Rundown (1/21-1/27) Notorious Nebulous Nonsense

Over the past few days I have been playing Black Desert Online after it was available during a free weekend on Steam.  I had known of the game for several years, and was curious to see how it fared, but then I was reminded that MMORPGs are some of the last intuitive games on the market, containing so many mechanics and subsystems that are thrust onto the player.  With trade routes, housing, four types of glorified crafting, and all of this tedious nebulous rubbish that exist on top of an interesting action RPG that has an interesting fixation on grinding knowledge on enemies, skills, and even people.  It is an odd little title that really could be something novel, if only it did not belong to a genre notorious for its nebulous nonsense.  Also, it’s controller support leaves a lot to be desired.
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SteamWorld Dig Review

2014-02-15_00006I believe that this is an unpopular opinion, and an odd one to come from a person who claims to be planning the purchase of a Playstation Vita this summer, but I really do not like playing on handhelds.  It is true that their portability allows for far more versatility in one’s life, especially if they do not have permanent access to a television at home, but when it comes to playing with a controller, I will never consider it anything above a substitute.  Yes, the dual screen aspect is nice and touch screens can be keen, but I could just get a dual monitor display running for the former, and a phone for the later.  Now then, time to review SteamWorld Dig.  Choo-choo! Continue reading