Magical Diary Review

670px-2,735,0,740-TitlesquareYou know what is a weird feeling I haven’t had in a long time?  Playing a game with no idea what it is aside from a few screenshots.  A fact that made Magical Diary the type of enigma found by people searching through PS2 bargain bins back in 2005.  I suppose it is a fact that many indies will now have, as I did not even pick this up as a sale, instead it was a stocking stuffer for Go! Go! Nippon when I picked it up for $2.00 on IndieGala through their lovely Monday bundle promotion they have going on… Or was this from a Humble Bundle?  Promotions aside, where does this game land?  I am probably not qualified because I only saw it through to the end when it has about thrice the content, but Imma gonna review it anyhow!  Oh, and I guess this is visual novel week, because I’m likely not going to be reviewing another all year, sadly enough. Continue reading