Rundown (11/21-11/27) Upgrading to a New Phone Is a Frustration-Riddled Process

Wherein I discuss my plights with upgrading my phone, a NEO flop, Epic expanding their empire, another frustratingly disconnected Neptunia spin-off, and another game from the Danganronpa folks.

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Fire Emblem Heroes (2017) Review

fire-emblem-heroes-header-2As Nintendo’s second effort to branch out into mobile game using one of their established IPs, Fire Emblem seems like an incredibly odd choice. While the series saw a rise in popularity after the release of Awakening in early 2013, it is still a very niche franchise for the company, and does not initially seem like the best fit for the platform, as the games are story driven strategy RPGs. In actuality, Fire Emblem Heroes proves to be a surprisingly good fit for the platform, a pretty solid strategy game, and also one of the most engrossing yet frustrating experiences I willingly put myself through in quite a while. Continue reading