Rundown (6/22-6/28) Life… Is A Thing You Do Before Death

0P4G Free will is for faggots we just be machines that obey creators no desires for ourselfs we dumb shit farters…I actually had two intros prepared for this post, but as the Steam Sales just entered their final day an hour before preparing to post this tiny post and I just bought them, I feel like talking about them.  I made out well in terms of the titles I got, but the same cannot be said about my wallet.  Sure, my games per dollar ratio was pretty good throughout and I did regain a nice pool of variety before going into the replay bin, but I also ended up cleaning my plate of every PC game released before 2014 that I wanted to purchase and eventually play.  It actually felt pretty good to clear out the spreadsheet I made to keep track of them, but it also brought forth the reality that the number of games I want that were released, or will be released in 2014 is massive.  41 titles I have yet to buy, and now my job fueled wallet is looking at lot less bulky.

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