Rundown (8/14-8/20) We Are All the Gamindustri

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20160706215444_1So, I managed to revise two of my most recent stories this week, and next week I am both ending a job and attending school at a big girl’s university. Life is going to get hard and hectic, according to my mother who never attended university. Though, I’m not worried about that. I am sorta worried about getting out content regularly, but I think I should be able to publish 52 game reviews this year and finish up Psycho Bullet Festival 2: Bury My Children. Oh, and publish a Rundown every Sunday. Header image is by NSFW artist ModeSeven.  (more…)

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Rundown (12/13-12/19) Build a Computer and Throw It in the Trash!

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0 PL Computer Technology ConsoleI finished school for the semester, am almost done with the initial draft for my next novel, or rather novella, and I just built a new computer, and have spent the past few hours getting everything up to snuff. It required a lot of editing and modifying to the main software itself, mostly through things like Classic Shell because Microsoft doesn’t deserve the borderline monopoly they have. So look forward to game reviews based on far stronger hardware, and some more graphically demanding games. (more…)

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

76dI… I had very high hopes and extreme fears when this game was coming out, and when I picked it up a while ago. I am not good at character action games by any means, but was so taken in by the soundtrack that I felt I had to go through the game… which I did one and a half times. Still, saying I cleared, or beat the game would be a lie, as I only got through it on the super easy mode, and after repeating two encounters for two hours, each, I hit my limit and ceased my proper playthrough. I was half joking when I tweeted out “Likes: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Dislikes: Playing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.” But no, that was far more accurate than I intended and… Let me explain this relationship properly. (more…)

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Rundown (2/23-3/01) I Am Replaying Pokemon FireRed with Nuzlocke Rules

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The Proper Pokemon NumberingI have a secret past time that I may have only ever told one person about, and I just spent about ten hours making it easier on me, because I lost something tied to it. What this secret thing is, however, should be pretty obvious if you look in between the lines I laid out and if you steal my computer… although the punishment I would deal on you for that would be on par if you deleted my Pokemon X file after I finally got all 713 obtainable Pokemon… obtainable for me at least. Now I’m six hours into Pokemon Firered, this time with Nuzlocke rules. (more…)

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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Review

wallpaper-Metal_Gear_Solid_2As stated prior, I apparently lived my life wrong to the point where I never ended up touching a PS2 or original Xbox controller, choosing a Gamecube because I could only get one, and I inherited a Nintendo 64. Which is a decent excuse for why I never played several titles, but no reason why I waited over a year until I opened up the Metal Gear Solid HD collection to continue my trek through the series. (more…)

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Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes Review


It is weird to own a game for four years, and not actually get around to beating it. But that is one of the unspoken goals of this blog, even if it is a series that has been talked about for the past decade and a half. And after finally sitting down and experiencing it, at least its oft dismissed remake, I can certainly see why people were so attached.

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