Batman: Arkham City Review

punchOkay, so earlier this year I decided to revisit Batman: Arkham Asylum, where I investigated the doubt I felt after playing the game, and decided that I really did not find the game to be all that great. I gave it a 7.5 and all that, but not GOTY material in my book, just a surprisingly good liscense game. I did recall enjoying its sequel, Arkham City a bit more, but even after plowing through it I distinctly remember feeling a sense of emptiness, and I figured out why… at least partially. I mean, I’ve yet to reach max reviewed level, but I’ve at least gained ten since I started, right? (more…)

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Batman Arkham Asylum Review

angry_batman-wideSo, how do I follow up getting a new system? By reviewing three titles that are not only very multiplatform friendly, but I had already played previously. And this one is no different as am I here with another critically acclaimed game, but I went through it about three years ago and it was actually a title that helped spark my interest in reviewing as something about it just seemed off and the 16-year-old who would eventually call himself Electric Nigma didn’t know how. Yet I believe I do as of now, so I’m going to do it now… Also, I wanted to go through the game on PC, as I will with many others. (more…)

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Rundown (11/03-11/09) I Say More Things While Not Saying What I’m Supposed To

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My best friend and she aint gay fuck her harder anywaysToday I cleaned and reorganized my room. Now half my shelves are empty, and my computer is no longer lodged between two pieces of furniture. I also got rid of loads of toys and back issues of Nintendo Power, keeping a few for myself though. Why? All because I wanted to move my computer desk in my shoebox of a room. Which is stuck as it is due to my bed having five drawers under it and four shelves behind where I lay my head. I also did the washing at my weekend. How was your day pen pal from Ya-Pann?


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