 7: The End of Infinity, but the original translation group took down all links, and I had to both find the files for this 18 year old game and get it running in English.  Which I did, but then I couldn’t get it to play music!
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Rundown (8/31-9/06) TGS Was About Two Hours Long

0 Watamote Yes Your Ass Stick is still a classic and this is totally awkwardWell, TGS happened and I only really found stuff of interest in Sony’s pre-conference, as Japan is all about those smartphone games, or distractions as most of them are.  Yes, yes, I suppose you could say that of all games, but phone games are made for brief distractions that do not leave any sort of impact other than using unsavory physiological manipulation into tricking people that they are having a good time…. how do I transition this into talking about how Aliens: Colonial Marines is still unravelling its story of lies and making Randy Pitchford look more like a scumbag?  By being lazy.  Yay! Continue reading