Chibi-Robo! Review

246116-chibirobo_3_1280x1024A little under a year ago I went and reviewed Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol, a rather delightful game if I recall, but I recall feeling as if it was missing something that the original title had that made it special. Well, despite how I sold the game long, long ago back when I did that with games, I have emulators and decided to give the Dolphin a whirl, which resulted in three games that stuttered like mad, and one that didn’t… for the most part. That game was Chibi-Robo! and, wouldn’t you believe it, I liked it a whole bunch. (more…)

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Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol Review

47824-chibi-robot-logoMaybe I’m just an oddball, but I really don’t recall the games I played as a kid until I play something very much reminiscent of it. Most likely due to how as a child I often preferred thinking about video games, as opposed to playing them due to how much I was intimidated by failure, not learning to appreciate challenge due to how I rarely encountered it anywhere before in my cushy life. The unknown scared me and I chose to play games where the objective was far more lenient for my piss poor hand eye coordination, or I just activated cheat codes. The point is that I played Chibi-Robo! back in 2006, which is the lens I choose to review its sequel under.


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