Rundown (8/28-9/03) Lust Is Just a Frustrating Justice

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32So, I announced that I was going to release a revised version of one of my stories, Psycho Shatter, on September 11th. Well, progress has been slower than anticipated, and it will actually not be done until September 15th of so. I underestimated the workload, and want to make sure I am happy with the final product by editing it once more. Sorry that my output on that front has been so lacking as of late. (more…)

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Rundown (8/03-8/09) Butts Are Everywhere, I Repeat, Butts Are Everywhere!

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KLK Tired of empty claims and endless boasting you are nothing but a pathetic lair so shut up and go to floor suck dick in dirt 1You know what I’ve realized as more Pokemon Mega Evolutions have been coming in? That Mega Evolutions are not a very useful part of Pokemon. Yes, they are definitely useful when going up against an opponent while having a Pokemon who can Mega-Evolve, and they do look cool, but comparing that to a proper evolution is like comparing riding on a donkey to riding a jetski. I understand that some Pokemon cannot be allowed to be as overpowered as Mega Charizard Y, but would it have been so hard to simply give certain Pokemon, especially ones with only a single stage, a new evolution, minus the Mega. Hell, this is the one time where the word Mega seems to make things worse, as stats aside, it is far worse than any proper evolution. Regardless, I’m still getting Omega Ruby at launch, well, after I get a new SD card. (more…)

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Moon Review

I tend to use the site Glyde for a ton of my impulse buys, because the price is cheap, and they sell both new and used titles. It is basically a less jerkish, more pro-consumer version of Gamestop. So I ended up finding this little title for cheap, and picked it up. From developer Renegade Kid, who I know as the guys who made Mutant Mudds, got their start making FPSes for the DS, with this being their second one. And as somebody who always thought a simplistic DPS could work well on the DS, can this result in a forgotten gem, or is the idea of an FPS on the DS a very stupid idea in reality? You know the drill!


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