Rundown (5/20-5/26) Welcome to Reality!

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With Pre-E3, or PRE3 as I like to call it, gearing up with the expected preamble of last minute announcement, showcases, and, of course, information leaks, I should probably inform everybody that I will not be able to cover E3 in my usual fashion. As you can see from the header image, my upcoming schedule will be rather busy during the first half of summer, and I will have very little free time. Heck, I doubt I will even get to watch any press conferences in full on Monday. I would complain, but this is how the world works, and those who take umbrage with it have many colorful ways of separating themselves from it.

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Rundown (6/13) E3 2016: Your Ambition Is Irrelevant

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There is a lot of content to cover, so let’s jump right into it. A rundown detailing the E3 2016 presentations of Microsoft, PC Gamer and AMD, Ubisoft, and Sony. There’s a stupid amount of content to cover, and simply getting all of this done in one day has proved to be quite the challenge. So let’s go! (more…)

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Rundown (5/15-5/21) Press T Switch

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Press SwitchSo after two years of anticipation, Press-Switch, a body swap and tg focused visual novel that is also one of my favorite games of all time, is about to get its first update in two years. An update in the form of a single route that will effectively double the length of the game. It’s still months away, but once it releases, I’ll probably drop everything I have before going through all routes and writing a praise heavy review for the game. I could go on right now about how its characters are varied and memorable. Its scenarios nuanced and engaging. Its scope colossal and diverse. Its tone delightfully dark and even deprived at times. Along with how it influenced me as a writer. But I am a patient person, and can wait another seventeen months. (more…)

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