Rundown (7/01-7/07) Natalie is Nuts

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So, I recently did a log of all of the stories I wanted to write, coming up with the basic concepts, and telling myself that I should be able to put one out a year. Or in other words, the thing I did back in 2015 before I had a change of plans, yet I am trying it again now, a mere 3 years later, and after I spent two years on a single novel. It is because of this that I am utterly nuts, and to prove just how nuts I am, I made a simple little schedule of what I am going to try and write and when. It’ll only take me a decade or so to get through it…

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Rundown (5/06-5/12) The Glory of Employment!

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Like with most of my breaks between semesters, I have been working full time, though full time might be a bit of a stretch here, since I have actually worked from home in the evening and worked on Saturday as well. From writing checks, diagnosing PC problems, and setting up new PCs. According to my mother, this is the norm for most companies in my home country, where its full time employees are expected to try to better their employer even after normal hours of operation, in order to keep costs down for the employer and allow the employees to maintain their positions. I am actually quite fond of it if I may be fully candid, but then again I also like the idea of employees living in company mandated dormitories and company towns.

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OneShot Review

420530_20161216173504_1OneShot was originally developed as an RPG Maker 2003 title released in 2014, where it garnered a decent following as far as I can tell. To the point where the creative team behind the game chose to remake and remaster their work for a retail release, complete with an updated game engine. With that backstory out of the way, I should begin by stating that I consider myself to be friends with Eliza Velasquez, one of the developers of OneShot, and she graciously provided me with a code for that game. I will try to be as impartial as can be with this review, but it’s best to disclose these sort of things right away. (more…)

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Skyborn Review

tricky_skyborn_image1Have I made it known on this blog that I am pondering the possibilities of making a title in RPG Maker, which would include no MP, items, or said diversions and instead be a linear story based tale of the bizarre that will be narrated by a character I voice? No, I don’t think so. It is certainly a lofty goal, don’t get me wrong, but in preparation of even opening up the program, I decided to try out several RPG Maker made games that were not the, quite frankly wonderful, To The Moon. Skyborn was one of the two I tried where I felt like it was worth playing, but I only saw it to the 10 hour mark and did not feel like investing another five… so here’s my justification as to why.


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Nigmabox Adventures with Pokemon Fusion Generation and Miscellaneous

PokefartSo, am I going to make this sort of thing a segment from now on? Well, I’ll flat out say that I am probably not going to unless I am thrown a large quantity of high quality and more or less completed Pokemon games. I have ultimately decided that Betas are a shadow of a game’s true quality as they are, well, incomplete titles and I have tried all English completed RPG Maker VX titles according to a listing I had found. But before getting into the only title I actually beat in this little adventure, I have some things to say about two others. (more…)

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