Rundown (6/09-6/10) E3 2014: Goodbye Despair, Hello Eighth Generation(?)

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Fuck E3

It is rather pointless for a little slice of nowhere blog with only a small number of views to do a summarization of the E3 press events, especially when they were not watching them live due to real life events, such as work. But I got home to catch the latter two, and catch up with the former before Nintendo did their event and managed to get everything done before Tuesday’s end… well after everybody and their brother did their own version of this, and often far better than my assorted ramblings that are made all the dumber by the insertion of anime screencaps. It’s Nigmabox’s third annual Super E3 Rundown!


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Rundown (8/18-8/24) Gamescom’s Stealthy Groin Gripper

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Forgot This shipDid I ever have any idea what I was going to do with this? I just sorta started recapping big game news after I wanted to have something other than reviews. But now, I just sorta kept on doing this one weird thing that nobody in their right mind would use as the definitive news listing. Oh well, not gonna stop. As this only takes effort when I rummage through for the most fitting images I can be arsed to find. (more…)

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