Remember, Remember Review

While I am the sort of person who does not shy away from reviewing obscure titles, I think I hit a new extreme here, as Remember, Remember, a visual novel that was released on Steam and back in May of this year, has not been given a formal review of any kind beyond Steam reviews. I genuinely do not think this has ever happened to me before, but after playing through the game, I cannot say I am surprised by the lack of attention it has garnered. (more…)

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The Turing Test Review

It has occurred to me that I really have not ever really explained how I select the games I review. Quite simply, I have a list of titles that I keep based off of games that I catch a glimpse of or hear about while perusing around my regular sources of game related news. I collect these titles into a list that I then update once the game is released, setting a reservation price for myself to pay based on the often brief snippet of gameplay I played. Once it reaches that reservation price, I then glance at its reception on Steam to quickly double check the game’s quality, and then buy it. This is exactly what happened with The Turing Test. Also known as a case that makes me want to rethink this process. (more…)

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Inside Review

I always feel a bit odd when reviewing a game with such high critical marks and such a seemingly warm reception from the greater gaming community while also knowing next to nothing about it, as Inside is one of those select few games where discussions are prefaced with spoiler warning in order to discourage any who have not played the game from hearing why specifically it is considered a 9 or 10. Well, after making my way through it, I can firmly say that I understand why Inside has the reception it does. Or at least, sort of understand.


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A Boy and His Blob Review

20160521100132_1This year has not been marvelous in regards to the games I’ve played. Most have been pretty average so, far, which is unfortunate since I try to curate my list of games to play to contain games that are generally well received. I enjoy being able to deconstruct elements of a game and articulate what exactly I dislike about them, but I’d rather be releasing relentless praise upon games, joyful that I had the opportunity to play them. …Unfortunately, I can’t do that here. (more…)

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Pony Island Review

2016-01-12_00001Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of games that have tried to play with the medium, break the fourth wall, and blur the line between an isolated game narrative and the actual game. Games like Undertale and The Stanley Parable are just two of the more well known examples, and Pony Island is certainly deserving of a spot on that steadily growing list. (more…)

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Gravity Ghost Review

2015-12-29_00032You know that feeling when you finish a game and have no idea what the hubbub about it was, as you not only feel like you missed something, you do not feel any substantial emotion about any aspect of the game. The feeling where your time may as well have evaporated instead of playing the game despite the game not being actively boring? Well, despite going in optimistically, that is what I felt about Gravity Ghost, a year old puzzle game I decided to play because it was recommended by the lovely Laura Kate Dale. (more…)

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Portal 2 Review

portal2-1I actually tried writing a review of the original Portal back when I first started this blog, and had starry eyed ambitions of garnering something of a following. Yet I ran into issues when it came to elaborating the review beyond three paragraphs, as there is not a lot to say about the game unless you get into full blown analysis, in which case you could write a novella about how well designed that game is. It’s the sort of title I like to revisit every year or two, and walk away impressed every single time. But after giving it a whirl, this time on PC, I decided to reach into my surprisingly shallow backlog and give Portal 2 another go. Well, make that goes, as I went through it once regularly, and once with the developer commentary. (more…)

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HuniePop Review

HuniePopA couple months ago I was redirected to a minute long excerpt from HuniePop, and with that I felt confident enough in tossing $10 to preorder it, as I never heard of the Kickstarter. It really was not the best move in the long run, especially since the game debut for $8, but I figured that this would be a dating sim that would appeal to me regardless of the fact that I consider myself to be asexual. (more…)

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