Metroid: Samus Returns Review

It’s kind of surreal to be playing a new 2D Metroid game like this. I mean, it’s been 13 years since Zero Mission last scratched that itch, and it’s been a decade since the series had a genuinely good game. Still, after so much clamoring and waiting, a new classic-style entry in the series was finally released. A remake technically, but one so thoroughly rebuilt and reworked that it may as well be an entirely new title. And as a new title, it is good, but not without its faults. (more…)

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Rundown (6/13) E3 2017: Prelude to Final Climax

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Well, after two days of staying up obscenely late and writing approximately 7,000 words on video games announcements, I am getting fed-up with this whole charade that points out just how darn formulaic I can be with these Rundowns. I know that one of my weaknesses as a writer is my reliance on formula and a structure that I can base my writings about, and while I do try to break away from this when possible, it is far too easy to fall into a routine when doing something on a large scale. Anyways, E3 is almost done, and I just have Nintendo’s showing and a few more things to take care of. (more…)

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