Rundown (8/19-8/25) Miscellaneous Ho-Humming

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So, earlier this week things more or less collided in my mind and I realized that I am doing quite well for someone my age and stature. I have a bachelor’s degree and am going for a master, I am a highly valued employee at my place of work. I have a steady stream of income coming in. I have a loving significant other and an incredibly supportive mother. And I am very much happy. Though, I still cannot help but view this site in a less pleasing manner, and I cannot help but feel indecisive about whether or not I should replace it, heavily rework things while removing old content, or just abandon this pursuit in general, because the things I write are read by very few people. I mean, if I picked the latter option I would have a lot of free time to spend working on my novels… which I do not think are read by anyone, period. Ho-hum.

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Rundown (10/01-10/07) My Dear’s Danganronpa Dilemma

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Over this past week I have been making my way through Danganronpa V3 while my significant other has been doing the same. We have been discussing the game in detail as we continued our parallel playthroughs, and during that discussion, they revealed that they did not know that you could save during a class trial. They assumed that a massive portion of a game, one part of a portable game series, would arbitrarily prohibit saving, and require players to rush through the entire 2+ hour trial in a single session. They somehow never figured this out despite playing Danganronpa 1 and 2, as theynever opened the menu over the span of 20+ hours of class trials in those games. This baffled me so much that I could not stop myself from sharing it. (more…)

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HunieCam Studio Review

20160404174835_1Despite being a bit too overt with some of its sexual content, made worse by a later patch, I really liked HuniePop. It was a game about learning more about and establishing relationships with a diverse and interesting group of characters, including a catgirl, an alien, and even a spoiled little mall brat. It featured sharp and clever writing with high quality voicework, and was a pretty compelling puzzle game to boot. So when I caught wind of a sequel, I noted it, ignored it for a couple months, picked it up to play, and… yeah. (more…)

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HuniePop Review

HuniePopA couple months ago I was redirected to a minute long excerpt from HuniePop, and with that I felt confident enough in tossing $10 to preorder it, as I never heard of the Kickstarter. It really was not the best move in the long run, especially since the game debut for $8, but I figured that this would be a dating sim that would appeal to me regardless of the fact that I consider myself to be asexual. (more…)

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